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Metrobank Credit Card Hotline Phone Number

As a customer, there are times that you can encounter problems with your Metrobank credit card. In case you badly need help, you can contact Metrobank Credit Card Hotline Phone Number:

  • (02) 870-0707 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-18-885775 (Domestic Toll-Free), +800-8700-0707 (International Toll Free)
  • (02) 870-0700 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-18-886227 (Domestic Toll-Free)
You can also reach Metrobank through their email address: customerservice@metrobankcard.com.

Do you have any concern with your Metrobank credit card?
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145 Roger Teologo   (16 January 2018 0:01 AM)

Can you please wave the annual fee of my credit card? Will give you the details when you email back on me.

144 Aine Q. Mecisamente   (18 December 2017 12:38 PM)
Please May I ask the cancellation of this AXA insurance policy I feel this is not needed.
Thank you and more power.

137 Helen T. Laoyan   (31 August 2017 3:54 PM)
Since 2014, I have been requesting for the cancellation of my credit card with the supplementary card issued to my husband. I requested again in 2016 but just the same, I was advised to wait for six months. A few days ago, I received a billing statement again billing me for the annual membership fee of the two cards. How do I get my request to be acted upon? I am no longer using these cards for my transactions because I chose to transact in cash. Thank you.

140 ziogo   (14 November 2017 12:37 PM)
hi Helen,

My advice is go to your Bank and surrender your credit card. Assuming that you already paid your current balance para e accept nila ang iyong request.


136 Maria Arabella Bellen   (28 August 2017 12:06 PM)
Account # 4055989488900135
Id like to use my points for my annual fee.
I was wondering also why do I have finance and late charge even though I didn't purchase anything. Do you charge finance and late charge for the annual fee...so ridiculous.

135 roberto p. lomboy   (26 August 2017 9:48 AM)
i am a card holder , card number 5464483217173004. i just received my soa , it stated an annual fee and i would like to have it waive. can i receive an email that it has been waive.

143 ziogo   (14 November 2017 12:46 PM)
Hi Roberto,

Im a cardholder too . You cannot waive annual fee charges if you already reach 1 year from the date of release card. It can be waive if you surrender your card less than a year.


134 Alexis Paolo Sulit   (16 July 2017 7:59 AM)
What is metrobank's international toll free number?

Thank you!

133 Randy C. Casuyon   (31 May 2017 9:19 AM)
Ma'am/ Sir, Good day. i would like to ask if you can transfer the updates of my statement of account through my new email account.

141 ziogo   (14 November 2017 12:39 PM)
hi Randy ,

Try to call your customer service hotline at the back of your card. They will be the one know the correct procedure on how to transfer SOA for new email.


132 Luz S. Villanueva   (24 May 2017 3:44 PM)
Sir Good afternoon I would like to ask if you have balance transfer from other credit card and how much is the add on interest per month.. Thank you and God Bless..

131 dilberto galvez   (04 April 2017 11:07 AM)
I would like to change my billing address to Blk 8 Lot 10 Diamond street Casa Filipina Bgy, San Antonio Paranaque metro manila. pls notify me thru my email adddress or thru text at my cp# 09564471569. thank you n have a nice day..

130 johnchrysander   (20 February 2017 3:33 PM)

I would like to cancel my insurance through METRO CREDIT PROTECT please...... I received certificate today February 20, 2017 and I would like to cancel it since it burdens my obligation in Metrobank, you may call my no. 09063708247 for verification

may this request merit your favorable response...

thank you,

Procopio m. Pelapil jr.

142 ziogo   (14 November 2017 12:42 PM)
hi John,

You can email your concern directly to customer service:


129 Jennifer Ardeno   (02 February 2017 1:03 PM)
hi I want to update my phone number in metrobank credit card. thank you how can I reach customer service through on line ?

128 Joie Reina Amor M. Deiparine   (28 December 2016 11:53 AM)
Good day!

I would like to ask where can I ask for my SOA since I did not received a billing for this month. I wanted to to know or have a copy of my SOA the soonest since the due date is approaching.
Thank You.

127 Noemilyn Pascual   (08 December 2016 8:48 AM)
A blessed day,

i would like to inform until now no billing statement has been deliver to me for two consecutive months...
Please i need your immediate action with this...Thanks

126 Russel Sugay Esguerra   (09 November 2016 9:25 AM)
Good day ! Sir/madam i would like to inform until now they have no deliver my metrobank card in my address but my cousin they have recieve the BDO credit card in the same address of metrobank card what happen until now they have no locate my address.....I think your carrier is tamad to locate my address please......paki action naman ng concern ko

125 charlou c llanto   (29 October 2016 6:04 AM)
magandang araw po sa inyo,

nais ko sana ipagputol yong aking dalawang insurance nga naka lagay sa aking printed bill dahil hindi ko to nagagamit pero nagbabbayad parin..

sana mapa unlakan niyo ang aking sinabi

thanks you and god bless..

