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Touch Mobile (TM) Customer Service | Hotline Number
Republika ng TM: Astig Tayo Dito! If you have problems or concerns with Touch Mobile (TM) services, you can contact its customer service hotline number.

Using your cellphone or iphone you can call TM Customer Service Number at  808.

You can also send your concern or ask an inquiry to Touch Mobile (TM) email address: talk@globetel.com.ph.

For 8888 promos, balance inquiry, unbilled charges, GCash, Roaming or Share-A-Load, just dial *143# and press the call button to access our self-help menu for FREE

Touch Mobile Logo

About Touch Mobile (TM)

TM otherwise known as Touch Mobile is a mobile service brand of Globe Telecom, one of the largest telco companies in the Philippines. It officially launched on September 12, 2001 to cater mobile services to the middle class. It evolved in serving the lower class as well. Over the years, it became popular for its very affordable rates.

Need some help? Do you have concerns or problems with TM? Post them in comment below.
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1297 Jayfren Pescadero   (11-February-2016 11:08 AM)
I registered unlisurf but after 1 hour i received a text from globe that they reduce the speed of my net,I cant access to any internet related activities after i received the message from globe.This is unfair to your customers,

1296 Noel   (10-February-2016 11:22 AM)
I just successfully registered CA20 today Feb 10 2016 @9:24 AM then @around 11:24 AM today I received message that my subscription already expired..this promo is valid for 3 days but how come it expired on the same day in span of 2 hours.please explain..thank you

1295 Nat   (08-February-2016 11:29 AM)
I am not registered to any promo but when I will avail promo like C20, 8888 will reply that I am registered to a promo already. I followed the steps to stop the promo so that I can register but it doesn't.Please fix this problem.. this is my number 09261415930. Stop the promo that I am to right now. Thank you!

1294 jean rose medina   (08-February-2016 7:40 AM)
hi just want to ask why i cant register to any tm promos? every time I try it says that i have already registered ..thanks

1293 Sarrabela Sabas   (05-February-2016 12:58 PM)

1292 Jake Dane Roquero   (04-February-2016 7:52 PM)
why i cant use my free facebook data even though that i am still register with your TM promo.Is this a joke or dsjui bgh
Please reply with my email.
the data connection is open, and i have no problem with signal

1291 winston james   (03-February-2016 2:37 PM)
Kindly remove all promotions and solicitations on my sim. It consumes my balance. Please please. Thank you!

1290 Mond   (25-January-2016 7:38 PM)
I have a problem that's not related to this video. I wish to send you guys a private message but i can't see 'write message' to your page. I buy this TM simcard that allows users to pick their desired number. My problem is that there's no 'selection page' that should be present when i boot my phone (as what your manual said). I tried to reboot my phone a lot of times but the message "Please wait. Your request is being processed." How can i pick my number and use the simcard?

1289 aiza   (22-January-2016 7:58 PM)
How can I call your personal assistant for any complaints. Why I cannot sent a message? Please answer me thanks! So annoying this system! My no# 09368627416

1288 Lilibeth p.de leon   (20-January-2016 1:34 PM)
Goodafternoon po.how can i used again my sim.i think it expires because i did not load for a long time.iwant it to registered again.please help me.my number is 09356055765

1287 Michelle Alvarez   (16-January-2016 10:51 AM)
Dear Sir and Madam

Please kindly block this number 09368174060. That is my number inserted in my cellphone lost. that number texted all my friends to damaging my image. I reported it to the police station. i also want to block this number 09352510143, that number also texted all my friend and family to destroying my life. Thank you very much.

Michelle Alvarez

1286 lynne   (15-January-2016 3:01 PM)
I cannot send text message its always failed. My number is 0906-945-8253

1285 erly   (06-January-2016 5:12 PM)
why my tm cant receive calls for how many weeks?heres my no.09051333877 please answer my question soon...thanks

1284 anie   (04-January-2016 10:32 AM)
Hi Tm why I CAN'T. Receive messages. here's my number 09759303520 hope. You fix it. I tried to insert it in other cellphone but still I didn't.Receive any messages

1283 Bue Galvez   (28-December-2015 12:37 PM)
Hi TM!. May I ask the number of customer care. Need to talk him/her regarding with my sim card.

1282 Bue Galvez   (28-December-2015 12:36 PM)
Hi TM good afternoon. Seeking or your assistance to activate and access C20 promo in my sim card. You're response is highly appreciated.

1281 Bue Galvez   (28-December-2015 12:32 PM)
HI TM good afternoon, please help me to activate my Combo Promo especially Combo20 whereas I can't use and activate this for 3 weeks. My contact number is 09268849208. Need to talk also one of your customer care representative. Please! You're response is highly appreciated.

1280 Joy Punzalan   (27-December-2015 9:08 PM)
Hi TM. I have a problem with tm promos I registered, I registered COMBO20 and it should have 20 minutes call, unlimited text and 50 text to all networks but my 50 text to all network always gone.. Please do something about it!. Thank You

1279 Job Rios   (25-December-2015 5:12 PM)
Hi TM! I want to know how to block my TM Sim Card. It was lost last sunday (Dec 20, 2015) around 8:30-9:00am. It's so uncomfortable knowing that your number might be used for something else. Please if you can help me, message me at my gmail. Thank you so much!

1278 LOVELY DECENA   (23-December-2015 5:29 AM)
Everytime I try to send sms to other net it's not sending and when I checked my other net balance it's zero. Why is that? And for my extra balance it is usually eaten up as well. I am really really frustrated with the service. That's just not fair. And why should we post here in english by the way? Do we have foreign customer service?

1277 MIchael Dizon   (20-December-2015 10:12 PM)
I have a problem in my tm prepaid sim. My promo has already expired and when i register agai to the promo or another promos it always say im still registered to the tm combo promos so after a minutes of texting, i check my load and it is already deducting my load please i need help in this im already wasting money.

1276 KATRIN MAE   (19-December-2015 10:31 PM)
the number is incorrect

1275 Kenji Apiado   (19-December-2015 6:47 PM)
Is it possible to change mobile network from TM to Globe but with the same number. I do not like the signal reception of TM.

1274 Allan Bicada   (15-December-2015 1:33 PM)
dear sir/ma'am

Please block this sim number 09999349458 because this number is always sending a text spam to me
i don't know the owner of this number.

hoping for your kind consideration.

1273 Bai Isthar   (12-December-2015 10:50 PM)
Why is my sim barred whenever I dial #143* ?

1272 Maricris Feliciano   (12-December-2015 2:52 PM)
We just bought the new TM sim of my husband but when we started to dial *143# it shows "barred subscriber".Please tell us how to solve this.

1271 Maricris Feliciano   (12-December-2015 2:50 PM)

1270 Sha   (10-December-2015 9:15 AM)
Everytime I register to C20 all my remaining text to other network is zero. Really frustraiting!!

1269 ka   (10-December-2015 8:39 AM)
I registered to tm promo, Combo 20 yet i can't send sms to other networks

1268 ajolie   (09-December-2015 1:35 PM)
I registered Astig FB (15) but everytime i open my FB it's not updating i can only use the messenger? can you fix it please asap!!! i tried to registered twice still not updating and can't use FB. Thank you

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