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Is there a Touch Mobile Postpaid Plan?

Some of you might be wondering if Globe really offers Touch Mobile (TM) mobile postpaid plans. To date, Globe doesn't offer TM postpaid plans. Globe only offers postpaid plans under the main Globe brands, the Globe sim. We know how affordable TM services are. Call and text messaging services caters not only to middle-income group but also to the low-income community. You can avail unlimited call and text to TM/Globe for as low 10 pesos a day!

Touch Mobile Postpaid Plan
Touch Mobile Postpaid Plans?

In your opinion, why doesn't Globe offer a TM postpaid plans?

Could it be better if Globe could also offer very affordable phones under postpaid plans for the middle to low income group?

Do you like for Globe to offer Touch Mobile postpaid plans?
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Christy Bulso   (30 August 2016 3:49 PM)
I was searching for touch mobile post paid plans and found nothing. I would be very happy if globe will provide postpaid plans also to touch mobile. does that mean that because touch mobile offers affordable services, meaning they cannot afford the post paid plans? at least give us some choices.