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How to Stop Automatic-Play of Videos in Facebook (in Mobile Phone and Computer)?

By default, Facebook set their videos on your Facebook account (news feed) to play automatically as you scroll down for more stories. It might be annoying to some of you. And I personally admit that I'm also annoyed to that default setting. Why? Whenever I use my mobile phone and I connect to the internet thru a Data plan from my mobile network provider, it consumes a big amount of data as I scroll down in my Facebook news feed. It's a waste of data and a waste of money if you're into a prepaid. That's why I find a way to stop the automatic-playing of videos on my news feed. This is how to do it.

Stop Auto-Play of Videos in Facebook

How To Stop Auto-Play of Videos in Facebook on your Mobile Phone?

Step 1

Using your mobile phone, log-in to your Facebook Account and click the Menu Option (the one with the three horizontal lines icon).

Stop Auto-Play Videos in Facebook Mobile Phone `

Step 2

Under the HELP & SETTINGS menu, go to App Settings.

Facebook App Settings in Mobile Phone

You can with this tutorial on video:

Step 3

Under the App Settings, choose or click the Autoplay (On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections).

Auto-play of video in Facebook

Step 4

Under Autoplay Settings, check the Never Autoplay Videos.

Never Auto-play videos in Facebook

That's all. Simple and easy. Let's go to the next one...

How to Stop Auto-play of Videos in Facebook on your Computer?

Like using your mobile phone, videos in your Facebook news feed are set to auto-play by default when you use a computer. To stop the auto-play setting, follow these 2 simple steps below:

Step 1

Log-in to your Facebook Account. Click the Option button (downward arrow icon) then click Settings.

Stop auto-play videos in Facebook computer

Step 2

Under the Settings Menu, click the Videos. Under the Video Settings, turn-OFF the Auto-Play Videos.

Turn Off Auto-Play Videos in Facebook Computer

After doing this, you can test the videos on your Facebook News Feed. Browse or scroll down, and you will see that videos will no longer play automatically. That would save you data consumption, money and time from the interruptions brought by the annoying or worthless videos.

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