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Cyclone Giovanna Hit Antananarivo, Madagascar | Pictures

Since the entrance of Cyclone Giovanna in Madagascar in February 13, 2012, this article will update the possibility of damages that it may cause specifically in Antananarivo City, Madagascar. Antananarivo is the largest and capital city of Madagascar. Its estimated current population is over 1 million people. You can read the latest news here and view some pictures of the event.

Cyclone Giovanna in Antananarivo, Madagascar
A Google map showing the strong cyclone Giovanna that hit Antananarivo, Madagascar (photo snapshot)

Lake Anosy, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Lake Anosy in Central Antananarivo, Capital of Madagascar (photo: Wikipedia)

Houses in Antananarivo
Houses in Antananarivo (photo: wikipedia)

Antananarivo Street
A busy street in Antananarivo (photo: wikipedia)

more updates coming soon...
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