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Mercury Drug Head Office Address and Contact/Telephone Number
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Main Office of Mercury Drug Corporation, Philippines

Company Name

Mercury Drug Corporation

Head/Main Office Address
7 Mercury Ave., cor. E. Rodriguez Jr., Bagumbayan 
Quezon City, Philippines 1110

Contact/Telephone Number:
(632) 911-5071 to 87

Fax Number
(632) 911-6673

Email Address

Official Website

(Picture) Mercury Drug Business Logo

Products/Service Offered
Supplier-Retailer of Medicines/Drugs

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77 rosario garcia • 0:19 AM, 22-December-2014
I was the one who made a complaint about the Session Road branch that somebody from that store used my receipt # to submit as their entries. Pls void this entry, the OR # is 105051686204, their tel. # is (074) 442-4310 I hope you investigate this matter, maybe they've been doing this to the other customers but they didnt have the guts to complain about this. I'm really upset with the way they treat the customers like me and they are ruining the integrity of this promo. Again , thank you. My email ad is rosariomgarcia69@gmail.com i hope to hear from you soon.
76 rosario garcia • 7:40 PM, 21-December-2014
I bought memo plus gold from one of your branches in Baguio City, in Session Road 3 days ago Dec. 19, 2014. And 2 days later I tried to Submit the OR # as my entries to your promo SUKI PANALO, (ive been buying from Mercury Drugs to buy medicine and my Vitamins and my pills for memory coz ive been preparing for the board exam on June, so i buy regularly from the Mercury Drug and because of your promo, it gives your patrons motivation to buy from the Mercury Drug in the hope that they will win the promo. But the problem is, I just tried to submit my entry after 3 days of my puchase, the system said that my OR is already been used! So it means that somebody else from that store used my Receipt for her own entry! that is not fair! I bought the goods and she took my chances to win from me! It is immoral and dishonest. Pls try to do something about it to keep those dishonest employees from doing this to your customers. It is really unfair, I can understand that we want or need some money to help us in our daily needs by joining this kind of promo but do it in the right way. The cashier who cashed me out is APRIL the branch is in Session Road, their Tel. # is (074) 442-4310. PA # 6 REYMOND. Please take some action on this matter. Thank you.
75 Guinevere Carreon Fajardo • 11:02 AM, 01-October-2014
Where can i find the listing of winners in the Suki Panalo promo?? Thanks
74 Voltaire Moreno • 7:23 PM, 17-June-2014
I would like to commend Michelle Anne Ambil aka "MITCH" Sta.Lucia Grand Mall branch for doing a GREAT JOB! I hope you can more employees like her.

