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How to View Your SMART Bills Online
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You can view your SMART bills online through SMART's Web Connect Services. Web Connect is a secure, online channel that allows a SMART subscriber to manage prepaid or postpaid account, pay and view your bills, or activate and deactivate an array of SMART and Smart Bro prepaid services. So no need for you to wait mails and sometimes delayed mails of your Smart Bills. You can just simply view it online in realtime, anytime and anywhere.

Who can use Web Connect?

Web Connect is available to individual account holders of:

  • Mobile prepaid (i.e Buddy, Talk N’ Text)
  • Mobile postpaid (i.e. Gold, Gold Lite, Infinity)
  • Smart Bro subscribers ( i.e. Prepaid Plug It and Residential)
  • SmartLoad Retailers
  • Corporate Individual

How to View or See Your SMART Bills Online?

1. You must register first your Smart Account in http://smart.com.ph/Account/register.aspx. Just follow succeeding instructions in registration.

2. After complete registration, log-in to http://smart.com.ph/Account. Below is the page you can see when you are logged-in in your Smart Account:

3. Click the Browse Web Connect Services highlighted in color yellow.

4. Go to this link http://smart.com.ph/connect/postpaid/onebill.aspx. Or copy that link and paste it in the web address of your internet browser. This page looks like this:

Click the View link. This where you can download your Smart Bill in .pdf format.

That's it. So easy to view your Smart Bills online. As long as you have an internet connection, life becomes easier.

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231 Joan Dulay • 12:14 PM, 12-August-2014
how can i see my smartbills ??
230 Joven Prieto • 12:16 PM, 18-June-2014
send my bills month of june for my smart freedom plan
229 IXYL ABBU • 7:48 PM, 09-June-2014
how to check the billing account?
228 Feddie C.Guinzal • 10:18 AM, 09-June-2014
may know my smart bill for th month of may 2014
227 Lovecil • 8:32 AM, 07-June-2014
I want to see my billing statement for the month of may 2014. Thnx.
226 RONNIE B. RELLES • 8:51 AM, 05-June-2014
pls send to my email address ronnie_relles@yahoo.com, thank you!
225 RONNIE B. RELLES • 8:43 AM, 05-June-2014
Thank you!
224 RONNIE B. RELLES • 8:41 AM, 05-June-2014
Pls send my bills form DECEMBER 2013 TO MAY 2014
223 marlou saplad obligado • 4:11 PM, 04-June-2014
may i know my monthly bill my account # 0736451735
222 Harvey B. Dumaguit • 6:11 AM, 01-May-2014
i want to see and print my billing statement for the period of January 2014 to April 2014, Thanks
221 Felixberto B. Bautista • 1:44 PM, 29-April-2014
I want to see and print my billing statement for the period of March and April 2014. Thanks and more power.
220 Olivia Osias Luciano • 9:50 AM, 29-April-2014
For April bills?
219 Olivia Osias Luciano • 9:49 AM, 29-April-2014
Please send how much will pay on this account number:0733875674
218 gasat g. regino • 12:46 PM, 18-April-2014
i want to see my bills!
217 llety epistola • 6:37 PM, 07-April-2014
May I know my balance?
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