124 charlou c llanto   (29 October 2016 6:01 AM)
Magandang Umaga po sa inyo mam

ako po c charlou c llanto ,isang customer ng credit card sa mabutihing kompanya.
nais ko sana na ipagputol ang aking dalawang insurance dahil sa rason na hindi ko to nagagamit pero patuloy pa rin naka lagay sa printed bill ko at sa ka kulang din sa budget ko..

sana mapa-unlakan niyo ang aking sinabi

maraming salamto po at god bless you

123 Ma. Flerida Vizconde   (25 October 2016 9:24 PM)
Good evening, I just want to Inform that somebody pictured my sss identification.card and my Metrobank Visa Card today October 25, 2016.

Any transactions regarding my credit card Is not of my knowledge so please cancel all the transactions and I am.asking on how to activate my METROBANK red card.

Thank You.

122 lynie M. Gumalang   (25 October 2016 8:08 AM)
Goodmorning ma'am/Sir

Ako po si Lynie M. Gumalang gusto ko po sanang ipa cut-off yung insurance ko sa buwan na ito. Dahil lumalaki yung balance ko dahil sa insurance na yan kaya dapat ma cut-off na yan with in this month. I hope for your immediate feedback and you can reach my mobile no. 09107664065. Thank you.

121 imelda   (11 October 2016 2:11 PM)
Good day to you Sir/Madam,

I just received my new Metrobank Credit card Femme Signature Visa Card. My concern is, are my points from my old Femme Visa carried over? or points are back to zero?

120 Annalie Rufo   (09 October 2016 6:53 AM)
Good morning! I read in my E-SOA yesterday and found out that there's a transaction which was double entered...the one I purchased at Gaisano Metro Pharmacy last September 19, 2016 in the amount of P 700.50. What I shall I do with this? Should you be the one to verify the said transaction or I'll be the one myself to follow up on this. This will take much of my time to be honest. Your help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

119 florimen catipay   (08 October 2016 9:05 AM)
where can i ask about term in purchasing an item using my credit card?

118 Leopoldo L. Lezada   (15 September 2016 3:42 PM)
I have applied a visa credit card with your bank and has been approved and i was told that it would be delivered i 7 to 10 working days. In case i am not in the billing address which is also the address that my card will be delivered, can a authorized person received the card in my behalf, and in case, what documents he/she needs to present to the delivery person to be able toreceive it in my behalf. A soonest reply shall be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much

117 Bernardita   (21 July 2016 11:52 AM)
good day,
about sa JM SKY CONTINENTAL bakit nag pa cancel na ako bakit may bill pa rin ako

139 ziogo   (14 November 2017 12:32 PM)
hi Bernardita,

Dapat ay mag submit ka ng complains "Letter of Dispute" and "CARDHOLDER DISPUTE FORM" for metrobankCard you can use this form https://metrobankcard.com/Content/documents/AFC%20METROBANK%20CARD%20CORPORATION_DISPUTE%20FORM%20111816.pdf

Tapos submit mo sa customer service email address
for metrobankcard: customerservice@metrobankcard.com

Read more: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load/directory/metrobank_credit_card_hotline_phone_number/26-1-0-12869#ixzz4yNhIBBXU

116 gloria tabasa   (15 July 2016 9:24 AM)
everytime i dialled your hotline nos., it says NOT YET IN SERVICE....i want to know my due account for am sure it's due today. i did not received my printed bill. thank you. i want to pay it now to avoid penalty

115 Anna marie hayasaka   (13 July 2016 5:52 PM)
Maam,sir...im from iloilo po.ng deposit ako ng pera sa metrobank atm card sa statement of account po ng feb25 2016.bali 70,000 yun my pumasok din na pera nong feb 15 na 36,000 at na withdraw yun ng feb 17. nong march 3 ng withdraw na naman ng 10,000,march 15 10,000 uli nong 21 ng withdraw na naman ng 1000 at ng 8700.nong 23 ng withdraw uli ng 5000. tapos ng 28 another 10,000. nong april 18 ng withdraw na naman ng 10,000 pero ng withdraw din ako nong 18 ng 10,000.pero resibo ko is 60 thousand pa yung lumabas kaya panatag loob ko. then kanina nag check ako ng balance sa metrobank iloilo dun lang kasi ako ng withdraw sa ibang bank wala na dun lang talaga. ang lumabas na pera ko is 4,777.22 paano nangyari yun e once lang ako ng withdraw? paano maibabalik yung nawala kong pera? sinabihan ko na yung metrobank iloilo po ang sabi sa manila pa daw ang prosess gusto ko makita yung statement kong anong bangko ang ginamitan daw sabi nila, e na sa akin atm ko paano nangyari yon.

