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Jollibee Delivery Contact/Telephone Number
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Just a ring of a telephone, it's very easy for you to order your favorite Jollibee meals here in Philippines. Provided below is the contact/telephone number for Jollibee Delivery in the Philippines and in Cebu.

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Phone/contact number to all selected stores around the country (Philippines):
  • 8-7000
  • (02) 898-7777
Cellphone/mobile phone number:
  • 09178007000
Contact/Telephone Number of Jollibee Delivery in Cebu, Philippines:
  • (032) 238-7000
If you're using a cellphone or mobile phone, be sure to add the area code of Cebu: 032. Dial 0322387000.

Do you want to order in Jollibee or do you have any concern with Jollibee's services?

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28 Ged Santero • 12:47 PM, 29-October-2014
contact center not helpful. bad service.
27 enaj c • 1:29 AM, 20-September-2014
it is unacceptable
26 enaj c • 1:29 AM, 20-September-2014
we are very hungry??? are u sure it went through....
25 enaj c • 1:28 AM, 20-September-2014
we ordered just now. and it is already 2HOURS passed but still ordered not yet delivered. we ordered at 11:09 pm now ....what the happened???
24 Floyd Minglana • 9:30 AM, 02-May-2014
The agent who took our order sounded sarcastic and not willing to help. Said "is there anything else?" like she was reading a script.
23 Anacel • 7:59 PM, 13-October-2013
Hi can you tell me how to order and delivery to my family in Labogon mandaue city. I am in the US and I would like to order online pay with credit card. Is this so difficult ?
22 RINO • 1:34 PM, 09-August-2013
Their service is getting worse, I ordered at 10:40 am and its almost 1:40 pm but the delivery is not yet around. Their Service station for delivery is very near to our place.
21 LNLucas • 4:35 PM, 26-July-2013
poor service...does not deliver on time and does not deliver service promised.
does not care about the customer; poor customer relations
20 Jeffrey de Guzman • 8:33 PM, 23-July-2013
Di na kailangan ng English,simple Lang,poor ang service nyo,magugutom ang order sa inyo.
19 rolando agustin • 10:25 AM, 11-July-2013
I try to contact 8987000 in so many times but no one answered me, only the answering machine.
18 joan • 10:01 AM, 03-July-2013
Hi this is Joan from Cebu, i just would like to ask why is it that my cp number keeps messing up with one of your stores' cp numbers in Manila because the callers are tagalog speaking. i've been using my TM number for almost ten years now, and recently for this week i've been receiving calls and texts for orders and they're bothering me even in the middle of the night when i'm sleeping. can u do something about this please. Thank you.
Joan from Cebu
17 misty barba • 2:03 AM, 09-June-2013
I just wanna asked if my ordered deliver in laoag city I locos note already thru michael Miguel's name.pls let me know.I was trying to look for your toll free number but it wasn't there in gogle .
16 JV Outsourcing Center • 3:11 AM, 18-May-2013
May I know your mobile number?
15 cc • 11:34 AM, 01-February-2013
I just ordered for my family i n Pasig City how long it will take?
14 Jinky • 7:13 PM, 16-December-2012
Paorder nga ng 1pcs chicken
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