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Touch Mobile (TM) Customer Service | Hotline Number
Republika ng TM: Astig Tayo Dito! If you have problems or concerns with Touch Mobile (TM) services, you can contact its customer service hotline number.

Using your cellphone or iphone you can call TM Customer Service Number at  808.

You can also send your concern or ask an inquiry to Touch Mobile (TM) email address: talk@globetel.com.ph.

For 8888 promos, balance inquiry, unbilled charges, GCash, Roaming or Share-A-Load, just dial *143# and press the call button to access our self-help menu for FREE

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About Touch Mobile (TM)

TM otherwise known as Touch Mobile is a mobile service brand of Globe Telecom, one of the largest telco companies in the Philippines. It officially launched on September 12, 2001 to cater mobile services to the middle class. It evolved in serving the lower class as well. Over the years, it became popular for its very affordable rates.

Need some help? Do you have concerns or problems with TM? Post them in comment below.
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1384 May ann talagtag   (27-May-2016 10:11 PM)
Hi! I would like to ask why i can't access facebook even if im registered on your surf promo? Please help me! Thank you

1383 corin   (26-May-2016 12:00 PM)
TM texted na expired na ang combo ko so nag load ako then nag register after which, naka receive ako ng txt na registered pa daw ako sa combo 20. WTF? Since yesterday hindi ako makapag unli. Pwede ba kayong magbigay ng specific date kong when ninyo maaayos to?

1382 BECHIL AMBA   (26-May-2016 10:53 AM)
Good day!

Im a new user of TM . Im still registered to a ComboAll20 promo but i cant call and my extra load was lost and consumed. What happen? I call to 808 then the operator answer that the number i entered is Invalid? what happen to your network? Please I need an answer? it happen everytime i registered to the promo? Please fix the issue my number is 0975 614 9966. thank you

1381 Jere Tandug   (24-May-2016 10:17 AM)
TM why is it that P10 or certain amount is being deducted from my load from time to time. I can't understand it. Explain please and stop it.

1380 alex ignacio   (23-May-2016 9:26 PM)
my unli promo expired and i kept on subscribing but 8888 kept on texting me that i still activate or subscribe already and my load decreased. what shall i do

1379 alex ignacio   (23-May-2016 9:23 PM)
ayaw mag register ng UNLI.. sabi sa text nakaregister pa raw pero hindi na.

1378 lovely facultad   (20-May-2016 8:47 AM)
after i bought my tm simcard today, i immediately put it on my phone. but after It was turned on, the network says "Emergency Calls". i can't dial *143# because it was not yet activated. please help me on this. i don't know what to do. my phone is a touchpad

1377 nicole vasquez   (19-May-2016 1:38 PM)
after my subscription has ended, I kept on subscribing on any promos but when i am finished with my subscription 8888 always says that i am still subscribe to a said promo so when i started to text or call someone, my regular load decreases... what should i do?...

1376 alfred   (18-May-2016 7:54 PM)
this is my no. of my PUK sim 09357583651 please sir i realy ned the PUK code kindly send it to my another no.? 09058018918 cause i lost the simpack so i have no idea how to find the PUK code please :(

1375 alfred   (18-May-2016 7:52 PM)
sir i always trying to call 808 bat it says im in a query :( i just want to know how to un PUK my sim it accidntally PUK bat i did'nt have the sim pack to know the PUK code :( please help me theres some important client there :(

1374 elle   (17-May-2016 10:09 PM)
,.my concern is, I want to enable the call barring, but I cant apply this to my sim because of the password authentication. I've read the manual says ask the service provider. Please feed back asap, I really need to enabled call barring, hope for you reply. thanks a lot

1373 Elizabeth Panganiban   (16-May-2016 6:55 PM)
Kindly check if my mobile number 09069720143 is currently enrolled in OPT1? I just loaded 50 pesos and I am trying to enroll to CA20 but the text prompt is telling I am already enrolled to a promo but did not specify what promo. What number should I call to speak to an operator? I also experience frequent load being lost or eaten. Please advise as soon as possible. Thank you.

1372 yeng   (16-May-2016 5:08 PM)
TM s**. I always subscribe CA20 and I always extend it Bigtime. Why can't I call anyone? TM is **. fix this or give me back my Load. And also I always LOAD my sim 30 pesos but the network always gets my Load until it became empty how's that? fu** TM.?

