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Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Cebu Main Office and Contact/Telephone Number
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The head office of Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in Cebu is located in BIR Regional Office Building, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City.

Head: Agnes P. Zafe (OIC)
Email Address: agnes.zafe@bir.gov.ph
Contact/Telephone Number: (032) 233-5140
Telephone/Fax Number: (032) 233-5003

(Picture) BIR Logo

You can also contact BIR at the following divisions:

Computer Operations Network and Engineering Division
Chief: Victor O. Baylon
Email Address: victor.baylon@bir.gov.ph
Contact/Telephone Number: (032) 231-5114

Assistant Chief: Liezl Marie P. Ang
Email Address: liezl.marie@bir.gov.ph
Contact/Telephone Number: (032) 233-5139

Facilities and Management Division
Chief: Nieva Y. Calonsag (OIC)
Email Address: nieva.calonsag@bir.gov.ph
Contact/Telephone Number: (032) 232-5137

Do you have any concerns with the BIR? Do you know any tax evader in Cebu? Tell us in the comment below.

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45 Vixen Obillo   (14-July-2015 1:15 PM)
The representative who answered my call was not very helpful. I called the office of Chief Baylon at 2315114 and there's woman who pick up the call, she sounded as if she is not willing to help me and keeps telling me that she dont know the process. My concern was not answered clearly. Thought she's addressing me "ma'am" she still sounded rude.

44 Herminia Gelbero   (09-July-2015 8:08 PM)
Good day.

I would like to ask how i can retrieve my tin number? Can i retrieve it online? I really need it. Please help me. Thanks.

43 Chendi Rizza Alegado   (12-April-2015 11:33 AM)
Good day!I have already a tin number but i never get my tin id.i just want to my tin number for my work...thank you...

42 Lita Talimporos   (13-February-2015 8:40 PM)
Good pm,previously i work in company,.i already have a tin number but i never get my tin id,and i dont remember my tin number,..i cannot open a savings account in the bank bec.they need my tin number,how can i get my tin number and id,..

41 darius algabre   (23-October-2014 8:29 PM)
Good day where could i get an appraise value of a lot for cebu city. is it the BIR? thanks

40 Bogz Vinnie Paul   (13-October-2014 12:04 PM)
gud day sir/mam,ask lan po ako if mag re-resign ako sa trabaho ko within 10 years ma kukuha ko ba ang tax ko?

39 Bogz Vinnie Paul   (13-October-2014 11:56 AM)
ask ko lang po,if mag resign ako sa company ko makukuha ko ba ang tax ko ko within 10 years ako nag wo-work sa company?

38 Vet Chai   (31-July-2014 9:25 AM)
what is the processing time for CAR? pls. let me know as mine is not release until now, i applied last oct. 4, 2013...does this affect if seller is not paying their taxes? hoping for your kind assistance on this matter soonest. thank you

37 Sheila Marie Loyola   (28-July-2014 10:29 PM)
hi is there another way of changing employment status ? cebu is far ? can it be done here in calapan

36 Robles MJ   (18-June-2014 0:36 AM)
What are the Step-by-step guide to get a Tax Identification Number in MANDAUE CITY CEBU!!!


35 Eduardo Apa Pangatungan   (06-June-2014 11:28 AM)
i would like to ask my tin number,i forgot my tin number for the passed employer.i have new job now and tin umber is required...thanks,hoping for your response......

34 Antoniette Ranmirez Verano   (30-May-2014 2:51 PM)
Good day! I would like to ask my tin number because my last employer released me an itr which is different from the number given to me by the bir when i submitted my application to bir and i just want to know if makuha ba nko ang amount nga naa sa ako itr or naa procedure ana? you can contact me through cp number 09434398423. thank you and I am hoping for your response.

33 Ella   (28-May-2014 3:43 PM)
I would like to ask some questions and hoping to be answered in your most convenient way and time. Some of these are as follows:

Situational questions:
1.) I had an employee with the salary of P15,000.00 a month. For one month, he just worked for 10 days. How can we calculate his salary basing on the monthly salary? Should we calculate it like monthly salary/total days in a month*days worked(P15,000.00/30*10)? What is the correct approach on how to do this?
2.) What if my employee will resign from his job on June 15, how can I calculate his monthly withholding tax? Annual withholding tax?
3.) Based on the Annual calculation for withholding tax, what if my employee will change her status as of June 5(next month) from single to married, how can I calculate his annual withholding tax in which she was single for the past 5 months and soon to change her status to married the next month? What is the correct approach on how to calculate her withholding tax annually? If you could give me the logical formula on how to calculate this, it would be a great help. And, when should be the start of the effectivity of her new status if she’ll be married already?
4.) How can we calculate the annual withholding tax of a certain employee with his previous employer? For example, I have a new hired employee and he’s working with me since May 2. For the past 4 months, he was working with different employers. How can I calculate his withholding tax including his computed withholding tax with his previous employers?
5.) Lastly, what is really the formula for in calculating the taxable income? withholding tax? Are the formulas provided below the right one?
Taxable income:
Taxable Income = [Gross (Basic)Monthly Income+ Overtime Pay+Holiday Pay+Night Differential] - (minus) [Tardiness Deduction+Allowances+SSS Contribution+Philhealth Contribution,HDMF Contribution]
Withholding tax:
Withholding Tax = ( ([Taxable Income] - [Bracket or Exemption] ) x [%over] ) + [Bracket Tax or Base Tax]

references: http://philippinestaxcomputation.blogspot.com/2009/06/tax-computation-in-philippines.html
6.) An employee has a basic salary of P10,000.00 a month. Since we have this 13th month pay which has the annual ceiling of P30,000.00, is it allowed to pay directly the P30,000.00 as his monthly salary instead of giving an employee his basic salary which is P10,000.00?
7.) What if out of P30,000.00 annual ceiling, we only give a total benefits including the 13th month pay of P20,000.00. So, we still have P10,000.00 left. Is it allowed to use the P10,000.00 for the overtime, benefits and other compensation to make it tax-free as well?
8.) What are really exemptions for withholding tax?
9.) What are the considerations for a certain employee to be called a Minimum wage earner? How much exactly is the current Statutory Minimum wage(SMW)?
10.)Where should we base the certain minimum wage? Is there also a monthly minimum wage aside from daily minimum wage?

32 Maricar Largado   (24-May-2014 3:51 AM)
good day i would like to ask my TIN.my company that i had work before said that they will be the one to process my TIN.can i ask for my TIN?MY CONTACT NUMBER 09434673087.THANK you i need it so much.hoping for your reply.

31 Fatima Joy Ondona Paradela   (16-May-2014 11:35 AM)
Good day I would like to ask if I already have a TIN because my company said that they will be the one to process it and they still dont have my TIN can I ask for my TIN number you can contact me 09331340800.
I am hoping for your reply. Thank you for your time.

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