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How to View Your PLDT Bills Online
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Do you want a paperless PLDT billing at a click of mouse? With the advent of computer and internet technology, PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone) Company created an online bill access service that allows you to view your monthly PLDT bills online. No need to wait for the actual PLDT paper bill (or PLDT monthly statement). You can access them anytime and anywhere you want. Just follow the procedures below.

Steps on How to View Your PLDT Bills Online

New Update: The new online billing facility of PLDT can be accessed at https://my.pldthome.com. In order to view or access your PLDT Bills online, you need to register in PLDT myHome website - https://my.pldthome.com. After successful registration, follow the steps below.

1. Log-in to PLDT myHome homepage - https://my.pldthome.com . Below is the screenshot of PLDT myHome website:

PLDT myHome Online Bill Website
PLDT myHome website ( thew new online billing facility of PLDT)

Please be aware that the previous online billing facilities of PLDT (websites) which are: https://www.pldt.com.ph/bills/ and  https://www.pldt.com.ph/billsonline/ are now disabled. PLDT abandoned those facilities. You will not be able to access your PLDT bills on those websites anymore.

The new PLDT online billing facility is the PLDT myHome website - https://my.pldthome.com

2. Inside the myHome Account, go to Your Accounts and hover or place your mouse cursor on the gray box area where you can see your PLDT Account Number. And click the Manage link.

PLDT Online Bill Account

3. Go to Billing and Payment. Under View Billing Statements Box, click the GO link.

Access PLDT Online Bill

You will then be redirected to the page where you can view your monthly PLDT bills:

Monthly PLDT Bills Online

Click the View link to download and view the bill of the month. The Bill is in .pdf format. You can view it using pdf reader software such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.

PLDT will send a Summary of Billing to your email on a monthly basis. This will serve as your bill notification two weeks ahead of your due date. The details of the Summary of Billing are as follows:
  • Account Number
  • Bill Date
  • Account Name
  • Billing Address
  • Balance from Last Bill
  • Current Charges
  • Due Date
  • Total Amount Due - this is the amount you should pay for the given month.

Sample of PLDT Bill Downloaded Online:

PLDT online bill
Screenshot of the PLDT Bill downloaded online

Are you having a problem accessing your PLDT Bill online?

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20 herminia nimedez   (24-November-2015 9:04 AM)
the billing is sending through texting only and I check my email to view and to print our billing for the company there is no e-mail. how can we get our copy of billing for the san roque drug corporation to make a check for payment.can you help us...

19 romeo calimlim   (09-June-2014 2:24 PM)
bill of BBNHS for June 2014

18 romeo calimlim   (09-June-2014 2:23 PM)
bill of bonuan buquig national high school for the month of june 2014

17 thelma ablaza   (27-March-2014 4:14 PM)
my internet is not working since yesterday.. ive been calling 171 for the nth time and they keep hanging me.. this incident happened to me for many times, i mean NO INTERNET and talking to your agents with no sure answers... just wanna ask, we are trusting your company for years and what kind of services are we getting from you?

16 sta.rita elementary school   (30-January-2014 2:57 PM)
paano po makikita ang bills ng sa PLDT

15 LHENA   (03-October-2013 8:23 AM)
Please send the Correct bill on my email.


14 LHENA   (03-October-2013 8:19 AM)
I have received my first Statement of Account yesterday OCT.1,2013 after their actual installation last SEPT.20 of this month indicating the following:

2. MY PLAN which is PLAN 1299.
3. MY DUE DATE : Every 1st. of the Month
4. MY CUT OFF DATE : Every 11th.of the Month

Upon checking the Bill, I NEED TO PAY P1.433.41 before OCT.11,2013.

I find it strange because it was just 10 days after the installation and I need to pay more than my PLAN amount AND in the CUT-OFF DATE that they have set instead of THE DUE DATE.

I was trying to email my concern to their customer service online but it will required ACCOUNT NUMBER ( which does not exist on their system) to do it.

To PLDT, I have nothing against you.I am very much enjoy with my internet speed now.

Hope to get good explanation or correct whatever error on your system.

13 merlin d. pestanas   (23-September-2013 2:30 PM)
please send my bill on my e mail account monthly pls.

12 jenny   (15-September-2013 1:31 AM)

11 ichel   (05-September-2013 9:51 AM)
why I cant submit my registration to my pldt online bills?everytime I submit it goes back to password again and again and i cannot submit my registration..what should I do to this or the other way to solve this password problem?

10 Dave   (16-May-2013 4:48 PM)
I tried to register on this pldt online bill but it keeps commenting that my email address is invalid to the fact that I'm using a correct email account. There is a bug here and have it fixed immediately because we are no longer receiving any bills here at Buyagan, La Trinidad.

9 emerito antonio   (15-April-2013 1:57 PM)
I am working with the City Government of Dasmariñas. . . Why is it that the bills online of smart bro is much better than yours. . . . we handle multiple accounts and I am the one who's handling all this. . . with smart bro i can manage my multiple account online with just one registration. . . . why is it that your system at pldt can only handle one account per registration. . . .

8 john   (27-November-2012 2:03 PM)
Dear sirs/madam
The above line is out of order since last sunday. Reason we came to know from your helpline 171 that due to non payment.
This is so insulting and bad example of your customer care.

Please inquire from your bills despatch department when it was delivered to subscriber address.

Bill was delivered to us on the last day of due date and it has been paid following day.

May I ask is that your normal way of service. You do not allow customer enough or even a week time to pay. You do not give any notice of disconnection'?

Please check and confirm.we are not happy with your such behaviour. Even my wife emily contacted your 171, dozens of times they talk like we are pldt's slave. Not customer. Why?

If this is normal and you do not value customer then please disconnect as we dont need such service.

Thanks pldt.

John edwards
United kingdom
Tel. 00447424879106

7 janice   (20-September-2012 10:38 PM)
I been calling your customer service to provide me an information about my bill but I dunno why he can't even check it online. I tried browsing the net to inquire but it takes too long to register ! why can't you just provide a billing system that's hassle free??? you made my BP rise to the highest level..your service really sucks and you cut the line 3 days without even calling the right person so that it can be settled asap! you just give me an option to subscribe to GLOBE!!!!

6 janice   (20-September-2012 10:34 PM)
your billing system sucks!

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