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How to Send Money Through LBC?

Leading courier services provider in the Philippines, LBC also offers money transfer service in the Philippines. Sending money through LBC is convenient and less hassle. Want to send money through LBC? Follow these three steps below:

Send Money Thru LBC

Step 1

Go to any LBC branch and tell any LBC employee (particularly those who are non-busy) that you want to send money to someone. A small send money form (called "Remittance Form") will be given to you. Fill this out and you have the option for "Branch Pick-up" in which the receiver will pick-up or receive the money in a particular LBC branch. "Branch Pick-up" is the most opted choice for many LBC money senders.

Information that should be filled-out in the Remittance Form includes:
  • The Name of the LBC Branch where the receiver will pick-up the money
  • Your Name (Shipper or Sender's Name)
  • Consignee or Receiver's Name
  • Present Address of the Receiver's Name
  • Amount to be sent (in words and in figure)
  • Signature over printed name

Step 2

Give the Remittance Form to the LBC employee and wait for the processing of your transaction. Processing would take less than a minute.

Step 3

After processing, the LBC employee will give you an Official Receipt where the Tracking Number can be found. Usually the employee will encircle the Tracking Number. This number is the one you should give or send to your Receiver for him/her to pick-up the money successfully.

After receiving the Official Receipt, the receiver can now receive or pick-up the money to the specified LBC branch.

  • A mobile phone is very useful when sending money to someone. You can send the Tracking Number to your receiver through sending a text message to a mobile phone.

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hannah faith   (10 September 2016 4:06 PM)
kailangan pa ba ng ID ng magpapadala? thank you.

Rina Mae Mendez   (07 April 2016 8:08 PM)
Hello, I sent a money through lbc then the trans. type that I choose is door to door delivery. Can the receiver get the money through lbc branch pick up even though the trans. type that I choose is door to door? please reply asap... Thank you.

Nisha Balingue   (12 July 2015 6:36 AM)
Hello. When the sender sends the money. How long can i recieve the money that has given?

Aleck Valdez   (12 November 2014 5:23 PM)
I have a question. Can we know where the receiver has pickup the money?