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MERALCO Customer Service | Hotline Number
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Know for its tagline "Ang Liwanag ng Bukas", Meralco (otherwise known as Manila Electric Company) is among the top 10 companies in the Philippines. It is regarded as Asia’s finest which serves over 4.8 million residential, commercial and industrial customers. With its mission to "provide its customers the best value in energy, products and services", Meralco can now be contacted through its Customer Service Hotline Number. If you have any concerns or problems (billing, power interruptions, etc.) with Meralco, you contact them at their hotline number.

Meralco Customer Service Hotline Number:
  • 16211 (this is a call center service which is available 24/7, anytime)
  • 631-1111
Meralco Customer Service Hotline Number

You may also send a text message (SMS) to mobile numbers.

Cellphone/Mobile Number:
  • 09209716211
  • 09175516211
You can also contact Meralco's main office telephone number:
  • (02) 631-5567 
Fax Number:
  • (02) 632-8126 
Email Address:
  • corcom@meralco.com.ph 
Company Website:
  • http://www.meralco.com.ph
Do you have any other concern with MERALCO?

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85 chut   (22-May-2015 7:58 AM)
Good Day!! I just wanna ask if i can call meralco for our meralco bill even if we dont have the meralco bill? I just wanna advance my payment.. And is it possible to pay the bill without the billing statement? Thanks

84 jen canales   (20-May-2015 10:00 PM)
Good evening. we have a power interruption here in M. Aquino st niugan malabon city can you please check what could be the reason on this matter because we are concern for the children suffering from a very hot temperature they cant sleep because of this. thanks.

83 Melvyn C. Papa   (20-May-2015 1:06 PM)
May 06, 2015

Dasmarinas Business Offic e
Aguinaldo Highway, Dasmarinas Cavite

Subject: Charges based on Estimated or Average Consumption

Dear Sirs,

Relative to my email advise regarding very low billing last January 2015 ( covering December 27- January 27 2015 consumption) wherein we are only charged for 30kw consumption. Being an obedient patronizer, I took the effort of reporting the matter to Meralco asap, after determining that the meter itself is the culprit. Meralco on the otherhand, immediately took action by getting the defective meter and replaced it with a digital one... Thank you very much for that....

Afterwards, we were told that the defective meter will be subject for checking at Meralco Ortigas and then was diagnosed of " defective" maybe due to wear and tear process etc etc.....

Prior to this actions,. I made a two emails to Meralco ( one to Dasma Office and the other one to Central Office) because my first email is not being acknowledge, and requested the Head office to forward my first email to correct email address where it should be address in Dasmarinas Office

Now, I am writing because, we receive a letter dated May 5, saying that we will be billed for another 118Kw used apart from the first 30Kw being charged to us or a total of 148Kw.. which according to the letter is based on our average monthly consumption. I would like to complaint on this because during that time, after the school vacation, I am the only one left at the house because my whole family visited my in-laws and spent Christmas and new year there , they only came back in the first week or January 5 to be exact, because January 6 is the resumption or opening of the school. I also email to MERALCO that 30Kw may be too low for our billing but I totally disagree for 148kw use because my family are not at home for almost more than 2 weeks... apart from that, it’s still cold that time and I seldom use electric fan, I stay at the office Monday - Saturday, leaving 5am and arriving by 9:00 Pm during that time - it’s impossible for me to consume that Kw then.

To attest this, I attached my last year (2014) billing wherein we only consume around 96kw or total of Php 800+ billing for the same time... this is more accurate because it’s been our customs to visit my mother in-laws immediately upon school break or every year. -

With this, I would like to inform you that I disagree on this method of computation, second, I am legit MERALCO subscriber and immediately report the " matter " to you, while other took the opportunity to enjoy the unlimited electricity brought by their defective meters, I would like to request MERALCO then to be fair either by waiving this additional 118Kw because average consumption method is inaccurate or use the old 2014 billing as basis.

I hope you understand our predicament here... Hope to hear your immediate reply " para lumiwanag ang bukas" naming lahat.

Melvyn C. Papa
For and in behalf of Ms. Nora Enoc
(Current tenants)

82 joanna marie balais   (11-May-2015 8:56 PM)
We still don't have a power supply here in purok 1 block 5 bayanan muntinlupa city...we always call the meralco alabang branch and they are always says that they need to survey our place and promise that they turn our power on..but until now there are no action regarding this..i have a 3 month old baby and lola age 76 years old..im begging you meralco to help us please..i hope that tomorrow the meralco alabang team will go here to fix this problem...im a good payer..so i think one week is enough for us to suffer..thank you so much...

81 RAMON M. BLanco jr   (10-May-2015 11:11 PM)
i would like to check if our concern about our electricity complain here in pateros because around 8-9pm the drop suddenly spark we already call costumer hotline for a quick response but its been 3hour now but there is no
one here to fix it we have 2 house that has no power because we are afraid it will start a fire please bear with us help us

80 Den Sotto   (10-May-2015 1:38 AM)
We have been experiencing power outage here in Malanday, Marikina since 7pm. Please immediately send a tech team and repair our power lines. The sooner we get out power back, the better. Your urgent response will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

79 Fernand Santos   (05-May-2015 3:26 PM)
i just want to request if you can check our account.
our monthly bill from october 2014 up to now is always zero.
i have done advance payment but i don't know if it can still cover the bill up to now.
please check it because we don't want to have a problem in the long run.
this is our service id no. 411794720101
cavite area


78 jenny nabong   (26-April-2015 4:23 PM)
we still dont have a power supply starting 10 am in the morning till now can you help us to back our power supply we use k load our service id number is 370369840101 we load again a few minutes but still dont have a power supply our load balance as of now is 176 . help us please i have a baby

77 ELAINE   (23-April-2015 4:06 PM)
we just bought a house from one of the subdivision in cavite since the old owner has an unpaid bill of 16,000 we wanna know if we can just have a new account or name and how much would it cost us. do we still have to settle the bill of the old owner for us to have a new account or subscription

76 annalyn paed   (16-April-2015 8:47 PM)
I have a problem in my monthly bill..we rent a house and the appliances we have is 2 electric fan and 1 tv and the lights,,when the bill came im wondering because its very big..can you check it..

75 JUN JUN M. RAGO   (08-April-2015 4:22 PM)
May I know the email address, concerning the payment bills.

74 Yogo Lasty   (17-January-2015 9:02 AM)
How i apply senior citizen discount malate residence near Robinson?what is the requirements?

73 Richard Austria   (02-January-2015 1:02 PM)
My concern is the drop Line of my neighbors is fall inside my lot area... Can I request to re arrange or check were is the best place for their drop line... Thanks and best regards

72 Juan Tatad   (01-December-2014 6:03 AM)
i have problem in meralco office in tagaytay,i own small house in indang cavite,meralco personel remove

the meter due of un paid bills.problem is when i pay my bills then ask them to re connect the meter

they tell me to pay 1400 pesos for meter deposit which i the service already(meter no.33222601-4)

they ask me to re connection pay only.. i wish that its not the common practice in tagaytay

71 Carlo Artemio M   (14-November-2014 10:04 AM)
We have no Meralco power since 2AM yesterday due to blown out Meralco fuse. After replacing the fuse at 4 am, they said that we check first the load side before they will turn on the fuse and left immediately. Since there are still 2 fuses that are connected, we requested that the two others be turned off too. The Meralco Trece Martires branch had been telling us that they are already going here but since yesterday nobody came. We are an industrial consumer of good standing. I'm begging the Meralco management to please help us.

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