Voltaire Moreno
73 julius balingit • 2:05 PM, 16-June-2014
Good day! Id already send my resume in your email add..if I am qualified just call my number. Thank You!
72 Algier Villanueva • 4:38 PM, 05-May-2014
Hello Sir/Maam,
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Available Trucks/Units
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Algier Villanueva
Triple AD Head Super Visor
71 Mark Anthony • 7:08 AM, 16-April-2014
Good pm, mam/sir.
I'm a husband of a seven month pregnant woman buying vitamins for my wife that her OB-Gyne prescribed with generic and brand name but eventually Mr.Abe at the Banlic Cabuyao Laguna branch didn't give the right vitamins instead of (Ferroflex) capsule he gave me (Fenoflex) which my wife notice something to her urine. Then we made a complain to the manager but as of now we don't get any response, it was all happened last month March 6, 2014. During our conversion Ms. Ana promised us that they will help to any laboratory test needed to be sure that my wife and baby will be safe and be a normal. Then Mr. Abe express his guilt but trying to explain his side by telling us that day was so many costumer to serve that's why he commit mistake. We set an appointment to my wife's OB-Gyne to give us necessary test needed with accompanied by one of the employee but still we pay for the check up and the test for the baby. Week by week we make follow-up but no assurance that they will help us. As I remember that Mr. Abe not treated customer in a good manner because a lot of people buying that time. Ms. Ana tell us that she already send the document needed to help us to your main office. We also have a complain to the Barangay office. Ms. Ana also try to seek information where about our income is coming from that no significance to the situation I think. And as this things happened I noticed that my wife is very worried to the baby she is carrying. We try to save our money to her CS delivery and not for those test that we don't want because of Mr. Abe's mistake. And also told us that mercury drug is not responsible for those situation that the employee must shoulder those expenses. I need to receive some response to assure my wife and baby's security to be safe not only during pregnancy but through the development of the child. We have all the evidence needed to show that things all happened the receipt and the prescribed vitamins. Hoping for your response.
70 Carmena Galo • 8:18 PM, 08-March-2014
Good day! Id already send my resume in your email add..if I am qualified just call my number. Thank You!
69 Emy Rose Bocais • 7:52 PM, 28-February-2014
good day, i am Emy Rose Bocais, i just ask if you are still hiring and where can i apply? Thank you and god Bless.
68 Sick and no Meds • 3:35 PM, 19-February-2014
Be Careful.. The people who work at the pharmacy on 32nd street in FBGC are not to be trusted. I am a cancer patient who is prescribed a regulated strong because of its potency. After filling the script for a few weeks, one day the woman behind the counter didn't want to serve me. I could hear her telling the other people to work there not to give me my medication and to tell me it is out of stock... They kept telling me to come back tomorrow ... everyday for about 2 weeks... I am not sure why... maybe because I am an American? Or because she doesn't like the fact that I am getting a certain medication... either way.... she was lying to me, and having her employees lie to me too. I called the corporate office (which is just an unprofessional call center)... the woman looked up my medication and told me that they DO have it in stock.. when I asked her to call the branch for me to have them prepare it, I heard her on the phone with them for 20 minutes... then she came back to my line and told me to check again tomorrow and hung up... I am not sure what kind of low life, uneducated, and uncivil people deserve such a responsibility, but because of them I now have to travel far to get my meds... Save your time and energy.. go somewhere else!!! If this was in the states.. these people would be behind bars by now....
67 EMELISSA • 5:11 PM, 10-February-2014
Good Day, Where can i apply at your company?

66 Jean Bautista • 5:53 PM, 03-February-2014
Good afternoon po, I just wanna ask if your still needed for a cashier. Even though, I'm a nursing graduate?
65 Cairoden Conding • 2:40 AM, 29-October-2013
Dear Sir,

In the first place, before and now i really wanted to invest or part of you business. My location is in Mindanao State University, Marawi City.

Can you advise me how? can i share business with you.


Cairoden Conding
64 Ramona Lanuza • 10:57 PM, 22-October-2013
gud day, i just want to report a vey bad experience we had in mercury drug kalookan c3 branch just an hour ago. I was so dismayed with their customer service particularly in claiming my husband' s suki card points. We purchased goods from the store to be debited from the said card, the cashier who, upon verifying that my husband had 826 points already, readily punched the goods which amounted a little less than the points. Sad thing we were held to wait for almost thirty minutes before the supervisor, whose first name was Erick, went out and told us, we couldn't get the goods yet until tomorrow! Reason? Their main ofc has already closed,and that he (mr. Erick, i forgot his last name) has to verify from the main ofc the validity and authenticity of the points... He required 3 more i.ds from my hubby which he readily gave only to tell us again sorry and we can't claim the goods still because we seem unfamiliar to him. With this, i got so irrate, I argued with him notwithstanding the shame from the other customers staring. I said this is ballooney. In the first place from their terminal alone points popped out, 2nd, where is the integrity of promoting such card when we simply can't enjoy its freebies at our convenience, what if the goods are medicines that we badly need for an emergency patient?, and third, do you have to familiarize each customer who wants to claim rewards points? If so, you have to address the public about this... The supervisor upon confirming that we are determined to claim what is due to us, apologizes and allowed us to bring the mechandise.... Sad, what will happen to other customers who do not have the guts to fight for their rights? I accept his apology, but i am dissatisfied...more so, because of the long wait arguing with him, it rained heavily when we went out the store, hence i suffered from runny nose and backaches.
63 diana c. mari • 10:09 AM, 15-October-2013
Good morning, i just want to inquire if u are still need a clerk attendant or a cashier? Can i apply even do i am 3 year computer science graduate?
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