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How to Apply for Marriage Certificate Online
Get your NSO ( National Statistics Office ) Marriage Certificate Online. No need to go outside your house or office. No need to fall in line in the NSO office or any other NSO-affiliated centers. Your NSO Marriage Certificate will be delivered right in your doorstep after 3 days. It's very fast and easy to secure your NSO Marriage Certificate in the internet. e-Census provide this kind of service. e-Census is the online facility of National Statistics Office for online request and door-to-door delivery of your civil registry records such as marriage certificate. Follow these simple ways that I will teach to you.

Here are the easy steps to get your NSO Marriage Certificate online in e-Census:

1.  Go to www.ecensus.com.ph . Click either the Delivery link or the Click here to request now button (checked in Red).

e-Census website

2.  You will then be redirected to a next page which is the Terms and Conditions. Click the I Accept button.

e-Census Terms and Conditions

3. Fill-out carefully and appropriately the Contact and Delivery Information form.

e-Census Contact and Delivery form

4.  Be careful when filling-out. Review it. You might made errors. After filling-up. Click the Next button and follow further instructions.

For the payment, NSO requires you to pay 315 pesos for the Marriage Certificate. You can pay either thru bank offline or online. For offline payment, you can visit Unionbank, BDO or Metrobank in order to pay for the request of marriage certificate in e-Census.

For online payment, you can pay your NSO Marriage Certificate through Unionbank Online Banking (EON or any Unionbank online banking account) or through BDO Internet Banking. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me. 

Have you experience getting your Marriage Certificate online? Tell us in the comment below.
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24 Christine Le Grand   (09-February-2016 8:39 PM)
Hi, i married last november 27, 2015, can i already get our marriage certificate authenticated by NSO?

23 annabelle reyes   (29-June-2015 11:37 AM)
i married a japanese citizen last february 2015 in japan. i need marriage contract from NSO requesting japan immigration. is it possible? can you please help me. how would i do?thank you

22 Eleinor collo nugal   (22-October-2013 10:27 AM)
Hi I'm here in japan now how I can get our utentecated marriage contract and how to diver here in mour place?

21 joie-ann gumapac   (14-October-2013 9:09 AM)
hi maam my concern i got married march 26,2013 until,now i can get my marriage certificate if i apply they says comeback 3to 4 weeks it's that mean my certificate not yet pass in the nso for secpa but already registered in the local registry ..i hope u give me the best answers thank you so much

20 omar abdulrahman   (16-August-2013 9:09 AM)
I ask po about my marriage kc nag apply po kami 3 month na po. ganun ba katagal.

19 jennifer palmiano   (04-July-2013 7:01 PM)
just wanna ask if it's okay to use bdo cash card sa pagbabayad ng delivery sa marriage certificate? be waiting for your reply asap. thanks a lot and GOD BLESS.

18 lyn velasco   (12-June-2013 6:13 PM)
when can i get our marriage certificate in nso? i got married last march 2,2013. thank you

17 GANYVIN   (26-May-2013 10:43 PM)
i just want to ask mam/sir.., is there any other way other than paying through mobile banking..?

16 apple   (20-May-2013 3:04 PM)
what are the requirements in getting marriage certificate from the nso? thank you!

15 cristina   (06-May-2013 9:11 AM)
My husband and I were married in Canada 12 years ago. We are planning to get married in the Church in Philippines. I was informed to do register our marriage in NSO. Do you know the process?
We are now both Canadian Citizen.

Thank you,

14 Kateloecruz   (10-April-2013 7:31 PM)
Hello. nais ko lang itanong kung ano ang dapat gawin: Ang aking boyfriend ay natuklasan niya na Married na xa.. Nakita niya sa Marriage of Certificate sa NSO.

13 edlyn   (08-April-2013 12:09 PM)
we're planning to get married this august but both of us are here abroad.is it possible f one of us wil go home first and aply for a marriage license?

12 geyalaa   (26-March-2013 0:51 AM)
how long is the marriage contract available in the NSO office, i am married last january 14, 2013?

10 May   (26-February-2013 10:07 PM)
How many months after marriage can I request for NSO Marriage Certificate? We got married last Nov. 30, 2012 and we need the NSO Marriage Cert for visa application.

11 admin   (27-February-2013 7:13 AM)
May, for some, it may take 6 months or a year but for others, within a month. To make things fast, go to your Local Registrar and file an "Advance Endorsement" and make sure to always follow-up the request.

9 nelyn mcgee   (20-October-2012 2:22 AM)
how to aply a marriage certificate

8 anna mariella   (22-September-2012 0:06 AM)
hi, i just want to ask if i can get a marriage certificate of someone but i dont know the exact date of marriage.

7 anna liza   (04-September-2012 4:03 PM)
i just want to know the exact date & place where my uncle got married. Rizalino Castro Flores and Mercilita Folres.

6 MARIETA G. CAMAHALAN   (12-August-2012 1:54 PM)

I'm sorry. When I requested marriage certificate wayback May 2012 I understand I have given the correct certificate.Actuallly, we were married twice. One is Feb.15,1984 and December 8,1984. I am requesting for a December 8,1984 certificate but what what send to me is the February 15,1984 which was not the request . Can you send me the correct request please ASAP>


4 kristine   (11-July-2012 9:19 AM)
my sister just got married last june 28, and they are planning to get authentcated marriage cert from NSO for legal purposes, how can i make sure that their marriage contract was already in the NSO office?

5 admin   (11-July-2012 9:39 AM)
kristine, you can go to your Local Civil Registrar's Office and request for inquiry of marriage registration of the said person.

2 christy go   (07-June-2012 7:43 PM)
i'm getting married this coming june 20 and i need to have 2 copies of my nso registered marriage certificate by june 28 or 29. can you secure it that fast (1 week). its a rush.. please..

3 admin   (07-June-2012 9:25 PM)
christy, just follow the above procedures. You can get it within 3 working days. So, you have plenty of time.

I don't know what's your case. I think what you need is a CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) because you are just getting married.

1 jemzkie   (28-October-2010 7:16 PM)
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