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Touch Mobile (TM) Customer Service | Hotline Number
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Republika ng TM: Astig Tayo Dito! If you have problems or concerns with Touch Mobile (TM) services, you can contact its customer service hotline number.

Using your cellphone or iphone you can call TM Customer Service Number at  808.

You can also send your concern or ask an inquiry to Touch Mobile (TM) email address: talk@globetel.com.ph.

For 8888 promos, balance inquiry, unbilled charges, GCash, Roaming or Share-A-Load, just dial *143# and press the call button to access our self-help menu for FREE

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About Touch Mobile (TM)

TM otherwise known as Touch Mobile is a mobile service brand of Globe Telecom, one of the largest telco companies in the Philippines. It officially launched on September 12, 2001 to cater mobile services to the middle class. It evolved in serving the lower class as well. Over the years, it became popular for its very affordable rates.

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1197 Chase   (29-September-2015 5:41 PM)
Why can't I receive incoming texts? It happened 2 times this week

1196 Julius pagdanganan   (29-September-2015 3:29 PM)
I've been to hongkong for 5 days and now im back here in the philippines and my simcard is invalid. What im going to do?

1195 ariane poblete   (28-September-2015 9:36 PM)
what is it, even though I registered to EXTEND. still its not extending my unli. it happens twice and I don't want to happen this kind of situation again.

1194 Stephanie   (28-September-2015 5:59 PM)
I can't register to any promos... I really urgently need to make calls but whenever I register for a promo, TM doesn't respond. please TM!

1193 Ged Casinillo   (26-September-2015 3:54 AM)
This is absurd!! I registered for unlisurf50 and I have only been using it for an hour and a half and you already stopped or "slowed down" my internet connection. That's just BS.

1192 ferick   (25-September-2015 8:47 PM)
why i can't register to CA20 or CA10. i also extend my subscription but it has no response but my load was deducted, how come? please fix this, i'm trying to call your hotline but it can't proceed.

1191 Kyla Mendoza   (25-September-2015 8:04 PM)
I can't register to T10. I've been waiting for hours, but still no reply from 8888.

1190 lallaine tagura   (24-September-2015 11:07 AM)
why I can't register to TM COMBO20? I tried to register for several times. I load 2x, but my load was deducted, I check my balance but still no response.

1189 Mae Anne Busiguen   (22-September-2015 11:39 AM)
I can't register to COMBO20. Can you please fix this.

1188 globeSh   (21-September-2015 5:13 PM)
TM mobile sim is the shittiest sim in the whole wide universe, try to load it and they will deduct it without a reason., you have been warned.,

1187 KRISTINE MARIE BELLO QUIÑOLA   (21-September-2015 10:18 AM)
I cannot register to some TM promos. It says im already registered but im not. how is that?

1186 jason   (19-September-2015 9:57 PM)
i have register unlicall15 but a cant make a call.??

1185 Jarryd Campo   (16-September-2015 4:30 PM)
I only call 808 and 815..why my load deduct 17 pesos load? Its unfair...please back my load.

1184 Jarryd Campo   (16-September-2015 4:27 PM)
Why i always deduct 2.50 everyday? I dont have any subscription.. Please check my account...thank you.

1183 donna lei   (13-September-2015 6:38 AM)
I have a load but my sim card always check operator. what will i do?

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