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Latest PC Express Pricelist 2015
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You can download here the Latest PC Express Pricelist. PC Express Philippines is a major retailer, distributor and supplier of computers, printers and accessories in the Philippines.

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The PC Express computer pricelist is in pdf format. This will be updated regularly. So check back soon to for more updated PC Express Pricelist. Just click the links below to download the pricelist of your choice.

June 2015 Pricelist

April 2015 Pricelist

February 2015 Pricelist

January 2015 Pricelist

December 2014 Pricelist
November 2014 Pricelist

October 2014 Pricelist

September 2014 Pricelist

August 2014 Pricelist

July 2014 Pricelist

June 2014 Pricelist

May 2014 Pricelist

April 2014 Pricelist

March 2014 Pricelist

February 2014 Pricelist

January 2014 Pricelist

December 2013 Pricelist

November 2013 Pricelist

Download PC Express Pricelist - July 2013

Do you have any questions regarding the PC Express Prices?

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30 benlord apilado   (22-September-2015 9:42 PM)
Hi i am BENLORD APILADO. I just want to ask a complete pricelist for computer parts and computer sets. I want to be a reseller. Please do contact me. I want to have a business here at our place. This is my email:

This is my contact information:
(072) 607-9309 or (072) 607 9376

29 Melinda Estrada   (05-June-2014 9:11 AM)
Hi Sir/Madam,

Good Day!

May we request for the price quotation of Motherboard LGA 775 including CPU.

I’m hoping for your kind and assistance. I look forward to your prompt reply the soonest possible.

Thanks and Regards,

Melinda Estrada
Purchasing Officer

28 reynaldo moreno   (07-November-2013 2:57 PM)
hi sir id like to ask about 1 unit of deskstop how much its cost in pc.w/videocard tanx

27 mike   (21-October-2013 7:23 PM)
want to buy a brother HL-2270DW printer, do you have one and how much?

26 john   (30-September-2013 3:59 PM)
i need gigabytes na router that will suit to 27 pc how much? do yuo have 36 pins

25 john   (30-September-2013 3:57 PM)
can u give spect. cpu only 2nd gen. i3 w/ 1gig video card and 4 gig memory

24 hasette   (26-September-2013 0:48 AM)

i Have plan to have a internate shop.How much do i need if i want 10 pcs to start up.
can you please me a quotation for a complete set of cpu for my internate shop? Im from cebu city

23 salve jean llegos   (16-July-2013 3:09 PM)
we like to build a computer shop we are in need of 8-12 units to start up our business but we are looking for:


we will buy one unit and your shop will lend us another units therefor half of our salary will be given in your company.

are you aware of that system of business.?

22 Xyrielle Rodriguez   (09-July-2013 9:07 PM)

21 jovan miralles   (05-July-2013 7:28 PM)

20 ARNEL ALIA   (09-June-2013 5:32 PM)

19 Lyn   (06-May-2013 9:24 PM)
can you please me a quotation for a complete set of cpu for my computer shop. i'm located near in your sm north edsa branch. i need it asap. thanks.

18 bryan   (30-April-2013 1:40 PM)
can you pls. give me the latest pricelist of desktop 2013...thanks

17 Mar Barben   (29-April-2013 2:29 PM)
pila man ang core 2 duo if naa?

16 joel   (09-March-2013 9:41 AM)
gd morning! hw much ur motherboard?(anybrand)

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