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BDO (Banco de Oro) Paseo Gil Puyat Branch | Telephone Number

Office/Branch Address
EBC Bldg., Paseo De Roxas corner Gil Puyat Ave.,
Makati City, Philippines

Contact / Telephone Number

Fax No.

Type of Industry
Banking / Financial Services

Office/Banking Hours
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Office/Banking Days
Monday to Friday

Do you have any concern with BDO Paseo Gil Puyat Branch?
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Total comments: 16
16 Marilou C. Edu   (26-February-2016 8:45 AM)
Dear Sir/Mam:
Please help me to send my bank acount swift code of BDO Paseo Gil Puyat.
Thank you for immediate response.

15 ZITA T. CAMACHO   (15-February-2016 2:15 AM)
Pls! Help me How can i get my pincode of my atm card? Banco de oro coz i forget it.

14 Divina Domingo   (04-January-2016 4:06 PM)
Please help send me my bank account swift code. appreciate your immediate response. Thank you!

13 Eduardo Berba   (02-December-2015 3:44 PM)
Hi All,
Please help to send my bank swift code. Branch name is Paseo-Gil Puyat.

Appreciate your prompt response. Thank you.

12 Mary cris j. Calising   (20-November-2015 8:09 PM)
Hello Sir/Madam
I Mary Cris Calising,i just want to ask if how can i apply the new ATM card.Even i work here in Kuwait because i lost my old ATM card.Please give an advice.Thank you for consideration

11 merle v de vera   (26-September-2015 6:23 PM)
hello sir/madam,i just want to know the swift code i need to use?my branch is in paseo gil puyat im here in dubai uae now!pls. i need your assistance now!thanks and god bless

10 Maria Luisa S. Ramilo   (03-September-2015 4:02 PM)
Hello Sir/Madam, i just want to know if i do fund transfer what is e swift code i need to use? My branch is in Gil Puyat but i'm here in hongkong now! pls i need your assistance now! thanks

9 Leizyl D. De Sagun   (31-August-2015 10:51 AM)
Good day! I just want to ask if I can deactivate my ATM because my mother lost it. I'm here at hongkong. And want to apply for new ATM to replace it.
Thank you and hoping to receive your reply.

8 Bertrand Esarte-Sarries   (20-July-2015 3:05 PM)
Please let me know the swift number for BDO Paseo Gil Puyat. I need to send money in a saving account there

7 LEA CERINA TAGLE   (26-June-2015 1:41 PM)
Please i want to re activate my account as it shown DORMANT ACCONT.Thanks

6 JB CASTRO   (12-January-2015 5:49 PM)
Hi,my savings account is being closed without any notice from BDO, my main problem is when i get my salary here in qatar and i didn't know yet that my account is already close, i sent or remit a money in my savings account via dohabank and i am confused co'z almost 1 week now since i sent the money, but it still not credit in my savings account until i sent a mail to a message center of a BDO website then they email me back that my account has been totally closed, now they said i need to contact the branch of BDO where i open my account, they give the contact telephone number but i am wondering is it possible to contact BDo via email instead of telephone number? the BDO bracnh where my account is open is in Paseo Gil Puyat Branch is there anyone knows the email add of that BDO branch Paseo Gil Puyat? Thanks in advance co'z my money is in stock.

5 Leah Juarez Silario   (05-August-2014 8:40 AM)
Hi,i opened my BDO account here in Riyadh,KSA.I didn't know that my account was only cash deposits. Can i change it to both check and cash deposits 'coz i have a problem in BDO Bacolod City (SM City branch).They will not accept my checks deposits.i already called your agent here in Riyadh and told me to send photocopy of my SSS and passport and i di but the teller in SM BDO will not accept unless i will inform you to change my deposits to both cash and checks.Hope u can help me.Thank you!

4 Genevieve dorado   (05-August-2013 4:55 PM)
Hi! I want to get in touch with BDO paseo Gil Puyat branch regarding my account. Do they have a toll free number as I am here abroad.


3 MICHELLE M. GO   (03-April-2013 3:56 PM)
I would like to know the BIC or SWIFT CODE of BDO Paseo Gil Puyat branch. Hoping for your immediate and positive response. Many thanks.

2 gladys floralde   (21-February-2013 8:20 AM)
Dear Sir/ Madam.

Good day. I would like to ask how to get an update if somebody send a remit a remittance. Can it be phone of by e-mail. Thank you.

1 Cristy   (10-January-2013 6:01 PM)
Hi to all the members of BDO, I would like to us only about my ATM account if I can change my atm number by over counter?. Cause Im the members of kabayan savings, when first time Im going home Im activated my account in Iligan branch in BDO. Then in second time I came back again Im updated my account and I want to withdraw my account but the problem my pin number not acceptable. What should I do cause this kabayan savings main branch in Paseo - Gil Puyat?