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Lite Shipping Main Office | Telephone Number
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One of the major shipping lines in Cebu (Philippines), Lite Shipping is known for its affordable shipping and passage rates. If you have any concern, problem or if you want to inquire travel shipping schedule of Lite Shipping, you can contact its telephone number:

Lite Shipping Telephone Number

  • (032) 255-1721 to 26
  • (032) 414-9001 to 03
Tips on Shipping Schedule Inquiry

To avoid repeat call, prepare your questions beforehand. You can ask the days and the time of the travel schedule of Lite Shipping from (place of origin) to (place of destination). Ask also the ticket price of a certain type of accommodation (standard or economy).

Lite Shipping Main Office Address
  • 14 G.L. Lavilles St./ M.J. Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City, Metro Cebu, Philippines
Lite Shipping

Lite Shipping

Do you have any concern with Lite Shipping Corporation?

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25 vincent bombeo   (15-August-2015 11:25 AM)
any available schedule from cagayan de oro to jagna? please reply. asap. thank you.

24 Dxvanz   (15-May-2015 7:23 PM)
How much will be cost cebu to larena bringing my motorcycle?

23 jennifer inclino   (18-April-2015 6:53 AM)
hi! good day!
how many days can we book in advance for travel from cebu to tagbilaran? and how much is the regular fare for adults? and how much is for the kids aging 4, 5 & 7.? hope to hear a feedback from you soon. thanks

22 Arnel Ty   (08-April-2015 7:36 AM)

21 Maynard Vizcarra   (14-December-2014 5:39 PM)
I would like to know if one could book some tickets, for December 22, 2014, in advance? like two-three days tops.

20 Eugene Felisilda   (08-December-2014 2:07 PM)
hi! may i ask the contact number of cagayan de oro ticketing office? thanks.....

19 Mary Ann Baguio Bation   (27-November-2014 3:56 PM)
I would like to inquire if there is schedule on wed. Dec.3 from cebu to larena? If there is can i have a reservation for 1 person? How much is the fare rate? How will i give my payment? Pls send me message on my fb account..anne_bagz@yahoo.com..tnx..i 'll b expecting a reply..

18 Walter   (06-June-2014 9:36 PM)
I would like to enquire if you have ferry service from Cebu to tacloban?. I am planning to buy a 2nd had 4wheel car. What is the cost to transport it to tacloban.

17 Andrew Hunter   (05-June-2014 11:22 PM)
I would to like to book 5 tickets for the Cebu to Larena trip(Cabin) which departs on Saturday 19th July.

Can I make payment now via phone / internet?

Or if that's not possible reserve the tickets and then pay on the day of travel?

Please advise me as soon as possible so I can plan my vacation.
My email is andyrail@aol.co.uk

In advance many thanks for your help.

Andrew Hunter

16 avelino diocampo   (04-June-2014 6:09 AM)
how much the fare of adventure from dapitan to zamboan?

15 Michael   (27-May-2014 10:26 PM)

Good Day,

I would like to ask how much is the fare from cebu to tagbilaran for 1 person? Also I am also planning to bring along my motorcycle honda wave 100, how much will be the additional cost?

14 Josephine   (23-May-2014 5:58 PM)
hi! I would like to ask for the fares and schedule from Tagbilaran to Cebu on 30 May 2014? I need the arrival time at Cebu too. Thank you.

13 GEORGE REPOMPO   (30-April-2014 7:45 AM)
Good Day!


how much fare for each person and including car sportage from sambuan cebu to dapitan.bill of lading for sportage from sambuan cebu to dapitan and dapitan to sambuan same car.

kindly pls send me your info ASAP.thank you so much.


12 MARELLA TAN   (15-April-2014 6:20 PM)
hi! I would like to ask whether, I can book a ticket from Tagbilaran to Cebu in advance? How many days in advance, I can book a ticket for May 5, 2014? Is it possible to make some reservations good for 5 persons and pay it when we arrive at Tagbilaran port?

Thank you

11 jannery   (10-April-2014 1:09 PM)
hi,ask ko how much ang fare sa motorbike from cebu to tagbilaran city?
tahnk you for your promt reply.

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