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How to Make Not Equal Sign in Computer?

Skip with those non-useful and hard-to-remember keyboard shortcuts. Quora and other websites give you plenty and long answers. But here, we will give you the quickest way to do it. You can make a NOT EQUAL SIGN (≠) just by copying any of the NOT EQUAL SIGNS below:

How to Make Not Equal Sign in Computer

Remember, you can copy and paste any of these equal signs (≠).

≠       ≠    
≠       ≠    

≠       ≠    
≠       ≠    

To copy this equal sign, highlight the symbol, right click and Copy. Paste it wherever you want.

  • The NOT EQUAL SIGN (≠) is a symbol which shows inequality (when items are not equal).
  • This is very useful in math equations or formulas and in programming languages.

Don't forget to bookmark this page for your future reference.

Are you having any problem with making a NOT EQUAL SIGN (≠ )?
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