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Banco de Oro (BDO) Main Office/Heaquarters and Telephone Number
One of the biggest banks in the Philippines, Banco de Oro (BDO) has its main office/headquarters located in:

BDO Corporate Center
7899 Makati Avenue
Makati City, Philippines
Postal code: 0726

BDO main office can be contacted at telephone number: (02) 840-7000 or 702-6000

Fax Number: 878-4207
Email Address: hrmd@bdo.com.ph or irandcorplan@bdo.com.ph
BDO website: www.bdo.com.ph

SEC Identification Number: 34001
BIR Tax Identification Number (TIN): 000-708-174-000

Do you have any concerns with Banco de Oro (BDO)?
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38 Vanessa S. Casauay   (16-May-2016 8:36 AM)
Hello, Good morning. can i ask if you are accepting On- The- Job- Training students? I am an incoming fourth year college students. I'm a student of Trinity University Of Asia and my course is Business Administration Major in Financial Management. Hoping for your response. Thank you and God Bless.

37 erwin ocumen catungal   (17-February-2016 3:14 PM)
Goodafternoon! Can I inquire for on-the-job training this April on your bank?

36 Rizalito Jaway Jimena Jr.   (07-September-2015 9:58 AM)
Hello Good Afternoon can i inquire about my concern regarding to my reference and information from paypal.

35 Lyana Brick man   (27-August-2015 3:39 PM)
Good evening, I just want to tell you about the applicant who declined your invitation, please don't push him to go there and work.

He ALREADY DECLINED your invitation..

As a professional.
Thank you

34 Lyana Brick man   (27-August-2015 3:37 PM)
Good evening, I just want to tell you about the applicants who declined your invitation,
Please don't push him to go there and work, because he DECLINED ALREADY,
I hope you understands him.

Thank you..
As a professionals.. Please!

33 mjmmaputi   (15-May-2015 8:19 AM)
Good day, I just want to ask if you are accepting On The Job Training students? I am an incoming 4th year college student. I am a student of Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science And Technology and my course is Business Administration, major in Marketing Management. I have job experience, as an accounting clerk/office staff. Hoping for your response. Thank you.

32 Jim Daniel   (13-December-2014 2:51 AM)
I would like to wire funds from USA to account that was opened in Lucena Branch #182. What is the routing number that I can use?

31 Jim Daniel   (13-December-2014 2:37 AM)
I wish to wire money to account that was opened in Lucena Branch # 182. What is the routing number that I can use to do this? Thank You

30 Majoy Gammad   (21-November-2014 1:30 PM)
good day do you have any vacant position in a nursing graduate pls. pm me...

29 Jonalyn Torreliza   (09-June-2014 3:24 PM)

I would like to ask if its possible a check deposited at 12:47p.m. will be included to late clearing?
BDO Binan clearing time is 12:45 but they informed me that it is already forwarded/submitted to main office.


Jonalyn Torreliza

28 dandansoy   (28-May-2014 1:24 PM)
what is the number or manila main office hr department po? please reply..thank you

27 suleman khan   (24-May-2014 11:51 PM)
dear sir,madam,

dear sir,i went to deposit 20 thousand peso on 23rd of may 2014 about 3 pm for my condomenium at bdo branch mall of asia,but i was told all system is offline but i asked security personnel at the door if i can pay through atm they said yes,i put 20 thousand and put my account number but after deposit i didnot receive any receipt number from atm although i pushed the relevant button and waited so long.i asked one lady working with bdo by the name jacki she said she will follow on,i should try to talk to call centre regarding that but i could not even i phone them three hours non stop.sir my flight was same day 8 pm via hong kong to go my place south africa johannesburg,i could not wait long.therefore its kindly requested to settle my matter and transfer 20 thousand amount into my check account number 006288024086 suleman a.khan

26 Roliza Ramos   (19-May-2014 5:43 PM)
Goodafternoon Ma'am/ Sir :) Do you have a vacant slot for the fresh graduate. Kindly inform me if you have. Thank you

25 Reimart   (13-May-2014 5:47 PM)
maam ask ko lang po kong ano po ung telephone number ng Hr nyo po sa main office. thank you!

24 Reimart   (13-May-2014 5:46 PM)

23 Arlene Sarah B.Francisco   (16-April-2014 6:51 AM)
Goodmorning mam:)Do you have a vacant slot for the fresh graduate.Kindly inform me if you have. Thank you

22 lovely pineda   (08-March-2014 4:10 PM)
please send me my new bdo credit card to Banco de Oro Balibago Angeles Branch.

21 Barceli Legaspi   (23-August-2013 3:19 PM)
Hi am Mrs Barceli Legaspi I am residing in ireland .. maitanung ko lang d na ako nakauwi for 4 yrs may smart card ako which is expired last 2010... sinced d ako nakauwi d ko na renew.. I did deposit some money 2 yars ago. I am hoping to teansfer the money in my smart card account into my deposit current account... how can I do that.. I would love to hear your answer as soon as possible.. thank you verry much...

20 ronaldo h. santiago   (05-August-2013 2:11 PM)
i want to verify my personal loan status my number given by BDO is 3128029

19 arvin b. dampios   (22-July-2013 11:06 AM)
i want to verify the accountof my mother,because DBP told us that they already forwarded.thnx

18 julifer sagubay   (02-July-2013 12:42 PM)
Where I can verify the account of my mother, because the card is anauthorized.

17 Cherylene Salvador   (26-June-2013 10:59 AM)

I have complaint for immorality of one of your employees assigned in BDO Ayala Mall Cebu branch . May I know where should I send my complaint? Would it be possible for this employee to be given a disciplinary action?

Please advise.

Cherylene Salvador

16 Joey Angeles   (21-April-2013 2:38 AM)
Good day..I would like to offer a location for future site of BDO Bank in Angono and Binangonan..
I would like to ask who is the contact person or site engeneer with whom I can submit the proposal.
Thank you!

15 rowell supetran   (26-March-2013 5:17 AM)
im just asking if the bdo has a branch here in jeddah, ksa.. and may i know if where is it?

14 carmichelle jaurigue   (20-March-2013 9:34 AM)
i'm just asking if your company is hiring. thanks.

13 mylee godino   (31-January-2013 10:44 PM)
I'm just asking.
If your company is hiring?

12 kimberly reyes   (25-January-2013 4:19 PM)
how can i file a complaint againts one of your staff?? she is having an affair with my partner and she is already destroying my family,.,

11 Leo Angelo   (21-January-2013 7:15 PM)
can i have a background study about your company?were about to make a thesis about the computer connections and floor plan of your company.

10 Cely   (18-January-2013 2:48 PM)
My husband openef bdo atm acct in La Union but cant get petsonally his atm card...can hevrequest LU branch to forward his atmbto Subic Bdo branch to pick it up thete since he works Mon-Fri sometimesbtill Sat...Bdo LU is open only Mon-Fri....please advise us...thanks

9 IRISH ZAPATA   (01-January-2013 8:59 AM)
ilang beses na ko ngkakaproblema sa card ko ,... nag withdraw ako using my BDO debit card sa RCBC ATM kse offline and BDO ATM .. ndi na dispense un pera ko na 8K ... TAPOS i tried to buy a starbucks tumbler and used and debit card .. declined un card kahit may pera naman un so i had to ask them to try it three times .. pero decline talaga ,... i am a shift supervisor sa starbucks so alam ko kung decline o hinde ,, pgkita ko ng payslip ko kulang ako ng almost 1,600 pesos .. na.debit nnman un card ko .. pano b to maaaus ??? nakakainis n kau !!! i will be escalating this issu pag di pa to naaus ...

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