114 junnalyn C. Dela Cruz   (11 July 2016 12:47 PM)
complain lng po,meron pong pumasok sa account ko na di ko naman dapat bayaran dahil d ko namn nagamit yun (JM SKY CONTINENTAL TRAVEL,PARANAQUE,PH)(AMOUNT 3,999.00),tapos nung tumawag ako sa inyo sabi po ssakin mag email daw po ako for letter of complain para magamit ko ulit ang aking credit card.

138 ziogo   (14 November 2017 12:31 PM)
hi Junnalyn,

Dapat ay mag submit ka ng complains "Letter of Dispute" and "CARDHOLDER DISPUTE FORM" for metrobankCard you can use this form https://metrobankcard.com/Content/documents/AFC%20METROBANK%20CARD%20CORPORATION_DISPUTE%20FORM%20111816.pdf

Tapos submit mo sa customer service email address
for metrobankcard: customerservice@metrobankcard.com

113 Analiza Pamintuan   (03 July 2016 8:55 PM)
I want to know how much is my balance .?

112 Angelito E. Monderondo   (28 June 2016 12:47 PM)
Please, till now I was waiting for my replacement card. It was too long time na.... I also want to open my SOA but with password... I do not know my password. I kept on calling the toll free lines but all were failed calls... please help me.. I want to use my card the soonest possible time..... Thanks

111 MARLON VILLAMOR   (27 June 2016 10:08 AM)
Good day!
Hi everyone i just want to know only my Billing statement of my card. almost 3 months already since i received my billing statement please email me to my new yahoo mail or call me in my contact number for my concern. 09187484335/09975892498. please! please! please!. need to know the status of my account.

110 IVy. B   (27 June 2016 8:01 AM)
your hotline number is bullshit. I have lost my credit card. and couldn't contact your toll free for almost a week now. I may have close my MetroBank credit card for this inefficiency.

109 Asok, Dominique C.   (13 June 2016 8:54 AM)
Anybody from Metrobank please call me at 092802040098. Ive been finding ways to contact anybody but i found it very difficult to communicate with you. I have problems with my card. It can no longer be read by any machine. please anyone hear this meesage.

108 Loida V. Bambalan   (08 June 2016 12:09 PM)
I want to know my billing statement still awaited....

107 Herminia Mendoza   (27 May 2016 9:48 AM)
May I know the status of my application for a supplementary card for Maria E. Nesisario. I applied 3 weeks ago
thru your agents at Parkmall, Mandaue City.

106 rhoel   (23 May 2016 10:06 AM)
cant get through with this number... 1-800-1888-5775

105 orson turingan   (23 May 2016 6:21 AM)
Good day. I just found out yesterday that you suspended my card and I guess the reason is because of my refusal to pay the amount LAZADA charged me which was cancelled since the product was no longer available. According to LAZADA, they immediately initiated the refund to you but it seems like you didn't initiate it so it keeps on reflecting on my monthly bill with matching interest. If you were to check my record- I'm sure that you will know that I regularly pay my dues. According to LAZADA, this is the refund i.d. you gave them-4532677865465000001365. I hope that you will attend to this matter as quickly as you charge you customers. Thank you.

104 CLARITA C. NARON   (20 May 2016 1:58 PM)
I tried many times to call your hotline since last month,but always unavailable,just to inform you regarding your charging of annual fee.I was informed before that my annual fee is free for lifetime.I don't have any outstanding balance, only annual fee that incurred late charges & interest for this month.

103 ellen caina   (18 May 2016 12:41 PM)
I try to call your hotline but always not available. I just want to clarify the amount reflected in the billing statement that you have sent. How come that you have billed me the amount of 3,415.31 and yet I did not use the card. Please call me immediately or else I will request my card for deactivation.

102 daisy   (16 May 2016 7:59 PM)
i've been contacting your customer service no one to talk to. I need to talk to someone regardibng your 2Go promo.

101 regina o. tingcungco   (04 May 2016 1:45 PM)
toll free number??

100 Basil   (02 May 2016 10:38 AM)
Been contacting your costumer service toll free numbers for the past two weeks but all failed to connect.
I have not received my latest billing yet and its overdue. How can i pay? Our local metrobank branches do not have a credit card costumer service personnel neither. I do not intend to pay any surcharge regarding this matter. I would be very glad if i hear from you thruogh email. Thanks.

99 eleonora daproza   (02 May 2016 7:59 AM)
i want to know my billing statement this april

98 Antonio Abucejo   (29 April 2016 3:23 PM)
hello, my supplementary metrobank mastercard credit card is still on hold because i made an several time failed with the security check with my online trasaction for my cellphone repair business. How can i solve this problem? by the way, the principal holder of the credit card is my mother.

i need solution, asap! thank you

97 ROLAND   (29 April 2016 2:24 PM)
i am calling several times starting this morning to your customer service hotline but no to avail. I'd like to know how to settle my accountability and what number am i going to use to reach to your hotline.

