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LBC SM Baguio Branch | Telephone Number
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Office/Branch Address

Upper Basement, WS 008 SM City Baguio Luneta Hills Baguio City CAR

Contact/Telephone Number

(074) 424-0850

Fax No.

E-mail Address:

Open Office Hours

Open Office/ Days

Products Services Offered
Courier/Remittance/Money Transfer

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Total comments: 10
10 angel pulse25 • 6:32 PM, 23-January-2015
Hello LBC TEAM... I just want to express my FRUSTRATIONS with your service. I have a family emergency so I sent my daughter some money for her to get home.Unfortunately she lost her wallet with her school ID so you did not allow to have it claimed. I have asked for your assistance over the phone and begged to the point of almost crying but you only replied to me that you cannot allow it as it's against the rules. I just hope you people have the heart to understand where people are coming from. You call it EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE which you people absolutely don't have!She went home to get other documents such as NSO birth certificate, SSS E-1 form etc but still, you DECLINED! For this I can only say SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!
9 maria rina afable • 4:56 PM, 17-December-2014
re:request called in at 5:30 p.m., to REROUTE package for pick up sent this afternoon, FROM Arellano Building, Sorsogon, TO Pacific Mall, Legazpi City. Tracking # 139432272313. Kindly send me a text message once package has been rerouted to Legazpi, at mobile number is 0908 868 8680. Thank you.
8 Immanuel Tent Making • 2:05 PM, 07-October-2014
hello po..i just wana ask why until now i dont have my package with me ..They send it to me October 3 and until now i didnt receive yet..please check it out this is the tracking# 181193665845..Erwin Panday..text me if you have it..thanks! 09095587215
7 Edward Mabanglo • 4:19 PM, 18-July-2014
is the lbc sm branch open on weekends?
6 maryjoy pacheco • 12:03 PM, 15-May-2014
helo mam..Can I send here the copy of my id and authorization? My sister in law will get them. please.reply tnxs
5 ace • 5:10 PM, 28-April-2014
what time will lbc sm city baguio close?
4 ingrid • 5:39 PM, 04-February-2014
how much is the padala fee from baguio to dubai? thank u po.
3 james herbert g pascua • 9:11 AM, 18-January-2014
eto freight # po 1812475232. . sender delfil tumulakfrom lbc sm baguio to laoag. this is my cp #09169270025. . please tx me or call for mey concern. . more power
2 Sean • 3:17 PM, 28-December-2013
Hi! I'll just ask if LBC Baguio in SM open on Sunday (Dec. 29, 2013)? Thank you very much.
1 Jos • 6:58 PM, 28-May-2013
can i send bar soap in other countries? and how much the rate for 1package or 1box? this bar soap are all organic.

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