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Mercury Drug Head Office Address and Contact/Telephone Number
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Main Office of Mercury Drug Corporation, Philippines

Company Name

Mercury Drug Corporation

Head/Main Office Address
7 Mercury Ave., cor. E. Rodriguez Jr., Bagumbayan 
Quezon City, Philippines 1110

Contact/Telephone Number:
(632) 911-5071 to 87

Fax Number
(632) 911-6673

Email Address

Official Website

(Picture) Mercury Drug Business Logo

Products/Service Offered
Supplier-Retailer of Medicines/Drugs

Do you have any concern or problem with Mercury Drug Corporation?

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89 Lolito Sero   (20-November-2015 9:21 PM)
Dear sir/mam,

Could you please inform me as to which email and name to where I can send regarding a complaint on a staff/supervisor in one of your branches.
Appreciate the info, thank you.

Lolito Sero

88 Pancho T. Pavino   (16-November-2015 1:57 PM)
Good afternoon, mam/sir. I have a 160 square meters lot in Tayabas, Quezon at the busy main street going to Sariaya, Quezon. I am offering said lot to your end for a possible establishment of a drugstore. Thanks.

87 edgar r caldit   (09-September-2015 1:26 PM)
good afternoon!

may i know if Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is available in your stores? how much is 1 kg of it? i'm looking for a possible source on a retail price basis. we would use it for organic farming.please advise.... thank you.

86 Roselle M. Requioma   (08-August-2015 4:12 PM)

Good day!I would like to know if you're still hiring Pharmacy Assistant?
I'm willing to apply.Thank You.

Your's truly,
Roselle M. Requioma

85 maribel p. dominguez   (31-July-2015 3:01 PM)
good day! im maribel p. dominguez, today i've sent an email to info@mercurydrug.com stating a complain in your alfonso, cavite branch. please give time to read my email and make necessary actions. aside from the guard, i am (please) requesting also to at least conduct a customer service re-orientation for the whole team. thank you!

maribel p. dominguez

84 maribel p. dominguez   (31-July-2015 2:38 PM)
good day! i've sent an email to info@mercurydrug.com today. kindly check for i am stating a complain. i hope to hear from u the soonest. thank u
maribel p. dominguez

83 Krishagyn Aseo   (28-July-2015 7:24 AM)

Good day. I would like to know, if you're still hiring pharmacy assistant? I'm willing to apply. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Krishagyn Aseo

82 Renato San Pedro   (24-July-2015 5:00 PM)
Dear Sir/Madam,

Our company is in the manufacture and distribution of customized packaging materials such as carton boxes and packaging tapes. (Kindly visit our websites, www.berkeley.com.ph and www.newerabox.com) for you to know more about our products and services.

We would like to apply as one of your packaging materials suppliers ad we are willing to pass through your accreditation process. Kindly let us know how and what are the necessary things we will submit to your good office.

Your favorable response is highly appreciated.

Renato San Pedro
Sales Coordinator

81 Feliz   (15-July-2015 5:23 PM)
July 11, 2015 at 5:43:33 PM GMT+8
To: "info@mercurydrug.com" <info@mercurydrug.com>
I am FELICIA R. DE GUIA 45 yrs old MD from BAGUIO CITY
a pediatrician
This morning before lunchtime
I went to MERCURY Porta Vaga Branch to buy
One touch Ultra Soft strips
for my 81 year old mother who is Diabetic insulin dependent

I brought out Her senior citizen card and senior citizen booklet
The pharmacist asked for a prescription, I told him that I'm a doctor and showed him my license, I requested for RX PAD
and he gave me one.

The supervisor gave the male pharmacist insruction not to sell because they also need an authorization letter.

I went to my car, where my mother is and asked her to make and sign an authorization letter

Because I was so disappointed with MERCURY PORTA VAGA,
I decided to buy in a nearby branch MERCURY DON DE LEON BUILDING

I presented the prescription ,
Senior ID,booklet and authorization letter to the assistant manager who was at the front at that time

She seem hesitant to give me the ultra fine touch "kasi itanawag saamin ito"( PORTA VAGA branch warned DON DE LEON BUILDING branch about me.)