1371 Herrera   (15-May-2016 5:24 PM)
Why can't I call after few calls even if I am registered as unlimited calls?

1370 Dodirty   (10-May-2016 11:13 AM)
calling 808 to talk to CS rep really sucks with TM! All you get is the B*llsh*t runaround prompt. Hey TM peeps, recording sh*tty trash and shoving it in your system won't give us specific answers to our questions! We want to talk to humans, ok?? Are there any reps hired to talk to your subscribers?? Your customer service sucks BIG TIME!! Unlike with Globe, we can easily talk to a rep thru 211! You TM lazy heads are under Globe now so shape up!!

1369 mark arian ramos   (06-May-2016 10:48 AM)
my concern about my number 09263710640 if call other number i can contact but if i call this 09365352380 i cannot contact this number give a reason i cannot contact?

1368 Jadelle D Cepada   (03-May-2016 10:01 AM)
how to unsubscribe 2624? unable to send a stop message and they're stealing my load and i did not even subscribe from them. please help me solve this. 09261870381

1367 Jadelle D Cepada   (03-May-2016 9:55 AM)
how can i unsubscribe from 2624? They're stealing my load. I did not subscribe from them.

1366 Awen   (02-May-2016 10:30 PM)
Hello! Everytime i used to call using my number it always ate my existing load even if i am registered to CA20. I thought it was "unlimited" calls yet it consumes my load. Please help. It's annoying.. I hope you find this important and help me solve this glitch. Thank you!

1365 reiner barrera   (01-May-2016 12:08 PM)
Can you please fix my sim
My sim won't work and I don't know what this mean "sim not provisioned :2 and my signal is on SOS my friends and relatives can't contact me because of this

1364 aj   (29-April-2016 9:59 AM)
Para tayong nagsasalita dito sa hangin. Sana sumagot ang mga magnanakaw na TM!

1363 bruce   (28-April-2016 6:39 PM)
I'm registered at C15 and send extend so that I can extend my promo, received that my extend was successful. After a few hours later I can't text anymore. It always give me fail to send message

1362 Arcelle Pariol   (26-April-2016 7:29 PM)
Goodevening po. Concern ko lang po kasi nagload ako kaninang umaga ng 15 at nag unli ako allnet UA10 . Then nagtetxt ako para sa mga costumer ko super dami kasi yun. Diba nga unli bat nastop? Di ma nagsend. So inistop ko po. Nagload panibago 15 ulet. Hinugot . Nagload ulet . HINUGOT! Nakakainis lang po talaga eh. Importante po kasi yung tinetext ko pero bat ganun? Please lang po sobrang kelangan ko po itext mga costumer namin kelangan ko po ng unli text. Please lang po. Wala pa po sa kalahati ng contacts ko ung natetext ko. Need na po kasi bukas yun. Sana mapansin nyu po ako ngayon. Thank you very much.pasensya sa abala. My number 09358410723

1361 joan   (25-April-2016 9:23 AM)
Give back my load. Im so dissapointed 09358904640

1360 Angie   (23-April-2016 9:59 PM)
Hi! My number is 09753741477 and I register yesterday the TM CA20, then this evening I cant call, and the teller always sayin' that "sorry hindi sapat ang iyong balance" Please fix it!! Or give my load back!

1359 vroana   (21-April-2016 2:26 PM)
im currently unable to send messages..but i could place calls just fine..and why???? i cannot register al the promos....

1358 James   (20-April-2016 7:00 PM)
i want to resend messages received by my mobile number, on April 18 around 5:00pm -9:00pm

that message will help me to unlock my locked phone because my phone has anti thief feature that sends message or notification when some one uses my phone.
thanks.. pls response to this inquiry.

1357 rikka bautista   (15-April-2016 9:18 PM)
tm sim out of service? how to regain my number or get my sim in service again

1356 Marvin Abarquez   (12-April-2016 11:04 PM)
I'm currently unable to send messages, but I could place calls just fine. I also noticed that I can send a message to my own number. Also, to a specific number, the phone tells me that it's not sent, as it should be, but when I send a message to a different number my phone says it's been sent but the recipient doesn't receive anything. My registered promo as of the comment's time/date is Txt10 extended 12 hours ago. Does it have anything to do with the system as stated by 8888?

1355 Doreen   (12-April-2016 9:30 PM)

I was wondering tonight when I call the customer service.I can't get hold of them. Another thing is that I already register my self to an unlicall promo AND i WAS REGISTER Successfully but after few minutes i receive a message that I dont have enough balance

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