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Metrobank Credit Card Hotline Phone Number

As a customer, there are times that you can encounter problems with your Metrobank credit card. In case you badly need help, you can contact Metrobank Credit Card Hotline Phone Number:

  • (02) 870-0707 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-18-885775 (Domestic Toll-Free), +800-8700-0707 (International Toll Free)
  • (02) 870-0700 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-18-886227 (Domestic Toll-Free)
You can also reach Metrobank through their email address: customerservice@metrobankcard.com.

Do you have any concern with your Metrobank credit card?
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117 Bernardita   (21 July 2016 11:52 AM)
good day,
about sa JM SKY CONTINENTAL bakit nag pa cancel na ako bakit may bill pa rin ako

116 gloria tabasa   (15 July 2016 9:24 AM)
everytime i dialled your hotline nos., it says NOT YET IN SERVICE....i want to know my due account for am sure it's due today. i did not received my printed bill. thank you. i want to pay it now to avoid penalty

115 Anna marie hayasaka   (13 July 2016 5:52 PM)
Maam,sir...im from iloilo po.ng deposit ako ng pera sa metrobank atm card sa statement of account po ng feb25 2016.bali 70,000 yun my pumasok din na pera nong feb 15 na 36,000 at na withdraw yun ng feb 17. nong march 3 ng withdraw na naman ng 10,000,march 15 10,000 uli nong 21 ng withdraw na naman ng 1000 at ng 8700.nong 23 ng withdraw uli ng 5000. tapos ng 28 another 10,000. nong april 18 ng withdraw na naman ng 10,000 pero ng withdraw din ako nong 18 ng 10,000.pero resibo ko is 60 thousand pa yung lumabas kaya panatag loob ko. then kanina nag check ako ng balance sa metrobank iloilo dun lang kasi ako ng withdraw sa ibang bank wala na dun lang talaga. ang lumabas na pera ko is 4,777.22 paano nangyari yun e once lang ako ng withdraw? paano maibabalik yung nawala kong pera? sinabihan ko na yung metrobank iloilo po ang sabi sa manila pa daw ang prosess gusto ko makita yung statement kong anong bangko ang ginamitan daw sabi nila, e na sa akin atm ko paano nangyari yon.

114 junnalyn C. Dela Cruz   (11 July 2016 12:47 PM)
complain lng po,meron pong pumasok sa account ko na di ko naman dapat bayaran dahil d ko namn nagamit yun (JM SKY CONTINENTAL TRAVEL,PARANAQUE,PH)(AMOUNT 3,999.00),tapos nung tumawag ako sa inyo sabi po ssakin mag email daw po ako for letter of complain para magamit ko ulit ang aking credit card.

113 Analiza Pamintuan   (03 July 2016 8:55 PM)
I want to know how much is my balance .?

112 Angelito E. Monderondo   (28 June 2016 12:47 PM)
Please, till now I was waiting for my replacement card. It was too long time na.... I also want to open my SOA but with password... I do not know my password. I kept on calling the toll free lines but all were failed calls... please help me.. I want to use my card the soonest possible time..... Thanks

111 MARLON VILLAMOR   (27 June 2016 10:08 AM)
Good day!
Hi everyone i just want to know only my Billing statement of my card. almost 3 months already since i received my billing statement please email me to my new yahoo mail or call me in my contact number for my concern. 09187484335/09975892498. please! please! please!. need to know the status of my account.

110 IVy. B   (27 June 2016 8:01 AM)
your hotline number is bullshit. I have lost my credit card. and couldn't contact your toll free for almost a week now. I may have close my MetroBank credit card for this inefficiency.

109 Asok, Dominique C.   (13 June 2016 8:54 AM)
Anybody from Metrobank please call me at 092802040098. Ive been finding ways to contact anybody but i found it very difficult to communicate with you. I have problems with my card. It can no longer be read by any machine. please anyone hear this meesage.

108 Loida V. Bambalan   (08 June 2016 12:09 PM)
I want to know my billing statement still awaited....

107 Herminia Mendoza   (27 May 2016 9:48 AM)
May I know the status of my application for a supplementary card for Maria E. Nesisario. I applied 3 weeks ago
thru your agents at Parkmall, Mandaue City.

