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How to Transfer or Send Money to Philippines Through BDO Remit (Online Banking)
Banco de Oro (BDO) is always finding a way to your financial transactions easier. If you are a BDO accountholder, you can now transfer or send money from your BDO account to your loved ones or family even if they have no BDO accounts. That is through BDO Online Remittance. You family or loved ones will received the money to any BDO branch or Partner Outlets. Find out the procedure below on how to remit online through BDO online banking facility.

Step 1

If you're not yet enrolled to BDO Online Banking facility, please follow this: "How to Apply for Banco de Oro (BDO) Online Banking".

Step 2

If you're already enrolled to BDO Online Banking facility, log in to your BDO Online Banking account (https://online.bdo.com.ph/).

Step 3

Inside BDO Online Banking facility, and click "REMIT" and choose available options you want:
  • Send Money For Pickup at BDO Branch
  • Send Money For Pickup at Partner Outlet
  • Send Money Door to Door
  • Send Money to Another Local Bank

The fill-out the Remittance Form (Request)

BDO Remit Online Banking

Options for Pick-Up and Delivery of Money

Send Money for Pick-up
Your beneficiary may claim the remittance at any BDO branch, SM Mall, Palawan Pawnshop, Bayad Center and Rural Bank partners nationwide.

Send Money Door-to-Door
Remittances will be delivered directly to your beneficiary’s delivery address.

Send Money to Another Local Bank
Funds will be credited directly to your beneficiary’s account maintained at another local bank.

Only Peso remittance transactions are allowed. The amount of remittance and applicable service fees will be deducted from your Peso Savings or Checking account/s enrolled in BDO Online Banking. You may send money up to five (5) times daily with allowable minimum amount of P100 and maximum limit of P50,000.

For fund transfer from your BDO account to your beneficiary’s BDO account, you may still send money for free through BDO Online Banking.


Service charges for doing remittance transactions via BDO Online Banking Remit Service will be deducted from your source account on top of the remittance amount that you will be sending. These charges vary depending on the type of your remittance transaction.

Type of Transaction
Service Fees
Send Money for Pick-up (BDO, SM, Palawan Pawnshop, Bayad Center, Rural Bank Partners)
Php 100.00
Send Money to Another Local Bank
Php 100.00
Send Money Door to Door
Php 200.00

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2 johnny cage   (30-October-2013 5:22 PM)
how long will it take for my transfer to local bank to arrived? Can't seem to find the answer in Google. Thanks

1 Jess   (26-September-2013 5:25 PM)
How much the applicable fees for fund transfer tru another local bank & partner outlet?