96 ROLAND   (29 April 2016 2:01 PM)
Your hotline is so frustrating, i've spent time and effort to contact your hotline but no to avail. I dont know what kind of service to you have.

95 renato s. de guzman   (28 April 2016 5:01 PM)
i want to know my current statement balance due this month of april 2016

94 ivy   (28 April 2016 11:05 AM)
i havent receive my billing statement yet

93 Gina Dalumpines   (27 April 2016 2:23 PM)
Is your customer hotline working?
I've been calling everyday since last week (randomly) but until now I can't get through your hotline. IT IS ALWAYS BUSY. Can you give another number to call?

I also sent an email last Monday but until now I have not receive any reply.
This is really frustrating!

92 David   (27 April 2016 7:27 AM)
I have been trying to reach Metrobank for 3 days now, but can't seem to contact their Domestic Toll-Free number. Even at 8am, 9am, 10am, 4pm, 5pm or 8pm, it's still busy. Seriously? Is there something wrong with their number? I am from Cebu.

91 aiza may ochagabia   (26 April 2016 1:30 PM)
Good AFTERNOON, i've been trying to call you everyday but all of your lines were busy.Can you please help me to connect cause I need it badly.

Thank you and we're hoping for your immediate response.

God bless!

90 Primo Sistual   (19 April 2016 8:27 AM)

I am a metrobank credit card holder and i want to reach out your office with this number 180018885775 for important matters but so frustrated for a month now i cannot connect to this line . WILL YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHY AND GIVE ME ANOTHER FUNCTIONAL NUMBER FOR ME TO VOICE MY IMPORTANT CONCERN .. THIS IS REALLY FRUSTRATING

89 Lover Dann Continedo   (18 April 2016 7:55 AM)
Good day!

I would just like to inform that I haven't received my credit card yet. I was alarmed because of those SOAs indicating that I have an amount due for the membership fee and late payments. Please do necessary actions as soon as possible. Thank you.

88 Faith Alaras   (14 April 2016 11:09 AM)
Good morning! I have a big concern regarding my credit card. I wasn't able pay the monthly installment fee because of some personal reasons. Last year I tried to send a message to make settlements for the unpaid balance unfortunately i didn't receive any response. I have had lots of threats and call from law firms and such. And just today a police called me and threat to file a case against me if the amount is not paid. Can you help me on this matter?

87 CAROLINE N. QUERUBIN   (14 April 2016 8:09 AM)
I have been trying to call Metrobank via hotline but I can't get through about my concern. My concern is about my billing statement which is due on March 31, 2016. but the billing statement is late April 4 na siya dumating tumatawag ako para mawaived agad yung posible charges since nabayaran ko naman na yung payment due.

Hoping for your immediate response. Thank you

86 Nimia S. Danosos   (12 April 2016 8:22 PM)
gud eve..i just want to ask if how i can get my cheque that i did not received yesterday april 11 at St.Thomas More Academy bacoor cavite. It was a cash to go from my credit card numbered 5464985927342006. At what branch of metrobank can i get it? Please call me in my number 09254656956.Thank you.

85 Marjorie Sta Teresa   (08 April 2016 2:30 PM)
I have emailed your customer service email ad but til now no reply and i cannot contact your hotline number also. Pls help me to settle my request for reversal of my supplementaries ' annual fee since they were not using it in any way and i already requested for it to be cancelled last time. Thanks and God bless.

84 Leandro LIndain   (04 April 2016 4:17 PM)
i have been calling your hotline since this morning. I have not received the replacement of my lost credit card. I already reported it and they said the replacement will be two to three weeks. But I dont know how i can settle my account on April 7. Shall i use the old credit card number in the payment slip? I hate paying any penalty for delayed paymet so I am a little bit concerned. The Metrobank branch where i normally pay my credit card dues cant answer my question also. Thanks

83 Dennis Alabata   (01 April 2016 4:48 PM)
I've been trying to call your hotline but i can't get through it. I sent email through your customer service but I did not receive any response from your end. Anyway, I just would like to request for possible increase of my credit limit.

Or, what should I do so I could formally plot this request.

82 Alice T. Valerio   (29 March 2016 3:43 AM)
I have been trying to call Metrobank via hotline but I can't get through. I also sent message via email about my concern but there was no response. My concern is about my billing statement which is due on March 30, 2016. I paid just in time last month but I had a late charge of PhP600 and finance charge of PhP323.39 which I think is because I paid check which needed clearing for 2 or 3 days.

In this regard, I would like to ask for a waiver of my charges since I was not actually late in paying my bills. I'm also doing the same with other credit card companies and they are not charging me. After paying this, I need to redeem my points and close it because I will be leaving very soon.

Hoping for your immediate response. Thank you

81 tammy   (28 March 2016 12:27 PM)
i cant contact your hotline..how can i complain about my statement, suppose that my bill is for installment, why is it straight payment???