106 rhoel   (23 May 2016 10:06 AM)
cant get through with this number... 1-800-1888-5775

105 orson turingan   (23 May 2016 6:21 AM)
Good day. I just found out yesterday that you suspended my card and I guess the reason is because of my refusal to pay the amount LAZADA charged me which was cancelled since the product was no longer available. According to LAZADA, they immediately initiated the refund to you but it seems like you didn't initiate it so it keeps on reflecting on my monthly bill with matching interest. If you were to check my record- I'm sure that you will know that I regularly pay my dues. According to LAZADA, this is the refund i.d. you gave them-4532677865465000001365. I hope that you will attend to this matter as quickly as you charge you customers. Thank you.

104 CLARITA C. NARON   (20 May 2016 1:58 PM)
I tried many times to call your hotline since last month,but always unavailable,just to inform you regarding your charging of annual fee.I was informed before that my annual fee is free for lifetime.I don't have any outstanding balance, only annual fee that incurred late charges & interest for this month.

103 ellen caina   (18 May 2016 12:41 PM)
I try to call your hotline but always not available. I just want to clarify the amount reflected in the billing statement that you have sent. How come that you have billed me the amount of 3,415.31 and yet I did not use the card. Please call me immediately or else I will request my card for deactivation.

102 daisy   (16 May 2016 7:59 PM)
i've been contacting your customer service no one to talk to. I need to talk to someone regardibng your 2Go promo.

101 regina o. tingcungco   (04 May 2016 1:45 PM)
toll free number??

100 Basil   (02 May 2016 10:38 AM)
Been contacting your costumer service toll free numbers for the past two weeks but all failed to connect.
I have not received my latest billing yet and its overdue. How can i pay? Our local metrobank branches do not have a credit card costumer service personnel neither. I do not intend to pay any surcharge regarding this matter. I would be very glad if i hear from you thruogh email. Thanks.

99 eleonora daproza   (02 May 2016 7:59 AM)
i want to know my billing statement this april

98 Antonio Abucejo   (29 April 2016 3:23 PM)
hello, my supplementary metrobank mastercard credit card is still on hold because i made an several time failed with the security check with my online trasaction for my cellphone repair business. How can i solve this problem? by the way, the principal holder of the credit card is my mother.

i need solution, asap! thank you

97 ROLAND   (29 April 2016 2:24 PM)
i am calling several times starting this morning to your customer service hotline but no to avail. I'd like to know how to settle my accountability and what number am i going to use to reach to your hotline.

96 ROLAND   (29 April 2016 2:01 PM)
Your hotline is so frustrating, i've spent time and effort to contact your hotline but no to avail. I dont know what kind of service to you have.

95 renato s. de guzman   (28 April 2016 5:01 PM)
i want to know my current statement balance due this month of april 2016

94 ivy   (28 April 2016 11:05 AM)
i havent receive my billing statement yet

93 Gina Dalumpines   (27 April 2016 2:23 PM)
Is your customer hotline working?
I've been calling everyday since last week (randomly) but until now I can't get through your hotline. IT IS ALWAYS BUSY. Can you give another number to call?

I also sent an email last Monday but until now I have not receive any reply.
This is really frustrating!

92 David   (27 April 2016 7:27 AM)
I have been trying to reach Metrobank for 3 days now, but can't seem to contact their Domestic Toll-Free number. Even at 8am, 9am, 10am, 4pm, 5pm or 8pm, it's still busy. Seriously? Is there something wrong with their number? I am from Cebu.

91 aiza may ochagabia   (26 April 2016 1:30 PM)
Good AFTERNOON, i've been trying to call you everyday but all of your lines were busy.Can you please help me to connect cause I need it badly.

Thank you and we're hoping for your immediate response.

God bless!

90 Primo Sistual   (19 April 2016 8:27 AM)

I am a metrobank credit card holder and i want to reach out your office with this number 180018885775 for important matters but so frustrated for a month now i cannot connect to this line . WILL YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHY AND GIVE ME ANOTHER FUNCTIONAL NUMBER FOR ME TO VOICE MY IMPORTANT CONCERN .. THIS IS REALLY FRUSTRATING

89 Lover Dann Continedo   (18 April 2016 7:55 AM)
Good day!

I would just like to inform that I haven't received my credit card yet. I was alarmed because of those SOAs indicating that I have an amount due for the membership fee and late payments. Please do necessary actions as soon as possible. Thank you.

88 Faith Alaras   (14 April 2016 11:09 AM)
Good morning! I have a big concern regarding my credit card. I wasn't able pay the monthly installment fee because of some personal reasons. Last year I tried to send a message to make settlements for the unpaid balance unfortunately i didn't receive any response. I have had lots of threats and call from law firms and such. And just today a police called me and threat to file a case against me if the amount is not paid. Can you help me on this matter?

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