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Touch Mobile (TM) Customer Service | Hotline Number
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Republika ng TM: Astig Tayo Dito! If you have problems or concerns with Touch Mobile (TM) services, you can contact its customer service hotline number.

Using your cellphone or iphone you can call TM Customer Service Number at  808.

You can also send your concern or ask an inquiry to Touch Mobile (TM) email address: talk@globetel.com.ph.

For 8888 promos, balance inquiry, unbilled charges, GCash, Roaming or Share-A-Load, just dial *143# and press the call button to access our self-help menu for FREE

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About Touch Mobile (TM)

TM otherwise known as Touch Mobile is a mobile service brand of Globe Telecom, one of the largest telco companies in the Philippines. It officially launched on September 12, 2001 to cater mobile services to the middle class. It evolved in serving the lower class as well. Over the years, it became popular for its very affordable rates.

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1162 Jhay   (31-July-2015 7:17 PM)
Why i cant register to any promo. This is happening for almost a week.

1161 Aivy jade   (27-July-2015 7:18 AM)
good morning . What i am going to do ? Everytime i dial *102# to chEck my balance . The feedback will be "your number is in correct". My phone is iphone . Thanks

1160 melinda luz   (25-July-2015 9:33 PM)
This morning i totally disappointed. The 20.00 load of my son only 10.00 leaf. I checked his mobile data all are off. Please make this your priority because I'm a reloader thats the complain of my costumer, they always deducted of their loud.

1159 Charisse Ann   (23-July-2015 9:02 AM)
may i know the puk code of my number 09268750865

1158 maricris amandy   (18-July-2015 11:51 AM)
why i cant used my itxtall20? i cant send text to other country please help.

1157 baby   (16-July-2015 8:35 PM)
May i know why my i always out of balance. I just try the utang load5 then i receive the confirmation message. Just for i text someone my phone displays "Check operator service" and also happens everytime i have 5pesos balance it was always eaten. poor service ever!

1156 mark   (16-July-2015 1:54 AM)
I want to know were my points have gone? I tried to share my points to my other number but it keeps telling me that my request can't be processed. and then i checked my reward points and i have found out that my reward points has gone. it deducted points without transferring to my other number. were did it go? please help me on this one.

1155 Rita   (15-July-2015 7:05 PM)
I already registered 200 for 5 days but I can't used Google or YouTube it's very slow aways loading please fix this I'm wasting money of this...

1154 Jelly   (15-July-2015 9:47 AM)
I want to talk to a TM customer Service but when I dialed 808, the voicemail told me my load is not enough to continue the call, do i have to have regular load for the service? and Why TM is now eating my Load, every time I tried to l have regular load, it is reduce even I don't use it., I had the same problems with Smart before.,I hope this will not continue because TM will be gone just like smart does before.

1153 jade   (14-July-2015 5:04 PM)
I want to talk to a TM customer service representative, but i can't find the option. What should i do?

1152 prince zacharias   (12-July-2015 8:48 PM)
I been registered to Supersurp 200 and later on its says that im over using the internet and it will reduce the speed of my internet.. But before i registered in that promo it says that when i hit the 3Gb allowable internet access they will reduce the speed IM ONLY IN 1GB.. Can you plz fix it .. Its suck my day!!

1151 Gel   (11-July-2015 9:05 PM)
I'm really having a hard time contacting your customer service representative. My load was always been deducted without any registering to any promos. How was it?

1150 Reuel   (09-July-2015 4:51 PM)
why is that there's no option for the consumer to talk to a tm customer service representative???

1149 Jaymie   (09-July-2015 9:21 AM)
Hi, good morning.. I have a problem with my signal since last night.. I can receive sms and calls but I can't reply and make calls. I also have my extra load but the network eat up my load, what happen?, Can you please explain and fix my problem with your network. Thank you.

1148 bernadette   (08-July-2015 10:08 PM)
I have a problem.. Since morning i dont have a phone signal please help

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