80 rosielabrador   (23 March 2016 11:13 AM)
Good morning, i've been trying to call you everyday to avail cash transfer from our credit card to our account but all of your lines were busy..so can you please help me to connect cause we need it badly.

Thank you and we're hoping for your immediate response.

God bless!

79 jamil atienza   (21 March 2016 3:30 PM)
i would like to why i did not receive any bills from January to march ? please reply!

78 Ruhul Aine K. Abdulkasan   (16 March 2016 9:23 AM)
Good morning. I just received my credit card the other day. Can I have my PIN NUMBER? Thank you

77 Ma.Lourdes P. Medina   (02 March 2016 10:42 AM)
I would like to follow up the status of my credit card application. Thank you

76 Elenita V. Camillo   (25 February 2016 3:52 PM)
Good afternoon!
Please send me a billing statement with my Metrobanc Credit Card account number 5464985391816006
since I did not receive January and February 2016 bills.
Thank you.

75 Arvin Chester Enoc   (24 February 2016 3:50 PM)
Good day!



This is with regards to my application for credit card. An hour before, one of your representative call me for verification of my application. We talk a few minutes and i accidentally cancelled the call. Can you help me, on how to retrieve my application and our conversation.

Hoping for your immediate response. Please send me a reply via email.

Thank you

74 Frederick S. Tarun   (15 February 2016 12:18 PM)
please send me thru email my clearance.thanks and God Bless!!

73 Frederick S. Tarun   (15 February 2016 12:17 PM)
Hello good afternoon. This is with regards to my credit card status. I have already settled all my outstanding balance thru your collection agency. I have also received a clearance from them. But until now, my name still appears on the your hot accounts.I badly need to have my salary loan from other banks. Please help me to settle this matter. I have paid more than 100k but my outstanding balance id only 43K.I have suffered long much to settle that balance.

72 eden borbe consulta   (05 February 2016 7:41 PM)
Activation of my card

71 Maria   (04 January 2016 4:03 PM)
Hello, I have been trying to call the international hot line number from all over the world have not not been successful at all. the number used is +800-870-00707. Is this number to be dialed from a Phil sim or international sim? i tried both and none worked.

I am not the only one who has not been able to connect. Pls reply ASAP.

thank you.

70 anna   (26 December 2015 1:43 PM)
plaese inform me how to deactive my protect 3 please!...

69 MAEVA APRILETTE SALVATIERRA   (21 December 2015 3:26 PM)
Can I use my credit card while Im in rewrite program? and what is my credit limit? thank you and hoping for your earlier respond.

68 sheila delos santos   (09 December 2015 12:39 PM)
I would like to request the reversal of my annual fee. and I like to cancel now my credit protect..

67 Lea comprado   (23 November 2015 2:51 PM)
Gud day...

I need my clearance of my metrobank platinum credit card..5218228546357108...payment is already made last September 2015..I need it so badly..so can u please send it to my email ad..thank u and hoping for your earlier respond..

66 Edwin G, Espeña   (11 October 2015 10:06 PM)
AXA Philippines
34th Floor, GT Tower International,
6813 Ayala Ave., corner H.V. Dela Costa St., Makati City, Philippines 1200

Date: October 11, 2015

Re: Cancellation of Metro Credit Protect, Certificate number GCL-20775881 ; TPD-20775881

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms,

I am sending you this written notice to request cancellation of my Metro Credit Protect under the Group Master Policy No. 9214019425 with the notice date September 23, 2015. Which I have just received the certification last Thursday October 8,2015. I would appreciate you sending me written confirmation that the cancellation has been put into effect.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Edwin G. Espeña

65 Mary Grace Antalan Samonte   (21 September 2015 8:08 AM)
Good day!
I just want to avail cash advance for my credit card,I want to know the details about it.
Thank you. Hoping for you reply.

64 Rowena Parcero   (13 September 2015 3:12 PM)
AXA Philippines
34th Floor, GT Tower International,
6813 Ayala Ave., corner H.V. Dela Costa St., Makati City, Philippines 1200

Date: September 13, 2015

Re: Cancellation of Metro Credit Protect, Certificate number GCL-19478301 ; TPD-19478301

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms,

I am sending you this written notice to request cancellation of my Metro Credit Protect under the Group Master Policy No. 9214019425 effective September 14, 2015. I would appreciate you sending me written confirmation that the cancellation has been put into effect. I didn’t enroll and confirm into any insurance coverage protection.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Awaiting your reply.


Rowena S. Parcero
229 San Agustin II, Dasmarinas City, Cavite 4114

63 anarody v. castillo   (09 September 2015 1:29 PM)
Good day ,
May i know if my credit protect in my card already cancelled?
thank you

62 Nella May Olavario   (06 September 2015 9:44 AM)
Good day Sir/Madam,
I have concern regarding my money transferring to my bank account which Metropolitan and i wonder why until now can't receive my money into my bank account, supposedly 3 days processing before i withdrawal. i withdraw my money August 19, 2015 and till now i can't receive it to my bank account. I hope you can help me for this. Thank you.

