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PLDT Contact/Telephone Numbers

For your questions or problems with PLDT you can refer to this list of PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company) Contact Numbers/Telephone Numbers.

PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Company)

PLDT Customer Service Contact Number

When calling via landline/telephone171 (toll free)Mondays to Fridays8:00am to 7:00pm
Saturdays & Sundays8:00am to 5:00pm
When calling via SMART cellphone171 (toll free)

Repair Service Contact Number

When calling via landline/telephone173 (toll free)Mondays to Fridays8:00am to 7:00pm
Saturdays & Sundays8:00am to 5:00pm

DSL HelpDesk Contact Number

When calling via landline/telephone172 (toll free)24/7

Directory Assistance Contact Number

When calling via landline/telephone
(Subscriber will be charged with P3 for every transaction)
187Mondays to Fridays8:00am to 5:00pm
Saturdays & Sundays8:00am to 5:00pm
When calling via SMART cellphone
(airtime charge applies)

For Home
  • Email address: customercare@pldt.com
  • Telephone Number: 171
For Business
  • Email address: bizsol@pldt.com.ph
  • Telephone Number: 171 or 1-800-1888-9090
  • Fax Number: +6 32 844 66 54 or 1-800-1-888-0009
Via E-mail
  • Send your e-mail message or inquiries at customercare@pldt.com
Company's Financial Status and Related Information
  • Email: PLDT_IR_Center@pldt.com.ph
Shareholders' Information and inquiries
  • Email: pldtshareholderservices@pldt.com.ph
PLDT Business Office Business Hours
  • Nationwide
  • Mondays to Fridays - 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Mall-based PLDT Business Offices are open Mondays to Sundays during mall hours
Other inquiries
    Letters to PLDT may be sent to the company's head office at:

    Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)
    Ramon Cojuangco BuildingMakati Ave., 
    Makati City, Philippines
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    132 Rosalyn Rosita   (18 July 2016 5:05 AM)
    Hi., gud am..! Can I get the pldt number of Edna Lectura Contreras of Sampaloc, Manila. thanks.

    131 jonaspaliza   (10 July 2016 6:54 PM)
    Ang Amin plan 1299 namawalan kami ng internet tapos tumawag ako sa costumer service dahil naperwisyo nil part time ng asawa ko sabi nila aawas daw pero hanngang ngayun wala/padin nag start ito last year pa

    129 Ma. Sheila D. Flojemon   (06 June 2016 9:51 AM)
    May i ask if 5369417 a pldt number?

    128 jonalyn dadivas   (05 June 2016 10:48 AM)
    hi i need to know mary fernando's telephone number she lives at gen. cailles pasay city

    127 Aliya   (29 May 2016 7:15 PM)
    Hello good day,
    This number (034)213 6147 has been harrassing my friend. Kindly email me details for that number.
    Thank you

    126 Diana Landicho   (29 May 2016 9:59 AM)
    Dear PLDT,
    Our internet with a plan1299 installed last May 22, but last May 26 the telephone keeps beeping ang slow internet connection. We try to email at custmercare but the answer was always the same no action done up to now. Please do something about this.

    125 Hazel   (21 May 2016 9:33 AM)
    I need to know if this number (032)518 3040 is registered with Tulio Travel and Tours. We are transacting with them and we need to know if they are legitimately operating using that number before we proceed with doing business with them.

    Thank you!

    124 ivy   (19 May 2016 8:57 PM)


    123 flip   (13 May 2016 9:12 PM)
    Connection-specific DNS Suffix:
    Description: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
    Physical Address: ‎74-D4-35-A7-24-49
    DHCP Enabled: Yes
    IPv4 Address:
    IPv4 Subnet Mask:
    IPv4 Default Gateway:
    IPv4 DNS Server:
    IPv4 WINS Server:
    NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled: Yes

    122 mark   (30 April 2016 9:42 PM)
    please,this is urgent, kindly email me details for this number. 074 244 7291

    121 Sheila Mae Tilan   (26 April 2016 5:51 PM)
    Good evening May I know this telephone number (02)-575-3700.for important matter.Thank you.

    130 rjhontiveros   (15 June 2016 3:43 PM)
    Hi May I know if someone answer your question? because i also want to know this telephone number. thanks

    120 Jon Lagdameo   (12 April 2016 4:07 PM)
    I was calling directory assistance 187. No one was picking up. I need to know the landline number of Manuel R. Perito Jr. who lives in the area of Santa Mesa . Thank you for your time and help.

    119 mailyn anduyan valenzona   (07 April 2016 1:28 PM)
    Hi i would like to ask about my phone directory its really important 247223541-SO#

    118 Rose Marie O. Ramirez   (05 March 2016 3:31 PM)

    117 ABET GREBIALDE   (22 February 2016 9:16 PM)

    116 Nenelia D. Pasquin   (05 January 2016 10:17 AM)
    Contact numbers of Magnolia Fruit Drinks in Bataan area. Thanks.

    115 Annie Mendoza   (04 December 2015 7:21 AM)
    Hi, is 554-0408 a PLDT number please? I would deeply appreciate a quick reply. Really important! Thank so much.

    114 Vera Camilion   (29 October 2015 6:33 AM)
    May I know who owns this number 27193840? I got a missed call on Oct 27th on my mobile phone. I hope you could help me.

    113 angelic rabe   (13 October 2015 1:14 PM)
    hi, may i ask who's the owner of this number 9355788,area in kaybiga caloocan.hope you can help me as soon as possible so important .. thanks.

    112 Carina   (21 September 2015 4:51 PM)
    Hi.....may i ask who's the owner of this numbers 5620006 & 5594001..area codes are 49....hope u can help me as soon as possible so important...,,tanx....more power

    111 nath de jesus   (14 August 2015 7:09 AM)
    hi, i would like to know the landline no. of Mega M Shirtin Binondo Manila. tnx

    110 Mighty Gantuangco Tanudtanud   (20 July 2015 10:18 AM)
    Hi good morning! May I know the telephone number of PLDT Davao? Thank you very much!

    109 Mighty Gantuangco Tanudtanud   (20 July 2015 10:17 AM)
    Hi! Good morning. May I know the telephone number of PLDT Davao? Thank you very much!

    108 Max Valdez   (09 July 2015 11:52 AM)
    GOod Afternoon, i would like to know the telephone number of Mrs. Elsie Samson Torres of sta. Lucia DBB1, Dasmariñas cavite. Please help me. Thank you

    107 JENNILYN CAMARAO   (08 July 2015 4:37 PM)
    i am looking for the contact number of this address #174 alabat balot tondo manila

    106 maricris jacob   (08 July 2015 6:56 AM)
    hi! i would like to know the other telephone number of caraga hospital at surigao del norte. The one posted at hospital web site 0862317090 is not yet in service.

    105 Cs Oliver   (06 July 2015 10:10 PM)
    Hi ms. Angel Fujikawa.. This number (02)3183624 is from DMCI Homes HR..

    104 bryan yang   (26 June 2015 12:42 PM)
    hi, i would like to know the contact number of solid star travel and tours and also the contact number of ms. cepriana sibayan.

    thank you

    103 carl francis   (02 June 2015 3:37 PM)
    Hi I would like to know whose the owner of this number 028839700 for the very important matter

    102 Christine veloso   (29 April 2015 7:04 PM)
    good Evening I just want to
    know the telephone no. of PLDT of DAVAO CITY tnx

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