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Fix Touch Mobile Sim Cannot Receive Text Message

If you're experiencing a problem with your Touch Mobile (TM) sim such as it cannot receive a text message, most often it can be fixed by restarting your phone. If this method doesn't work out, try the following methods below:
  • Restart your phone by turning it off and then, turn it on.
  • Try to check your Inbox. If it's full, deleted some messages.
  • Check Call Barring. It should not be active.
  • Turned off Airplane or Flight Mode.

Fix Touch Mobile Sim Card Cannot Receive Text

You can also try this one: 

Insert your TM sim to another phone. Try to send a text message to that sim and check if it will receive a text message. If it still doesn't receive a text message, your TM sim needs a replacement.

For further assistance, you may call Touch Mobile Customer service: 808.

Are you still having a problem with your TM sim not being able to receive a text message?
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