61 hanna j. gachalian   (24 August 2015 1:51 PM)
To Whom It may concern,

This is to request waive of my annual membership fee that was billed last aug 3, 2015 amounting to P2,000.00 or is there a way i can get out from paying the annual fee with the use of my rewards points balance of 6,578?

I have been trying to call the customer service domestic toll-free from the moment i got my SOA but to no avail.

Hope to receive a favorable feedback for this request.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


60 JOSEPHINE U. PERMISON   (13 August 2015 9:15 AM)
To Whom It May Concern,

This is to request cancellation of my METRO DIRECT PROTECT with policy number 9214019425. What I understood from the conversation is that it was a " one-time payment ",however upon receipt of the documents, I found out that it was not. Kindly cancel it the soonest possible time.Thank you and more power!



59 lisa canapi   (31 July 2015 3:21 PM)
good day! im trying to call your toll free domestic hotline now but both numbers (1-800-18-885775 and 1-800-18-886227) cannot be contacted. i was suppose to enroll my skycable bill for autocharge so i can waive my annual membership fee as advised by the customer rep who previously assisted me the last time i called. can i ask for assistance on this through email instead? any help would be appreciated. thank you.

58 juvelyn africa   (29 July 2015 1:11 PM)
my application was been 3months old. what happen ? i have accout in your bank and i think enough balance. i wanna know the status

57 Ma Remedios Ramos   (10 July 2015 0:58 AM)
I would like to follow up the status of my credit card application..

56 Mary Grace Virtucio   (27 June 2015 7:59 AM)
My concern is I received just awhile ago an advisory OF MSOA for this June but unfortunately the credit card is undelivered yet. What does it mean?
Kindly reply on this email virtucio.marygrace@yahoo.com

55 Chona Calinawan   (26 June 2015 8:06 AM)
Can you please send me my transaction details of my account for the month of june or my current statement bill. I did not receive any statement bill.

54 Ma Charo Razonable   (25 June 2015 10:30 AM)
Good Day!

I have a credit limit set to P17,000 and I have transacted using my MCC on which I still have an available balance for more than P3,000. I tried to book an Airline ticket amounting to less than P3,000 but the transaction was declined. Can you advise me on what options I have since the SOA is given to me on the 7th day of the month and that will be on July 7, 2015... I cannot use my card till then.

Thanks lots.

53 dulce aura c. napoles   (22 June 2015 7:23 AM)
Good morning. I'd just like to inquire why I didn't get an email regarding the purchase I made with Philippine Airlines last night. I received a message from Metrobank regarding my OTP but when I finally made the payment, an error occurred. I am afraid I'd be paying for the purchase which was not confirmed. I hope I can get a prompt action regarding this concern because I need the plane ticket on Friday. Thank you so much.

52 SOL IRISH GERONES   (20 June 2015 8:30 AM)
i haven't received my card yet. it has been 11 days since that email with the confirmation of my cc together with the last 4 digits and security pin. Hope for a response . Thank You..

51 sheala c. lagman   (18 June 2015 12:03 PM)
how can i contact metrobank if im here in japan??? please because i would like to ask about how to get a loan??

50 Ma. Rosario Ruth Esma Juanico   (18 June 2015 10:12 AM)
Good am I receiver your advisory that my MSOAdated 060715 for my metrobank card remain undelivered. I can't reach your hotline through my cp. here is my email so you can send my MSOA rosaruth_juanico@yahoo.com. Thanks

49 carene jusay   (14 June 2015 5:09 PM)
Good day!please send my femmevisa Metrobank notice for my due amount and date.thank you so much....

48 Valerie joy Alibo   (14 June 2015 4:12 PM)
hello, Ma'am/Sir, good afternoon.. i would like to inform you that my Auntie's Metrobank credit card was lost, and she wanted to deactivate it urgently, she tried to contact your costumer service number but its not working, she asked me to do this because she was at shanghai, i'm hoping that this will work.. her name is SUSANA ALIBO LOPEZ.. THank you and God Bless..

47 Virginia B. Guinto   (06 June 2015 2:01 PM)
Please send my femmevisa metrobank notice for my due amount and due date. I am not receiving any notice.

46 Judith L. Pelaez   (02 June 2015 1:01 PM)
Kindly assist me how to apply for a cash to go promo

45 Rizalde A barabad   (01 June 2015 4:31 PM)
Good afternoon, please extend the use of my card metrobank credit card here in japan, because my daughter got sick, we need to stay more days, you can reach thru my number, thank you.

44 Rizalde A barabad   (01 June 2015 4:29 PM)
Good afternoon, please extend the use of my card metrobank credit card until june 3, 2015 here in japan, because my daughter got sick her e, and we need to stay more days, thank you, you can reach me thru my number.

