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Benigno "Noynoy" S. Aquino III Address and Contact Number
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Name: Benigno "Noynoy" S. Aquino III
Government Position in the Philippines: President of the Philippines
Address: 2/F Bonifacio Hall, Malacañang, Manila
Contact/Telephone Number: 733-3010 loc 882/ 887
Website:  president.gov.ph

(Picture) Portrait of President Benigno "Noynoy" S. Aquino III

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29 Wilhelmina Loyola   (02-November-2015 3:58 PM)
Dear President Aquino,

I agree with Mr. Golez bbelow solution to the "lalaglag bala" problem at the NAIA.

"The solution to the "laglag bala" issue is quite simple. When a passenger is caught with one or two bullets, just confiscate and let the passenger go. No questions, no delay. Don't give the security personnel the power to decide. Just like what I have observed in other international airports abroad (San Francisco, DC), any prohibited article like liquids, small knives, are simply confiscated. I repeat: Don't give the security personnel the power to decide on minor stuff.
-Roilo Golez"

I hope you would consider implementing Mr.Golez solution ASAP to improve the lives of traveller and the image as well of our country.

Thank you.

28 Cyrill Christian S. Abaoag   (25-September-2015 6:25 AM)
Good day mr.president ,im cyrill and have a very big problem .my grandmothers house. Long time ago my grandfather pays to the home mortgage for this,but he dissapeared ,and after that we got a message that tells that he is already dead, so we already stop paying for the house .It cause a million pesos debt to the home mortgage . Now we already talked to the home mortgage and said that if you dont pay we will get your house .they said that will only take a few months before we get your house .now my grandmother is all night crying .I cant help her because im still a high school student ,and i dont have that large value of money .please ..PRESIDENT NOYNOY please help us in our problem ,i cant help my myself worry because i once live there ..its past by years .it is so memorable and full of memories starting when me and my uncle where born .please president i need your help .i dunno what,where to go to ask for help .i need you to help me in this problem .you said that where going to the straight road right? So please ...just for the sake of my grandmother im begging you.i wouldnt stop for begging for help just for my lola .

President noynoy .i will be waiting for your reply .thank you and god bless.

27 rizel isuga   (21-July-2015 3:40 PM)
Good day! I am Rizel Isuga,sister of Rheden Isuga presently confined in Phil. Orthopedic Hospital due to severe damage of the bone from his right leg caused by motor accident. In this regard, I would like to ask help from your good office for financial assistance because he will undergo an operation. We have asked financial assistance from Rizal Provincial Office and gave us 500 pesos as their help which is merely not enough for the said operation. We are hoping for your financial assistance that will be a great help for my family especially to my brother which will give him hope to continue his life and achieve his dreams. Thank you so much and God bless you always

26 ALDWIN R. COLINA   (19-May-2015 3:36 PM)
His Excellency
President of the Republic of the Philippines
Malacanang, Manila

I am a resident of brgy.16 Legazpi City of Bicol Region.

This refers to my immediate medical intervention. I was advised to undergo surgical coiling operation on my right eye, otherwise could result to blindness. Such was the effect of a vehicular accident i had last April 2014.

I lost my job due to the damages caused by such motor vehicular accident and this new dilemma is affecting my family's expenses. My family cannot anymore provide for my operational and medical needs, considering that i have two schooling children. The physician gives us the estimated financial expenses for the operation, it will reach about 1,300,000 to cure my eyes.

In this regard, may i request for a financial support to make this operation success.

I wish you could help me, God bless us and our family.

Very truly yours,

Aldwin R. Colina

25 Juvina   (03-May-2014 5:13 PM)
Your Excellency :

I am Norma R. Agpalo with my Postal adress MAMBATO AGORA LAPASAN CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY & President of
ACCREDITATION NO.2013-538-C . 205 members seeking for livelihood assistance to generate income of all
members . And Lastly Please Kindly Help Us .

God Bless & Thank You :)

24 Juvina   (02-May-2014 8:25 AM)
Your Excellency :

I am Norma R. Agpalo with my Postal adress MAMBATO AGORA LAPASAN CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY & President of
ACCREDITATION NO.2013-538-C . 205 members seeking for livelihood assistance to generate income of all
members . And Lastly Please Kindly Help Us .

God Bless & Thank You

Hoping For Your FeedBack .

23 elisa g. gundayao   (12-March-2014 7:48 PM)
10 March 2014

His Excellency
President of the Republic of the Philippines
Malacanang, Manila

Your Excellency:

May I respectfully follow-up my previous letter requesting you/your Office to award fully the small piece of land/lot, in exchange for my fruitful/productive service as Barangay Chairwoman in the early 70s when I was even utilizing my family’s resources in the service—even without any compensation. Now that I am old at 85, I am survived by my husband, Guillermo, who also worked diligently and unselfishly as Barangay Treasurer, and the Civil Service Commission, leaving me no legacy for my remaining years for my elderly life.

