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SSS (Social Security System) Cebu Office and Contact/Telephone Number
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SSS (Social Security System) Cebu, Philippines

Cebu Branch Office Address: SSS Bldg., Osmena Blvd., Cebu City
Contact/Telephone Number: (032) 232-7520 / 232-7232 / 232-7263
Fax Number: (032) 232-7232 | 254-7597 | 254-9324
Officer in Charge: Mario V. Corro (Branch Head of SSS Cebu Branch)

Official Website of SSS Philippines: http://www.sss.gov.ph
Email Address: cebu@sss.gov.ph

(Picture) Social Security System Logo, Cebu Philippines

SSS Social Security System Mandate


          "It is the policy of the State to establish, develop, promote and perfect a sound and viable tax-exempt social security system suitable to the needs of the people throughout the Philippines which shall promote social justice and provide meaningful protection to members and their families against the hazards of disability, sickness, maternity, old age, death and other contingencies resulting in loss of income or financial burden. Toward this end, the State shall endeavor to extend social security protection to workers and their beneficiaries." (Section 2, RA 8282)


          "The SSS aims to develop and promote a viable, universal and equitable social security protection scheme through world-class service."

          Viable. Social security protection shall be provided through generations.

          Universal. Social security protection shall be provided to all residents of the Philippines, citizens and non-citizens alike, regardless of creed, gender, age, geographic location and economic status, especially the disadvantaged, so that no one will become a burden to society.

          Equitable. Fair and uniform coverage shall be made available to all. Benefits shall be meaningful and able to sustain a decent standard of living.

          World-class service. Social security service that is prompt, accurate and courteous shall be provided to ensure total member satisfaction.


          "The SSS aims to institutionalize a corporate culture that instills the core values of trust, empowerment and teamwork."

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143 Kathleen Jade Labastida   (06-May-2015 9:15 AM)

I am one of your member. I just want to ask about the status of the sickness benefit that I have filed last April 7,2015. i want to know if it has been approved already since it has been about a month.

Hope to hear from you.

Thanks and more power!

142 Evelyn A. Casenas   (02-May-2015 5:49 AM)
Dear Sir,

This is regarding my retirement which I filed at SSS Cebu Branch in January 2014.

I learned that retirees are required to report to SSS every year to verify that the retiree is still alive or living. Since I am now living abroad, may I inquire on how will I notify SSS or what is the standard procedure. Will I make a telephone call and if so, what is the telephone number to call.

Thank you.

Evelyn A. Casenas

141 Shelo Velasco   (16-April-2015 6:45 PM)
Hello! I tried to log in to my SSS account online but unfortunately, it shows "Your account is locked." How can I retrieve my account? Please help.

Thank you!

140 Rosen Jude Ybañez   (05-December-2014 12:58 PM)
hi! THis is Mark Ybanez. I would like to ask whether you will be open till 4 pm today?

139 Robert Gilig   (18-July-2014 4:10 PM)
Hi, this is Robert Gilig. Can I have the form of SSS robertrs208@yahoo.com through sending here in my email? Because I need it tomorrow for my new employer's requirements. Ur site was not accessible that's why I can't print it out. Can u help me for this matter Mam/Sir? I'LL WAIT YOUR REPLY. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

138 Ruby Villones   (30-May-2014 5:03 PM)
Hi, this is Ruby Villones. Can I have the form of SSS LOAN VERIFICATION through sending here in my email? Because I need it tomorrow for my new employer's requirements. Ur site was not accessible that's why I can't print it out. Can u help me for this matter Mam/Sir? I'LL WAIT YOUR REPLY. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

137 Lucia Betonio   (29-May-2014 1:05 PM)
Good day. May I know if how can I get SSS clearance of our company? Branch lang po kasi kami dito sa Cebu City. Ang head office po naming ay nasa Manila. Needed lang po prior to renewal of business permit. Thank you.

136 Labitad Emelyn Caburnay   (26-May-2014 10:32 AM)
Good day sir/mam,
I would like to ask about my I.d card that has not been deliver to my mailing address or home address. It might been my mistake or not by writing my address incorrectly or correct. But I'll just need you're info. or advise into this type of problem. And I'm very glad to here your feedback regarding into this matter. God Bless!

135 jenely carvajal   (23-May-2014 11:06 AM)
good morning mam/sir,
I would like to ask if how to avail the maternity leave? is it ok for me to file eventhough I delivered my baby last march 18,2014. I started paying sss last october 2013.

I hope that you will entertain my concern.
thank you so much.

134 vincent_pios   (23-May-2014 10:38 AM)
amh..god afternoon pwd ko maka kuha ug print out sss# 06-1440391-2

133 johna gono   (29-April-2014 2:55 PM)
hi..just want to ask,how to log in online because i forgot my user i.D. and password..thanks

132 mine1   (23-April-2014 5:13 PM)
gud day! i would like to ask if how many day it takes to get a salary loan? thank you.

131 crisanto factolerin   (11-April-2014 11:18 AM)
dear sir: mangayo lang ko acess sa e-mail sa akong asawa. emilie a. factolerin. Ask lang ko sir, asa ta mangutana kung na realease na ang loan sa akong asawa. Pls. responce

130 eugenia lumayag cadungog   (07-April-2014 8:42 PM)
how to access my account in your office if i forgot or lose my identification card? and i no longer remember my sss id number?
i am hoping for a positive response .thank you and god bless

129 Meriam Ere   (31-March-2014 12:43 PM)
I would like to apply for an sss membership

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