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SSS (Social Security System) Mandaue Office and Contact/Telephone Number
SSS (Social Security System) Mandaue, Philippines

Mandaue Branch Office Address: Chua Chan Bldg., A. del Rosario Avenue, Guizo, Mandaue City
Contact/Telephone Number: (032) 346-4983
Officer in Charge: Remigio B. Montemayor

Official Website of SSS Philippines: http://www.sss.gov.ph
Email Address: mandaue@sss.gov.ph

(Picture) Social Security System Logo, Mandaue Cebu, Philippines

SSS Social Security System Mandate


          "It is the policy of the State to establish, develop, promote and perfect a sound and viable tax-exempt social security system suitable to the needs of the people throughout the Philippines which shall promote social justice and provide meaningful protection to members and their families against the hazards of disability, sickness, maternity, old age, death and other contingencies resulting in loss of income or financial burden. Toward this end, the State shall endeavor to extend social security protection to workers and their beneficiaries." (Section 2, RA 8282)


          "The SSS aims to develop and promote a viable, universal and equitable social security protection scheme through world-class service."

          Viable. Social security protection shall be provided through generations.

          Universal. Social security protection shall be provided to all residents of the Philippines, citizens and non-citizens alike, regardless of creed, gender, age, geographic location and economic status, especially the disadvantaged, so that no one will become a burden to society.

          Equitable. Fair and uniform coverage shall be made available to all. Benefits shall be meaningful and able to sustain a decent standard of living.

          World-class service. Social security service that is prompt, accurate and courteous shall be provided to ensure total member satisfaction.


          "The SSS aims to institutionalize a corporate culture that instills the core values of trust, empowerment and teamwork."
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9 Alfeche, Nove-jine B.   (17-November-2015 2:07 PM)
Good afternoon Maam/Sir i would ask about my maternity benifits because it wasn't deliver in my place. I want to know if you already send to the post office in cebu city so that I'm not wasting my time to go in cebu city. I was expecting it will come to my homeplace in exact 1 month.Thank you and more power.

8 Tomas B. Asenjo   (15-October-2015 10:43 AM)
Hi Sir/Madam,
I'm trying to contact at your contact number provided at around 11:33 am to 11:36 am but nothing is trying to answer the phone.
I,ll just wanted to know how to get a new sss number for my wife planning to work in company since they requires it.
i hope you can provide us guidance on how was it done.

thank you for your time,


Tomas Asenjo

7 marevic gamorot   (20-August-2015 10:50 AM)
helo good am! can i ask what is the requirements of sss id ??and how many day i received my sss id.??thank you

6 genaline flores   (01-October-2013 6:33 PM)
good day ,

Let me known if i process my SSS ID how many months i receive.

thank you

5 Maylyn Arreza   (21-September-2013 10:20 AM)
Hello! I would like to ask if you will issue TIN #? Please do reply. Thanks!

4 Beverly   (06-September-2013 9:32 PM)
hi goodevening!

May I ask if sss mandaue is open on saturday?

3 Gladys Gay Sudario   (07-August-2013 10:28 AM)
Good morning,

I submitted my salary loan application thru online @ sss website andf it's confirmed but they will be waiting for the certification from my employer, in regards with this, i would like to ask if how will my employer confirm my employment? do they need to go to the sss office to submit the certification?

thank you.

2 junathan gungob   (14-March-2013 2:43 PM)
hi, is it ok if i get a SSS # even if im 17 years old?

1 aileen   (28-March-2012 1:19 PM)
..Hello,good day!! just wanna ask if can I apply for SSS i.d SSS Mandaue branch..??

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