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How to Verify the Status of Your Voter's ID Registration
After you apply for a voter's id registration in the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) office, you can determine your registration status, precinct number and id-printing status by following the simple procedures below:

1.  Go to http://www.comelec.gov.ph/index.php?r=precinct_finder. This is the voter's registration status checker of COMELEC. Through this facility, you can determine your precinct number, registration status (whether active or not active), your biometrics information (whether available or not), and your id-printing status (whether printed or not yet printed).

You need to fill in the required information appropriately:

Voter's registration status checker of COMELEC

2.  In filling in the required information, you must observe the following instructions:
  • Write your NAME completely the same as what you wrote when you register in the COMELEC office.
  • Do not just type your MIDDLE INITIAL if you wrote your complete MIDDLE NAME during registration.
3.  After completely filling in the information, click the Search button. And this is the result you can see:

Voter's ID registration status checker result

Note: For privacy, I hide my voter information and some registration details in this result.

Do you have any concerns with your voter's id registration? Tell us in the comment below.
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46 Amad Abu   (31-May-2016 12:11 PM)
The link is not working? help.

45 NICE PENISCULA   (30-May-2016 1:01 PM)
5 years waiting for my Voters ID. When will i get my Voters ID? How long i will be waited?.

44 ROCHELLE LURIZ ESTRADA   (21-May-2016 7:19 AM)
id check

43 Chelsea   (21-May-2016 0:12 AM)
I just want to know the status and when can I get my voters id. Thank you i registered last april 2014

42 Airesh Iniego Danila   (17-May-2016 3:12 PM)
Dear : Ma'am / Sir

When can i get my voters ID ?

41 Airesh Iniego Danila   (17-May-2016 3:10 PM)
Dear : Ma'am / Sir

Tanong kulang po kailan ko po makukuha yung voters I.d ko po? Salamat

40 diane bautista   (06-May-2016 9:04 PM)

39 April Joy Aghon   (04-May-2016 4:00 PM)
Dear Sir/madam,

I am trying today to check my ID status on your website but I am difficulty on it. It says "not found" so instead on your site, may I now the status of my ID?I sent several letter on you before (last year) about it. I've registered 2009 and haven't got my ID.

38 Mary Bayais   (04-May-2016 12:41 PM)
Hello! I'm trying to find my father's precinct but I can't complete the form because my father is an illegitimate and he doesn't have a middle name. What do I do with this? Thanks

37 MARGIE POLIS DEBUTON   (04-May-2016 12:17 PM)
I just want to check on the status of my voter's ID. Hope I can get a response thru email. Thank you.

36 Angelo D. Concepcion   (03-May-2016 6:14 PM)
Check for my voters Id

35 Edilberto I. Dames   (02-May-2016 3:25 PM)
I just want to check on the status of my voter's ID along with my wife's and daughter's.
We've registered last year in Bgy San Lorenzo, Makati

34 montemayor, Jean Medina   (28-April-2016 6:56 AM)
I just want to check if my voters registration is still your response will most appreciated.. Thank you

33 Leona Marie   (18-April-2016 1:34 PM)
I tried to visit the website indicated above for about a hundred times. But I cannot reach the site. Why is this so?

32 Myrna Dolom Alonte   (15-April-2016 3:18 PM)
Though this is informative, the said website cannot be accessed. So, as of now, it is still useless.

31 ryanrubenecia   (08-April-2016 10:34 AM)
Good morning mam/sir, I just wat to ask the status of my voters id please. thankyou in advance . godbless

30 ryan s.sarceno   (05-April-2016 7:43 PM)
how to verify my precint number?

29 marlon romano   (20-March-2016 4:54 PM)
my voters precint

28 Nenita Belmes   (18-March-2016 10:45 AM)
Good morning,
how i know if my voters id still valid.currently im working in hong kong as domestic helper.
Thank you for your kind attention.

Nenita Ariota Belmez

27 Estelita S Cenabre   (02-March-2016 9:28 AM)
Just checking if my voters registration still valid.

26 Ethyl Tarrosa   (06-February-2016 9:23 PM)
Did they remove the "ID-PRINTING DETAILS"? Because no matter how I check, the information is not there. Or am I the only one experiencing it? Can anyone verify that they remove it?

The response will be much appreciated.

25 Romulo Mira Gilaga Jr   (03-January-2016 10:20 AM)
how to fix my complete name,if my name is not complete in voter's ID?

24 MA CYNTHIA V OÑATE   (22-December-2015 7:53 AM)
When can i get my voter's ID? It's more than 6 years since i made a registration and last October 2015 i was made to understand that it's still on process. Any help is highly appreciated.

23 Cherry Lazaga Potente   (14-December-2015 7:48 PM)
Good Evening!
I just want to ask if I can claim my voter's I.D here in Main Office at Itramuros,Manila. As i check the status of my I.D it says that, It already printed last August 2015,

22 jorge tajos melitante   (06-December-2015 3:12 PM)
i'm looking for my new ID

21 mary grace tamayo   (04-December-2015 8:48 AM)
When can I get my voter's I.d?

20 eduardo velasquez corpuz   (22-November-2015 6:51 AM)
when can i get my voters id......

19 Maria   (30-October-2015 10:16 AM)
what if i have no middle initial what code should put in the box when filling
NMU? NM? NA? NMI? pls answer back asap thanks and god bless.

18 Jesselles   (30-October-2015 0:46 AM)
To verify my biometrics

17 Julie ann   (14-August-2015 5:16 PM)
Last July 2013 when I register for a voters ID when can I get it?

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