I was really angry because I was insulted and treated like a criminal.

Luckily , the supervisor of DE LEON building recognized the ID picture of my mother who was her regular customer when she was still young and a pharmacist. She allowed the strip to be sold to me.

I talked to MR JONATHAN GACES and he already asked for an apology for what his staff did.

I know and understand protocols
but please tell the employees not to do things that are insulting.

People who buy medicines are buying for their sick love ones , meaning they are all in a sensitive situation.

Please tell the people in your backyard to be compassionate. Most customers are honest buyers

80 shirly m. masangkay   (22-June-2015 7:37 PM)
We are so pleased that we have a Mercury Drugstore here in our place, Mamburao, Occ. Mindoro with Mr. Jeff Sycoco as the Branch Manager. My cousin, Myra Del Carmen-Delacion worked in this branch for almost 7 years, one of the salesclerk pioneers. But due to reason, she was detached from the service last March 2015 without having any due process happened i guess. So sad, that I learned it only lately. Well, what i do really want to know is that, would she be entitled for a separation pay or something that would benefit her service throughout her stay with your company? Myra is married to a non-working guy with 2 children and expecting another on the next month. She is the breadwinner and sole earner of the family and my heart is truly broken whenever i saw how desperate her situation is. As a leading supplier-retailer of medicines/drugs in the country, do you also care for the welfare of employees you have?
Thank you for taking time reading this message. I do hope you will give the utmost attention regarding the concern.

Very truly yours,
cousin of Myra Del Carmen-Delacion

79 esperanza o. san juan   (07-April-2015 3:02 PM)
good day! would just want to know if you have OVESTIN CREAM. i tried to buy this from sampaloc-trabajo branch & Laong-Laan Branch, but they say no stocks as of the moment. i hope you can help me with this product, or if there is an alternative i can buy.

thank you...

78 Bernadette Paola P. Año   (06-April-2015 5:01 PM)
Hello Sir/Ma'am. I would like to ask if there's any job vacancy near Eastwood, Libis? Thank you so much.

77 rosario garcia   (22-December-2014 0:19 AM)
I was the one who made a complaint about the Session Road branch that somebody from that store used my receipt # to submit as their entries. Pls void this entry, the OR # is 105051686204, their tel. # is (074) 442-4310 I hope you investigate this matter, maybe they've been doing this to the other customers but they didnt have the guts to complain about this. I'm really upset with the way they treat the customers like me and they are ruining the integrity of this promo. Again , thank you. My email ad is rosariomgarcia69@gmail.com i hope to hear from you soon.

76 rosario garcia   (21-December-2014 7:40 PM)
I bought memo plus gold from one of your branches in Baguio City, in Session Road 3 days ago Dec. 19, 2014. And 2 days later I tried to Submit the OR # as my entries to your promo SUKI PANALO, (ive been buying from Mercury Drugs to buy medicine and my Vitamins and my pills for memory coz ive been preparing for the board exam on June, so i buy regularly from the Mercury Drug and because of your promo, it gives your patrons motivation to buy from the Mercury Drug in the hope that they will win the promo. But the problem is, I just tried to submit my entry after 3 days of my puchase, the system said that my OR is already been used! So it means that somebody else from that store used my Receipt for her own entry! that is not fair! I bought the goods and she took my chances to win from me! It is immoral and dishonest. Pls try to do something about it to keep those dishonest employees from doing this to your customers. It is really unfair, I can understand that we want or need some money to help us in our daily needs by joining this kind of promo but do it in the right way. The cashier who cashed me out is APRIL the branch is in Session Road, their Tel. # is (074) 442-4310. PA # 6 REYMOND. Please take some action on this matter. Thank you.

75 Guinevere Carreon Fajardo   (01-October-2014 11:02 AM)
Where can i find the listing of winners in the Suki Panalo promo?? Thanks

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