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How to Fix Sun Cellular Sim Cannot Send or Receive Text Problem?

It's so frustrating using your phone (with Sun Cellular sim) which cannot send or receive text message. How much more if you're in an emergency situation. Here are the top things to do in order to fix that problem:

Fix Sun Cellular Cannot Send Receive Text Message Problem

Restart your phone

Your phone might hang-up or freezes because of too many applications being used or too many system services are running. Try to restart your phone. Turn it off and turn it on again.

Check your phone signal

Signal is low in highly rural areas. If you're in the mountain, don't expect a good quality signal. If you're inside a closed room, signal is low. Go outside the room to get better signal. So check your phone signal before complaining that your not able to send or receive text message.

Check your inbox 

If your inbox is full (full of messages), it's surely cannot receive a text message. Delete some old messages to free up some space for new messages.

Check call barring service

Find the call barring service on your phone's settings and deactivate it. It should not be active.

Turned off airplane or flight mode

Turn off the Airplace or Flight mode setting of your phone.

Remove Sun Cellular sim and insert to a different phone

Your phone might have a problem with its signal. Remove the Sun Cellular sim from that phone. Try to use another phone and insert the Sun Cellular sim.

Replace Sun Cellular sim

Your Sun Cellular sim might be damaged or broken, replace it by buying a new one. This is the last option.

Do you have any other solution in fixing this type of problem (Sun Celllar sim cannot send/receive text message)? Just post them in the comment below.

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2 enrique t. belarmino   (16 March 2017 9:02 AM)
i cannot send text messages and call through my prepaid sun sim , but it receives loads and other text . i tried to check on the call barring services , but when i was trying to try to deactivate it , the phone was asking for the password , but when i tried the status check of all outgoing calls it avers PROVIDED , NOT ACTIVATED how could i resolve this

1 gerald lizada   (09 March 2017 7:58 PM)
cannot receive sms messages but able to send. already turnoff/on the phone.transfer sim to other phone, signal is good/stable.
im using ASUS zenfone2 dual sim.
other sim slot is working fine.tried to switch the sim slot and still unable to receive sms.