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How to Pay Water Bill (OCWD) in Oroquieta City

If you're a resident in Oroquieta City-Misamis Occidental, most probably you're a customer of Oroquieta City Water District (OCWD). OCWD is the major water supply/service provider in Oroquieta. Every month, a water meter reader from OCWD will visit each customer's houses/buildings and will inspect the water meter of the customers or residents. He will then issue a BILLING NOTICE to the customer. The BILLING NOTICE is a paper bill where you can see the total consumption of water, the amount of your water bill to pay, due date and other vital bill information. If you want to pay your water bill, you can follow the simple procedures provided below.

Step 1

Bring the OCWD BILLING NOTICE with you and of course, prepare your payment and go to the OCWD office which is now located at the Oroquieta City Town Center-Canubay. See the photo snapshot of the OCWD BILLING NOTICE below:

Water Bill
Billing Notice or Water Bill of OCWD

Step 2

Get inside the OCWD Finance-Payment door. You're lucky if you get inside with just 2 or 3 customers paying their bills. You can pay your bill directly or quickly if there are only few customers paying and waiting. If the office is crowded with customers, get a priority number from the Security Guard and wait for your number to be called.

Step 3

If your number is called, go to the respective Counter to pay your bill. Wait for you bill to be processed (at least 40 seconds). Get your receipt and also don't forget to get your change (money) if ever you pay more than the bill amount.

Water Bill Receipt-OCWD
Water Bill Receipt - OCWD

  • To avoid waiting in line and to save time, go and visit the office during Wednesdays and Thursdays. Those are the days when only fewer people are paying
  • If you don't want to feel bored while waiting in line, you can bring your phone, android, iphone or tablet and play a game. I love playing Candy Crush Saga while waiting in line just to have fun.
  • As much as possible, bring just enough money or bring some money which is equal to your bill amount in order to avoid the hassle of waiting for change.
  • Be friendly to OCWD employees and don't forget wear your smile always.

  • I always pay my landline/internet bills online and I suggest that OCWD should implement online payment for more convenience and to save time and money.
Do you have any suggestions, concerns, or problems with OCWD? You can post them in the comment below.
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