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SMART Facebook Mobile App
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Facebook App is a mobile phone application which allows easy FB access. It’s like having the main Facebook on your screen, with the main features such as inbox, status updates, news feeds, and more.

Facebook Mobile App

This Java application gives the user a more engaging and easy-to-navigate interface instead of the text-based.This app works on over 2,500 low-cost phone models - heaven-sent for owners of these phones who can now get a smartphone-like Facebook experience similar to Android or iPhone at no extra cost.

The best part? It’s FREE to download and use for SMART subscribers until October 14, 2011.

Download and use the Facebook Mobile app for your Java phones for FREE until OCTOBER 14, 2011.

How to download Facebook Mobile app?
  1. Make sure your phone is set up to access SMART Mobile Internet by texting SET to 211 for FREE.
  2. Your phone should be Java-capable. (iit can run java games and other java apps)
  3. To start the download, text "FB” to 211.
  4. You will get a confirmation SMS. Click on the download link to go the mobile browser.
  5. Click "Download Facebook”. The app will install automatically after successful download.
Once installed, you can enjoy your Facebook app FREE for 90 days (until October 14).

Important Note: To continue using the app for free, use only the Facebook functions. Clicking on the "Apps” icon will lead you to non-Facebook sections and you will be charged standard data browsing rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Facebook features are available in the Facebook Mobile app for Java?
All main Facebook features are available in the app such as inbox, news feeds, profiles, photos and more.
2. Do I need to subscribe to Facebook Mobile app for Java?
No, you may already log in using your Facebook account.
3. How can I download Facebook Mobile app for Java?
Text FB to 211 for FREE. You will get a confirmation SMS. Click on the link to go to the download page. Download the app for FREE and install!
4. Why can’t I access the download link?
Check your mobile phone Internet settings. If they are not set correctly, text SET to 211 for FREE. Set up your phone access the download link again.
5. Why can’t I find the Facebook Mobile App for Java on my phone after downloading it?
Mobile phones have default directory for storing installed apps. Check the folders from your main menu. Java applications are usually stored in folders with names like "Java”, "Games” or "Applications”. 
6. Who can use the Facebook Mobile app for Java?
All SMART subscribers (Buddy, Gold, Infinity and Talk N Text) who are Java-supported mobile phones can download the app and avail of the service for FREE until October 43, 2011.
7. Do I need to pay data charges to download and use Facebook Mobile?
No, the download and use is FREE for all SMART subscribers until October 13, 2011. However, clicking on any URL or third party services (in the Apps section) will lead you out of the Facebook section. This section is not free and data charges will take effect.
8. Will I be able to use Facebook Mobile app for Java even if I don’t have load?
No, you must have at least have P1.00 maintaining balance to use the app.
9. Are the features within the application FREE?
Yes. All Facebook features within the application are FREE until October 14, 2011. The "Apps” section however are not Facebook features and are not free.
10. How do I know if I’m already entering third party sites that are chargeable?
The app should notify you that you are entering a non-Facebook site. If you proceed you will be charged standard data rates.
11. If I access through my mobile browser after downloading Facebook Mobile App for Java, will it also be FREE until October 14, 2011?
No. The free promotional period only applies to Facebook usage within the Facebook Mobile app for Java. Accessing Facebook via the mobile site or any other application (i.e. Android, iPhone, Blackberry) will incur data charges.
12. What is the download size of the application?
File size is approximately 110 KB, with differences depending your phone screen resolution.

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23 Marieta Near • 0:17 AM, 17-May-2013
Wala po bang tutorial dito at ang hirap magregister.
22 anne honrubia • 7:12 PM, 09-January-2013
panu pu mag reg ng unli fb via mobile ??
21 ANONYMOUS • 10:18 PM, 05-November-2012
mga shungak! basa basa naman... OCTOBER 14, 2011 po.. hindi 2012..sows! tabbed!
20 john anave • 12:20 PM, 24-October-2012
guto kopo mg fb sa phone.,.., panu po mg fb d2.,.,.?
hnd po kc ako mka connect sa fb app.,.,

panu po mg connect sa smart at sa phone na nokia 2730c?
19 Aleish • 8:06 PM, 10-October-2012
bakit ganun nakakapag download nako nainstall na bakit ayaw parin gumana ng fb wala pang oct 14
18 zeeny • 5:29 PM, 06-October-2012
wala ng FACEBOOK MOBILE ng smart.huhu.Hindi pa naman October 14,bakit wala nah?? Huhu.How sad!
17 Joeland • 12:26 PM, 04-October-2012
Bakit ganon akala ko ba hanggang oct.14 pa free bakit wala na? at na terminate ang FB java ko! tapos pag nag download ako ng FB java sa smart hindi maka download sabi maintain 1 peso balance e bakit ayaw pa rin?
16 Emma • 0:01 AM, 02-October-2012
pls naman tulungan nyo aq
15 Emma • 0:00 AM, 02-October-2012
at nag load din aq ng trinet para maopen ko fb ko kaso ayaw na gumana sa sim ko dati naman gumagana sya ok naman bakit po ganon?
14 Emma • 11:58 PM, 01-October-2012
posted by emma pano ba mg download ng fb sa phone ano una step gagawin ko my java cp ko kaso ayaw naman gumana
13 leah • 9:08 AM, 13-September-2012
hi..i can't access my fb in my phone..i'm using samsung duos...i can't open the website..can u help me pls.?
12 princess ann d. lucero • 8:19 PM, 09-September-2012
paano makapag facebook sa cellphone ng walang load?paano ito gawin?
11 mark • 9:48 AM, 24-July-2012
i text set to 211 pero wala reply eh tsk.x
10 juneil tayas • 1:56 PM, 23-July-2012
pano kung ung phone ay walang java gagana ba agad ito ohhh kelangan pa ng load

d kasi java powered ung phone ku ii
9 Blue Berry • 1:14 PM, 15-July-2012
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