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SMART Facebook Unli 20 (unlimited facebook surfing online-internet)
Want to get unlimited internet mobile Facebook for only P20 a day? To start, your phone must set up SMART Mobile Internet by texting SET to 211.

SMART Facebook unlimited internet 20

Register for SMART Facebook unlimited internet

1. On your phone browser, go to http://m.smart.com.ph/surf.
2. Choose "Facebook” in the "Web Unli Plans” section.
3. Click "Proceed” after reading the Terms and Conditions.
4. You will get a confirmation after a successful registration. (You will be charged P10 per 30 mins if you access FB via http://m/facebook.com.)
5. Click on the link you will get in the confirmation page.
6. You can save the Facebook Unli link as a bookmark for easy access.

SMART Facebook Unli 20 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Facebook Unli?
This offer allows SMART subscribers to access their FB accounts via their mobile phone browser for P20 a day.

2. How do I register to Facebook Unli?
To register, go to http://m.smart.com.ph/surf. 

3. Do I need a maintaining balance in order to continue using the service?
Yes, a minimum balance of P1.00 is required.

4. What will happen if I use Facebook for more than 24 hours?
You will be charged P20 if you use Facebook Unli beyond the 24-hour subscription.

5. Can I avail of Facebook Unli if I’m using my cellphone as a PC modem?
No. You must use your phone’s  browser to avail of the Unli rate. 

6. Will I be charged if I browse other sites or if I click on third party advertisements within Facebook?
Yes, the charge will be SMART’s standard browsing rate of P10/30 minutes.

7. If I get the Facebook Unli now, close the browser, and use it again later, will I be deducted another P20?
No, as long as you are logged in using the link provided for in the Facebook Unli confirmation page. You will only be charged another P20 if you enter BEYOND the 24-hour time frame. 

8. Is there a way for me to access my Facebook account without being deducted P20?
Yes, by logging on to. The rare is the standard P10/30 mins.

9. Who can register to Facebook Unli?
All SMART subscribers (Buddy, Gold, Infinity, and Talk N Text) can avail of the Facebook Unli service.
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39 renilda alibango   (05-May-2014 9:03 PM)
how to use fb now using load..

38 shella   (04-March-2014 8:05 PM)
how to register unli fb 20?

37 shella   (04-March-2014 8:04 PM)
how to register in unli fb 20?

36 angelica   (04-February-2014 10:07 PM)
there are a good friend

35 vic fontamillas   (23-November-2013 2:01 PM)
how to reg to unli 20 pwd b to sa broadband

34 Peter cute   (24-September-2013 5:36 PM)
Madali lng mag unli fb xa smart phone nu gah kau wlng alam. .

33 Ashley   (05-September-2013 12:53 PM)

32 trisha   (30-August-2013 5:33 PM)
how to register smart facebook only 10 pesos

31 Aires A. Arboleras   (02-July-2013 8:29 PM)
Pano po mg unli sa facebook paano mg regesterd pls paki reply po pls.44

30 KASEY   (31-May-2013 11:30 AM)

29 charlou   (07-March-2013 4:10 PM)

28 flordeliza dela pena   (24-January-2013 7:03 PM)

27 roy suezo   (23-January-2013 6:50 PM)
paan0 ba mag unlimited sa facebook gamit lang ang cellphone paano mag register para hindi agad maubos ang load?

26 ayesha   (02-December-2012 11:09 AM)
wala na bang mas affordable rates ng unli surf ang smart?

25 cristina gaborne   (07-November-2012 7:56 PM)
how to join unli facebook.in mobile phone

24 efrael b.maderaje   (05-November-2012 1:07 PM)
how to join to the unli facebook in smart?

23 efrael b.maderaje   (05-November-2012 1:06 PM)
paano b mag-unli facebook s smart

22 zhingmores   (30-September-2012 1:16 PM)
pno b mg unli facebook s smart

21 unsecured kayo!   (24-September-2012 10:15 PM)
unsecured connection kahit load lang gamit ko ,di naman ako nag wiwifi!

20 jesslyann gonzales   (12-August-2012 3:14 PM)
nag reg aq sa fb bf fb10 1 week ko na gngwa ung ganun khapon lng nngyre na nadeduc aq ng 60 for internet browsing..smantlng nag reply ang 211 skin...

19 jesslyann gonzales   (12-August-2012 3:12 PM)
nag register aq ng fb10 at nag rply ang 211 akla ko ok na so nag facebook nko..tpos kinain ang load ko nng tumwag aq sa smart sbi na deduc daw aq for internet browsing dhil d daw aq nkaregister..ok na sna un ang skn lng ang tgal nio ibawas ang load pra sana na monitor ko ung load ko kng nba bawsan xa...so ok na un ..nag registr aq sa fb20 lhat ng procedure sinunod ko tpos

18 JOY MICHELLE BORRO   (10-August-2012 3:07 PM)
sayang lang yong load ko takte ... kahit san madaya tlga kayo

17 JOY MICHELLE BORRO   (10-August-2012 3:06 PM)
yong nkalagay cookies are not enabled on your browser please adjust this in your security preferences before continuing ... nka enable na man eh.. sayang lg. ung load ko wengya ... daya tlga ng smart kahit san..

16 gago   (06-August-2012 6:00 PM)
anakputa walang kwenta naman

15 ms,   (31-July-2012 4:47 AM)
sa talk n txt po,txback plz?

14 ms,   (31-July-2012 4:45 AM)
paanu po ba makareg unlimited internet sa cellphone?

13 alvin   (01-July-2012 5:08 PM)
wala yta mga pakialam

12 elvie bornales   (06-June-2012 1:09 PM)

11 nget   (03-June-2012 5:01 PM)
panu po ba mag facebook sa smart unlimited dapat.....

txtbk asap.....

10 mardz   (02-June-2012 2:38 PM)
how to register an unlimited surfing on mobile phones by using a talk n' text simcard ?

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