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How many times do Filipinos eat in a day?

Being hospitable and gregarious people, we, Filipinos love to eat. We, Filipinos normally eat five (5) times a day. That includes:
  1. breakfast
  2. morning snacks (merienda)
  3. lunch
  4. noon snacks
  5. dinner

In addition to that, most Filipinos also love to eat before breakfast (early morning merienda) and during midnight (midnight snacks). Before breakfast, Filipinos usually eat bread with matching beverage such as coffee, milk, or tea.

Our basic food we prepare and eat in the table are:
  • cooked rice
  • fish (fried, tinola, paksiw)
  • vegetable
  • fried or boiled egg
  • meat
Since Filipinos love to eat, we can eat whenever we want. When we see our favorite food or when our tummy is craving for food, we usually buy and eat that food. This can be observed to Filipinos walking in the street with many food vendors selling nearby.

Sometimes if friends and relatives gather and eat together, a beer, liquor or wine is prepared after the meal. Beer or liquor is said to enhance a friendly atmosphere that makes them closer together by chit-chatting while drinking.

So, basically Filipinos can eat more than 6 times a day.
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