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FREE Download Bible Cebuano/Bisaya Translation
You can download here for FREE the Bible in Cebuano/Bisaya translation. "Ang Bibliya" is a cebuano/bisaya translation of "The Bible".

Picture of a typical printed edition of the Bible in Cebuano/Bisaya translation or version

About The Holy Bible: Cebuano Translation

The Holy Bible: Cebuano Translation
Copyright: Public Domain (FREE)
This Bible translation was converted automatically from data files made available by the Unbound Bible project. Book names, introductions, titles, paragraphs, and the like were not available, so standard English names have been used. Therefore this file would benefit from additional work by someone who has access to a print edition.

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43 Paul Llanto   (05-May-2016 2:52 PM)
I love cebuano bible because i am a cebuano.

42 german   (16-January-2016 7:49 PM)

41 Eliseo ibarra   (29-September-2015 1:30 AM)
Thank you to have cebuano version because easy to understand in my local language. god bless

40 Eliseo ibarra   (20-September-2015 8:05 PM)
I like cebuano version ever

39 Elmer belarde   (19-September-2015 7:44 PM)
God is good All the time God is good

38 engelbert revilla   (28-August-2015 9:07 AM)
I like cebuano ever

37 jenely ponce castante   (06-August-2015 8:23 AM)
This holy Bible serve as my food every day.without this I'm incomplete. That's why I really need this in my life.Thanks for this.

36 jessie alviola   (26-July-2015 3:58 PM)
i love it!!

35 Ryan Barba   (17-July-2015 8:52 PM)
I really wants this copy for my daily works,as policemen in my day to day life during my tour of duties involving the troubles and conflict of people around me his words serves as my shield and without his guidance I am nothing,I cannot perform my duties well. His words and his guidance serves me to perform well in my duties.

34 rex   (02-July-2015 7:53 PM)

33 marygil   (29-June-2015 11:23 PM)
i really love to read this sacred bible

32 george   (05-June-2015 9:59 PM)
its nice and good

31 Chares Cogalito   (24-April-2015 10:58 AM)
Please send me cebuano bible translation please thanks and God bless

30 Jimuel Butlig   (21-February-2015 9:07 AM)
hai gud am, pwede send me a bisaya bible apps. tnx

29 Jether Rivera Duque   (15-January-2015 9:45 AM)
Hello sir I am jether working in the vineyard of the lord I need a copy of the Cebuano Bible the I use in my ministry

28 Edel Grullo Keleste   (21-December-2014 7:34 AM)
I want to have a copy of cebuano bible for my mini iPad free

27 admin   (30-November-2014 8:38 AM)
judith dayo, to download, click the link located at the last part of the paragraph.

26 Leny Creencia   (25-September-2014 7:18 PM)
I am a leny creencia a bible study reader .requesting you to download a cebuano bible. GOD BLESS and thank you.

25 delia sepe   (20-June-2014 4:03 PM)
Dear sir,
I am Ptra. Delia sepe from Bohol and I want to have a freee cebuano bible to.be downloadd in my tab. thank you and May God bless you.

24 Ely Omila   (19-June-2014 7:54 PM)
Dear Sir,

I am a sunday school teacher of our local church, I wish to download a Cebuano version of the Bible, Thanks.

23 jaypee   (16-June-2014 8:10 AM)
Dear Sir,
I am pastor jaypee, can I download Cebuano Version? thank you

22 Riel Diones Olpos   (05-June-2014 12:24 PM)
Please need me cebuano bible. i like to read it the story of god

21 Ferdielux   (22-April-2014 12:31 PM)
I'm looking for a CEBUANO BIBLE,.can I have it please. I will use it for our church.

20 Crystal V. Pudot   (12-April-2014 10:35 AM)
Good morning.. I want to download cebuano bible version ... My father want this version .. He want to read and speech the word of God... Thank you so much..

19 josher Lagawan   (07-April-2014 7:39 AM)
Hello, I just want to ask if can i download your cebuano bible for the purpose of using this in our local church...please... thank you so much ...May God bless You ....

18 bryan imbo   (15-March-2014 5:25 PM)
please i really need cebuano bible

17 michael   (10-March-2014 5:07 PM)
gae ko bible apzz

16 michael   (10-March-2014 5:07 PM)
gae ko og bible apzz

15 phillip villalva   (09-March-2014 2:24 AM)
pls send

14 Daphne Orlanes   (07-March-2014 6:08 PM)
I need Cebuano Bible pls

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