43 myrna ipac   (23 May 2015 7:55 AM)
I have been applying for a personal internet banking enrollment since yesterday, in order for me to receive my credit card monthly bill, but there's always a message that i have entered a wrong data. I wonder what field i have entered wrong. What is the problem?

42 Maria Beatriz Zolina   (12 May 2015 10:14 PM)
I'm trying to purchase something on line through my husband's e bay account and the merchant is pay pal, I have received a message please verify with your bank which I have already done 3 times but still the same message appears. I have spoken to a CSR yesterday and she told me that I should transact after 30 min. I did and still the same message appears. Please advise ASAP. Been trying to call customer service but lines are not good and our conversations are garbled.

41 Eduardo E Pascua   (02 May 2015 7:58 PM)
I was trying to buy something online, but it was blocked. Most of the time I receive a message that I do not have OTP One time Password .Is this being requested?Please advise.

40 liera   (29 April 2015 3:35 PM)
i havent received my card yet. it has been 11 days since that email with the confirmation of my cc together with the last 4 digits and security pin.

39 romie   (14 April 2015 1:09 PM)
your international contact number/hotline is USELESS

38 Josefa ana P. Tonolete   (09 April 2015 7:20 PM)
I have been calling and have talked with your hotline staff since december 2014 for the updated email address in order for me to receive my credit card monthly bill, but up to this time i haven't receive any. What is the problem then??

37 Yvette Duran Lumpan   (20 February 2015 3:15 PM)
I have not received any bill from the start....Please send statement of account to keep me updated with my payments and purchases...

36 Tyrone Bill   (16 February 2015 10:37 AM)
What is the number of the metro fraud card. please!!!

35 Carlota Aquino   (19 December 2014 9:19 AM)
Greetings! I am just wondering, I used to pay the amount of P3, 000.00 monthly. As far as I am concern, I paid them religiously. I received a message through my cp yesterday (Dec. 18) that I have to pay an amount of P5, 644.16 for this month. I checked on my billing statements, and read that my annual membership payment is due every March, why a sudden change and a very high amount at that.So it is not about my annual fee. May I suggest that you send the billing statement as early as possible for me to be informed of added responsibilities? or charges that I am not aware of? Thank you very much and hoping for a positive response. Merry Christmas.

34 Maui Hojilla   (12 December 2014 3:00 PM)
i pay my December bill today for my December 11, 2014 due date for the amount of 1,300.00 pesos. can you charge me of delayed payments since i follow the contract which my due date of my payment is every 12th on the month? thanks Merry Christmas

33 Merelyn Gamil   (05 December 2014 11:47 AM)

32 Gladys joy Nuguit   (14 October 2014 4:03 PM)
is it possible that the things i purchased using the credit card will not be reflected on my bill if I paid in advance?

31 Gladys joy Nuguit   (14 October 2014 3:59 PM)
is it possible if i paid before the cut off? the things i purchased will not be posted on my bill.

30 Ped Pakaskas   (11 August 2014 1:11 PM)

29 Ruel Bucao   (23 June 2014 2:38 PM)
Why may master credit card has no rewards points indicated on the billing statements?
Do i need to apply for it ?

28 Maria Fe T. Retusto   (23 May 2014 9:30 AM)
good am can I view the online statement of my account. It's not yet delivered to us. i need to know my monthly dues

27 Dorothy Sagales   (16 April 2014 8:24 PM)
Hi. I have received my billing statement today only April 16, 2014, but the due date in the statement is April 14, 2014. I think this is the second time my metrobank credit card billing statement came in late. What should I do? The next banking day would be next week April 21, 2014. Am I going to have late charges for this?

26 chelo   (24 March 2014 11:22 AM)
i need help, I have an online transaction last march 22, 2014 and I think it was a fraud and I had given my card number and 3 digit code at the back. As much as I want to contact u but I don't have PLDT line here we are using globelines and its impossible to reach the toll free number u have given. I used my sun no. but still I could not contact customer service. Is there any another way I can call u using my cellular-sun no.? Pls need your reply badly. They already stole away my money...

25 victoria d. cavas   (20 March 2014 4:06 PM)

24 sheena ofalsa   (20 March 2014 1:39 PM)
Just asking how to get my papers or certificate of metro fraud guard,, I don't have certificate but they dedacted my monthly payment from my credit card,, how can I get that..

23 Joseph Alejo   (06 March 2014 9:27 AM)
Good Day Ma'am/Sir,

I would like just to ask the contact no. for metro fraud guard?
Thank you.

22 Nover Intong   (04 March 2014 9:54 PM)
The Manager
Credit Card

Dear Sir/Madam:

I would like to follow up my credit card application filed at Metrobank Gaisano Mall of Davao last January 4,2014.please reply my request.
Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Nover Intong
Depositor Metrobank

21 Efren A. Dumandan   (02 March 2014 5:33 AM)
Good day.

I made a payment to my metrobank credit card last February 26, 2014 at 11:52 pm. the amount paid was debited from my account however when I browsed in the transaction log, my payment was not posted. I just want to inquire if my payment is already posted.


