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How to Fix Sun Cellular Sim Cannot Send or Receive Text Problem?...

It's so frustrating using your phone (with Sun Cellular sim) which cannot send or receive text message. How much more if you're in an emergency situation. Here are the top things to do in order to fix that problem:
Fix Sun Cellular Cannot Send Receive Text Message Problem

Restart your phone

Your phone might hang-up or freezes because of too many applications being used or too many system services are running. Try to restart your phone. Turn it off and turn it on again.

Check your phone signal

Signal is low in highly rural areas. If you're in the mountain, don't expect a good quality signal. If you're inside a closed room, signal is low. Go outside the room to get better signal. So check your phone signal before complaining that your not able to send or receive text message.

Check your inbox 

If your inbox is full (full of messages), it's surely cannot receive a text message. Delete some old messages to free up some space for new messages.

Check call barring service

Find the call barring service on your phone's settings and deactivate it. It should not be active.

Turned off airplane or flight mode

Turn off the Airplace or Flight mode setting of your phone.

Remove Sun Cellular sim and insert to a different phone

Your phone might have a problem with its signal. Remove the Sun Cellular sim from that phone. Try to use another phone and insert the Sun Cellular sim.

Replace Sun Cellular sim

Your Sun Cellular sim might be damaged or broken, replace it by buying a new one. This is the last option.

Do you have any other solution in fixing this type of problem (Sun Celllar sim cannot send/receive text message)? Just post them in the comment below.

Or do you have any problem related with Sun Cellular Sim? You can also post them in the comment below.

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"How to Fix Sun Cellular Sim Cannot Send or Receive Text Problem?" was written by Mary under the Technology category. It has been read 36740 times and generated 42 comments. The article was created on and updated on 26 October 2016.
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Marites r. De los cientos [Entry]

I just reloaded my sun sim. I recieved the notification load but cannot make calls. It prompt" you dont have enough load to make this call? "
Benedict Camacho [Entry]

Can't send text message
maribethalcantara [Entry]

Can't send message
Ulysses Durango [Entry]

Hindi ako maka send nang message , pero makatanggap ako
Bvon Berly Espinosa [Entry]

Hindi ako makarecive ng text and call.. Kahit ito ay ma signal..
Ghie [Entry]

Can't send msg.
Elenita [Entry]

I cant receive text and call of my sun sim...please helm me..09230827979
Karl [Entry]

Cant send a text message pls help my number is 09239089056
walter Eugene kosiba [Entry]

can you send me a phone number to call with my pldt phone
walter Eugene kosiba [Entry]

i have no service note on phone cellular network not available i can not call out but can recieve calls
have turned off the phone and re booted dowsnot work

#0923 0888857
Jefferson udtohan [Entry]

Ii try to upgrade my sim to LTE but my cannot receive massage how to fix help me this is my number +639238340849
Allen [Entry]

My roaming simcard sun cellular is not receing messages. What can i do? I have important transaction to make using that sim number. Can i replace with new simcard using a same number? Please advise me.


Franz parulan [Entry]

can anyone help me to recover my sun cellular sim, i can't send and can't recieve any messages or calls. but i can check my balance and can register any promos.. this is my number 09422439916, Thank you..
Flor De May Gallosa [Entry]

can anyone help me to recover my sun cellular sim, i can't send and can't recieve any messages or calls. but i can check my balance and can register any promos.. this is my number.09225031841, Thank you..
Arianne Faigao [Entry]

Can anyone help me I cannot send any messages to anyone. My simcard rd # is 09335024065. Thank you!
SAM [Entry]

09324016634-sun sim
please help my problem is cannot sent receiv the message
Issah [Entry]

Can't send text message. Sun user here
Emer jaurique [Entry]

No data connection
Mark Flores [Entry]

I cannot send message in my sun prepaid when I'm trying to send BARRED will appear in my screen
Marlon [Entry]

After ko na maconvert yung sim ko to LTE ayaw ng magsend ng message..pano to?pwd ba downgrade na lang mas ok pa yung,nagsisisi ako bakit ako nagupgrade..
Ellen [Entry]

I can't receive messages or even calls
I just notice it because I'm waiting for my facebook code using my sun #
I'm badly needed it
Jun brian tutor [Entry]

Ako din po simula nogn nag upgrade akoo ng sim 1 week ago hindi ako maka reply ng text maka recieve ako maka call prob ko lang hindi maka reply.pls help me thanks LT SIM
Rhizza [Entry]

Ndi din ako makapag send nang message after ko ipa upgrade sa LTE
tavs [Entry]

nakita ko na kung bakit ayaw mag send ng text message.. after LTE upgrade naka set sa ibang sms service center

To set or change the SMS service center number on your SIM card

From your Home screen, tap the Application screen icon.
Find and tap Phone.
Type *#*#4636#*#*.
Tap Phone information.
Scroll down to SMSC.
Enter the +639220001501 number in the input field, then tap Update.

yan try nyo pag gumana libre no ko jollibee hahaha joke lang ty nalng masaya na ko
Lee [Entry]

My new sun sim cant receive messages even if i followed the activation ×221# and i also tried putting it on other phones but its still cant send or receive messages it only gave a busy tone when u dialled the new number whats the problem?can u help me?thanks
Gian Buclon [Entry]

Nagpalit lang ako ng sim card kasi according to teller of Sun cellular kailangan mag upgrade ako ng sim to LTE para mabilis ang internet ko pero same number lang. Ngayon unable to send message na. Ano ba ang pwedi kung gawin dito?
LeBron [Entry]

I can recieve calls and texts and i can make calls but i cannot send texts to anyone ?
Marilou Castañeda [Entry]

Please.help me to fix my sum sim card.Please activate my sim card my #09429791487.Thank u
Jen Rose Acabal [Entry]

Help me plz, I loaded my sim a while ago w/c valid for a month but I didn't receive it, I've enter the correct # , I tried to call any # but it says that I need to call the customer service but why??? Sim signal is full and I can still received call and text ... how come???
Jen Rose Acabal [Entry]

Help plz
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