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How to Set-up or Install PLDT Telpad?

If you upgraded or subscribed to PLDT Telpad, most likely you're excited to see and feel the Telpad experience. But if your Telpad unit has arrived at your doorstep, you probably worry on how to get started and how set it up. You can choose to read the 78-page manual or user guide but if you want it quick, here's a guide for you on setting up a PLDT Telpad based on my own experience:

Step 1

Open and unbox the PLDT Telpad Package.

PLDT Telpad Package

Step 2

With the use of RJ9 cable, attach the handset to the docking station device.

PLDT Telpad set-up

Step 3

Attach the RJ9 cable from docking station to PLDT phone socket.

PLDT Telpad connected to PLDT phone socket

There are two RJ9 ports (phone jack sockets) at the back of the docking station. You can connect to any of these ports into the phone line (PLDT socket). One port is for the main line and another one port for the extension landline. So, you cannot another landline into the main docking station.

Step 4

Insert the battery and connect it to the docking station device. After inserting the battery, connect to the power source by inserting the small pin of the power adapter to the docking device and plugging-in the power adapter to the power outlet.

connect battery PLDT Telpad

Step 5

Attach the dock frame or cradle to the docking device. This frame if for the tablet's back support.

PLDT Telpad dock cradle frame

Step 6

Attach the Telpad Tablet to the docking device and turn it on by pressing the power button of the tablet located at the upper-left part of the unit.

PLDT Telpad set-up

Her are some photos of the PLDT Telpad:

PLDT Telpad

PLDT Telpad

  • The tablet will automatically charged its power if you dock it in the docking device and the power adapter is plugged-in to the power outlet. If you pull-out the power adapter, the tablet will not charge.
  • The battery of the tablet usually drains up to 12 hours (when standby mode).

Enjoy your PLDT Telpad experience! Do you have any problem with setting-up or installing PLDT Telpad? Tells us in the comment below.
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Total comments: 4
4 Fe Elvira Prudencio   (01 July 2017 7:24 PM)
I just got a Home Telepad from PLDT. When I connected it to the phone socket replacing the old black phone, the ringtone was gone and I cannot make a call. I installed again the old black phone but still no more ringtone. Can you kindly send me thru my email how to resolve this, please?

3 doreen solina perino   (22 July 2016 7:23 PM)
bakit kami pa mag install sa telpad namin na nagbabayad naman kami.bakit di na lang inyong technician ang mag install.naiinis na ako.

2 medelyn dichoson   (24 July 2015 7:18 AM)
our tel-pad could not access to internet and our android gadgets could not connect in our modem

1 Russel Molina   (19 February 2015 10:10 AM)
When I attach the phone line to e docking station, it seems to be okay. But after some seconds, the phone beeps. Also I can't make a call. BTW the line I connected to the docking station is the line from our old telephone unit. How can I solve that?