20 Rosario Analisa Mazo   (01 March 2014 10:56 AM)
please update my celfone number, i can not receive my One Time Password . I need it very badly for my flight booking now...thanx my new number is 09164434332

19 rosalindaalipio   (28 February 2014 2:34 PM)
request for the cancellation of Credit Protect under Credit Card Account Number 4055 9882 2209 9006 under Account Name: rosalinda Alipio, for I'm no longer interested to have credit protect, thank you.

18 carl lyle   (13 February 2014 2:00 PM)
good pm sir/madam;
I would like to follow up my application for credit card.I submitted my application form two times already.They called me already but I did not recieved any card yet.
thank you very much.

17 Rafael M. Salcedo Jr   (11 February 2014 10:24 AM)
Since my request for renewal of my credit card no. 4055984200745728 since April 2013, I now strongly request for stopping the renewal of my credit card... I am no longer interested to avail your credit card for poor services offered to your client living in the provinces without landline telephone. I called up so many times using my cell phone which costed me a lot of money by calling again and again the MBVisa hotline but to no avail. Still no action has been taken of my request.

16 emelda   (29 January 2014 1:13 PM)
Gdpm dis is my new email add guardianoemelda125@yahoo.com ...

15 SUSAN P. OBEDOZA   (17 January 2014 12:17 PM)
Sorry I was not able to answer your call yesterday i was in the meeting my cellphone was left at my office. Please call again. Thank you very much

14 Joselito David Tabanay   (06 January 2014 8:55 AM)
good am sir/madam: i would like to follow up my application for a credit card. I submitted my application form with my co employees sometime november 2013. Department of Education Cotabato Division Region xII.

13 jenette v. bantillo   (05 January 2014 3:37 PM)
ask lng po bkit hndi ako makagamit ng credit card ko mgkuha ng plane ticket thank u po.

12 isabelita asuncion   (03 January 2014 10:45 AM)
i lost my celfone (smart 09184503248) where you send your message concerning my credit card, please contact me to my new number globe 09153412071. thnak you.

11 florimen catipay   (22 December 2013 0:29 AM)
Do you have cellphone number as hotline?

10 Ariston   (10 December 2013 9:29 PM)
Hello, i got this error: ONE TIME PASSWORD AUTHENTICATION PASSWORD FAILED. I called your international service hotline number but its "out of service". I am here in China.

Please advise. Thank you.

9 toni   (07 November 2013 2:26 PM)
good afternoon ma'am/sir,
weve been trying to reach you through landline but to no avail.we have employees in our company who are users of metrobank credit card and we would want to know if you have already sent the latest STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT for MISS EVA ROXANNE S. ALICAN addressed to INFUTURO, INC.
we look forward to your reply ,
thank you.

8 eden montano   (09 August 2013 5:06 PM)
I am no longer renewing my toyota mastercard. Please do not bill me anymore. thank you

7 eden montano   (09 August 2013 5:05 PM)
Please do not bill me any more of the annual fee. I am no longer renewing my membership for my toyota mastercard. thank you.

6 nia c. cruel   (26 July 2013 4:19 PM)
hi good day!
just want to ask how can i register to SOS pin which is the requirement for online shopping.
i been asking thru your representative which she gave me the PIN.
i already go to the site but unfortunately i did not able to register for the reason that the pin which i use is incorrect.
please help.



5 Doris B. Calapiz   (25 July 2013 11:44 AM)
Dear sir:


I just would like to ask favor to waive my annual fee. I've been dialing your toll free contact number but always busy.

Hoping for a favorable and immediate response
Thank you very much.

4 desiree cruzata   (25 July 2013 7:34 AM)
Hi! i would like to inform your good office that up to this date i didn't received any soa.please check!


3 IRENE GILLERA   (30 May 2013 10:21 PM)
Dear Sir.

I always received SOA for the annual fee of the Metrobank Credit Card with penalty. I admit I applied, however, I did not received the card so I though my application was denied. If you will check your records, I don"t have any billing using this card.

I would like to request for the reversal of all billings ( annual fee ) for this card.

Thank you very much.

Very Truly Yours,

2 Elaine Y. Ferrrer   (20 May 2013 4:33 AM)
good day ! i would like to ask why till now I still didnot receive my cash loan promo from credit card account since they told me 3 days processing only but it almost 2 weeks from now I still did not receive it...hope you could do an immediate action on this..thank you.

1 BARBARA C HERNANDEZ   (08 May 2013 1:21 AM)
To Whom It May Concern:

This is to inform you that I am in the USA right now. I will use my metrobank visa credit card # 4055-9926-0196-0010 here starting today until further notice.

Thank you.