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How to Make Euro (€) Sign in Excel?

Making a Euro Sign (€) in Microsoft Excel is very easy. You can do this in three (3) options:

Option 1

Click or select the cell where you want the EURO Sign (€) to appear. Example, you want to use Euro currency (€) for the following digits:
  • 12,500.00
  • 12,300.00
  • 12,400.00
Click the currency menu icon (the one with the $ sign) and choose € euro.
  • € 12,500.00
  • € 12,300.00
  • € 12,400.00

How to Make Euro Sign (€) in Excel?

Option 2

Hold Alt button while pressing 0128 in numpad (numeric pad) of the keyboard.
  • Alt + 0128 = €
How to make Euro Sign (€) in Excel

Option 3

And also the quick way is to copy any of the following Euro Sign (€) according to sizes:

€        €    

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Are you having any problems in making a Euro Sign (€) in excel?

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