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Metrobank Credit Card Hotline Phone Number
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As a customer, there are times that you can encounter problems with your Metrobank credit card. In case you badly need help, you can contact Metrobank Credit Card Hotline Phone Number:

  • (02) 870-0707 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-18-885775 (Domestic Toll-Free), +800-8700-0707 (International Toll Free)
  • (02) 870-0700 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-18-886227 (Domestic Toll-Free)
You can also reach Metrobank through their email address: customerservice@metrobankcard.com.

Do you have any concern with your Metrobank credit card?

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58 juvelyn africa   (29-July-2015 1:11 PM)
my application was been 3months old. what happen ? i have accout in your bank and i think enough balance. i wanna know the status

57 Ma Remedios Ramos   (10-July-2015 0:58 AM)
I would like to follow up the status of my credit card application..

56 Mary Grace Virtucio   (27-June-2015 7:59 AM)
My concern is I received just awhile ago an advisory OF MSOA for this June but unfortunately the credit card is undelivered yet. What does it mean?
Kindly reply on this email virtucio.marygrace@yahoo.com

55 Chona Calinawan   (26-June-2015 8:06 AM)
Can you please send me my transaction details of my account for the month of june or my current statement bill. I did not receive any statement bill.

54 Ma Charo Razonable   (25-June-2015 10:30 AM)
Good Day!

I have a credit limit set to P17,000 and I have transacted using my MCC on which I still have an available balance for more than P3,000. I tried to book an Airline ticket amounting to less than P3,000 but the transaction was declined. Can you advise me on what options I have since the SOA is given to me on the 7th day of the month and that will be on July 7, 2015... I cannot use my card till then.

Thanks lots.

53 dulce aura c. napoles   (22-June-2015 7:23 AM)
Good morning. I'd just like to inquire why I didn't get an email regarding the purchase I made with Philippine Airlines last night. I received a message from Metrobank regarding my OTP but when I finally made the payment, an error occurred. I am afraid I'd be paying for the purchase which was not confirmed. I hope I can get a prompt action regarding this concern because I need the plane ticket on Friday. Thank you so much.

52 SOL IRISH GERONES   (20-June-2015 8:30 AM)
i haven't received my card yet. it has been 11 days since that email with the confirmation of my cc together with the last 4 digits and security pin. Hope for a response . Thank You..

51 sheala c. lagman   (18-June-2015 12:03 PM)
how can i contact metrobank if im here in japan??? please because i would like to ask about how to get a loan??

50 Ma. Rosario Ruth Esma Juanico   (18-June-2015 10:12 AM)
Good am I receiver your advisory that my MSOAdated 060715 for my metrobank card remain undelivered. I can't reach your hotline through my cp. here is my email so you can send my MSOA rosaruth_juanico@yahoo.com. Thanks

49 carene jusay   (14-June-2015 5:09 PM)
Good day!please send my femmevisa Metrobank notice for my due amount and date.thank you so much....

48 Valerie joy Alibo   (14-June-2015 4:12 PM)
hello, Ma'am/Sir, good afternoon.. i would like to inform you that my Auntie's Metrobank credit card was lost, and she wanted to deactivate it urgently, she tried to contact your costumer service number but its not working, she asked me to do this because she was at shanghai, i'm hoping that this will work.. her name is SUSANA ALIBO LOPEZ.. THank you and God Bless..

47 Virginia B. Guinto   (06-June-2015 2:01 PM)
Please send my femmevisa metrobank notice for my due amount and due date. I am not receiving any notice.

46 Judith L. Pelaez   (02-June-2015 1:01 PM)
Kindly assist me how to apply for a cash to go promo

45 Rizalde A barabad   (01-June-2015 4:31 PM)
Good afternoon, please extend the use of my card metrobank credit card here in japan, because my daughter got sick, we need to stay more days, you can reach thru my number, thank you.

44 Rizalde A barabad   (01-June-2015 4:29 PM)
Good afternoon, please extend the use of my card metrobank credit card until june 3, 2015 here in japan, because my daughter got sick her e, and we need to stay more days, thank you, you can reach me thru my number.

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