This is to also request you and the concerned government agencies to act promptly in regard to the corrupt practices of the National Housing Authority (NHA) concerned staff/personnel which should be dealt with consistent with the provisions of R.A. 3019, and R.A. 6713. I am complaining against concerned NHA personnel assigned in Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City for not issuing any single Official Receipt to any remittance/payments we have made in the past years. They have been issuing Statement of Accounts which are unsigned, and which the break-down of payables have not been depicted as to our payments—and no one seems to be responsible/accountable. Whoever got the payments unrecorded must be punished/sanctioned in accordance with law. Besides, the NHA is acting like a private corporation with profit motive contrary to serving the oppressed and marginalized sector of the republic—despite the billions of pesos allotted to it under Appropriations Act.

I hope that this time, your Presidential power shall bestow on me better answer/resolution to my two (2) requests, ASAP.

Enclosed are the NHA ‘statement of account’ dated February 21, 2014, and ‘demand letter’ dated March 2014, for your perusal, ready reference, and appropriate action.

Very truly yours,

17 Maganda Street (Zone 13, Barangay 145)
Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City 1400

Encl.: Office of the Ombudsman
Commission on Audit (COA) Chairperson
NHA General Manager

22 rickinphil   (08-February-2014 9:53 AM)
Sir, I have sent and will continue to send emails to the congressional subcommittee on energy to look into the practices of Noceco, the electric provider on Negros. Everyday we experience 3 or 4 power outages which greatly disrupt the lives especially of the elderly and disabled. They put all profits in their pockets and nothing into ugrading equipment while constantly adding more customers. I implore you to get someone to look into this.
On top of this, having been here over 4 years now, I see how things work. Three years ago a Ceres bus driver fell asleep at 12 noon in Naga, Cebu and we crashed into a large truck. If not for having my visa credit card allowing emergency surgery my wife would have lost her leg. The inquirer refused to print the story and no investigation was done. Judges and pols are being bribed by these large companies and it must stop. As it has been said before, the buck stops here, with you. Please be the president I know you can be so the people stop referring to you as Porknoy.

21 worried citizen   (15-August-2013 10:22 PM)
dear sir..
i know you hate corrupt officials. what worries me is the reelected mayor of valencia city bukidnon. after he has seated in office, corruption has set in and people in valencia are afraid to say anything against him for fear. i dont know if it is true but rumors are going around that he already has a warrant but no one is brave enough to serve it. please we need your help for the sake of our beloved city

20 Venetia Anne A. Tropa   (05-August-2013 4:49 PM)
Mr. President,
How can we get our Philhealth refund from a hospital? we've been follwing it up over a year and they just keep on promising us,. I thought " TUWID NA DAAN?

19 Venetia Anne A. Tropa   (05-August-2013 4:45 PM)
why access denied?

18 pablo mauricio garcia   (27-July-2013 8:23 AM)
Dear sir..
It is such a great thing you are doing to try to clean the people involved in positions of responsibilities.The phillipines is the most or one of the most corrupted countries in the world. and is great to see a president like you doing what honest people in this beautiful country want most...stop corruption...CONGRATULATIONS SENOR PRESIDENTE. by THE way I am an australian citizen that comes here every two or three months

17 roel   (19-July-2013 2:08 PM)
Remove PDAF if you are serious sa tuwid na daan.

16 deanno   (20-June-2013 5:46 AM)
Mr President(Hope you personally read this,not a message taker)

I have been living in the Philippines for the last year as my fiance and baby are in Davao Mindanao. I am from New Zealand and back in Auckland at the moment for vacation. Im writing to you in the fight against terrorism.
I love the philippine people and get very irated, when reading columns in regards to the rebels killing innocent people for no cause at all.
I have served in Baghdad Iraq as a close protection operative contracted to DOS on the CIVPOL project infiltrating into troubled areas locating targets aswell as intelligence gathering to formulate the enemys objectives.
I have done research on how your military are conducting operations. They will never defeat the rebels with the INTENT they are working towards. Politically ,there is no resolve,if they are given power thats all rebel factions then you will see new terrorist groups forming because of the poverty in your country . The only solution is to change your intent and to change directive in order to eliminate these rebel groups. I will not provide my intent or courses of action that needs to take place,as its to sensitive if the wrong people are reading this column . If you would like to hear my INTENT analysis to take control of all regions of your country then feel free to drop me an email.
Thankyou for your time

15 Renato De Castro   (07-May-2013 11:58 AM)
The "Palakasan System here in South Cotabato is Rampant, especially in DepEd, they bypass the ranking if they have there "bata-bata" or there "manok" to filled up the item, that's why the "Tuwid na Daan" here is turned into "Liku-likong Daan.
Hope you investigate deeply about this problem, we tried to reach Bro. Armin Luistro but the one who answered us was his secretary that's why we are frustrated to have an answer about this.
We are hoping that you personally talked to your Deped Secretary to take action on this matter as soon as possible.
Thank you and God Bless!

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