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Cebu City Official Seal Logo Picture
You can save or download this Cebu Official Seal Logo Picture here in high resolution.

Cebu City Official Seal Logo
Cebu City Official Seal Logo photo

What does the Cebu Official Seal Logo mean or symbolize?

The official seal of Cebu City is a replica of a rich cultural heritage.

The seal features the most famous historical landmark of the city, the Magellan’s Cross. The cross is housed in a kiosk made of thick wood and brick tiles. This symbolizes the strong foundation of the people’s Catholic faith. Magellan’s Cross is also a symbolism for Cebu being the oldest city in the country. The black and white tiles represent the 80 barangays comprising the City of Cebu.

(Text from the Employee's Handbook published by the Office of the Mayor through the Mayor's Management Team and the Human Resource Development Office © 2009.)

Download the Cebu Official Seal Logo Picture here: DOWNLOAD

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