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How to Verify the Status of Your Voter's ID Registration
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After you apply for a voter's id registration in the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) office, you can determine your registration status, precinct number and id-printing status by following the simple procedures below:

1.  Go to http://www.comelec.gov.ph/index.php?r=precinct_finder. This is the voter's registration status checker of COMELEC. Through this facility, you can determine your precinct number, registration status (whether active or not active), your biometrics information (whether available or not), and your id-printing status (whether printed or not yet printed).

You need to fill in the required information appropriately:

Voter's registration status checker of COMELEC

2.  In filling in the required information, you must observe the following instructions:
  • Write your NAME completely the same as what you wrote when you register in the COMELEC office.
  • Do not just type your MIDDLE INITIAL if you wrote your complete MIDDLE NAME during registration.
3.  After completely filling in the information, click the Search button. And this is the result you can see:

Voter's ID registration status checker result

Note: For privacy, I hide my voter information and some registration details in this result.

Do you have any concerns with your voter's id registration? Tell us in the comment below.

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Total comments: 10
10 camille • 11:56 AM, 07-April-2014
Hi poh, bakit wala po akong account sa voters id ko po.
first timer voters po ako?
9 heebummer • 9:46 AM, 20-February-2014
di po ba pde ipa rush yung id? i registered last 2012 and it says on the site that my id is not yet printed.
8 margie marie daan • 7:29 PM, 13-February-2014
7 margie marie daan • 7:27 PM, 13-February-2014
ngano dugay man ako voter's id nga pag 2009 pman ko nag register
6 Guia • 10:10 PM, 12-January-2014
Bakit po not found and voters Id ko eh Tagal ko na po nag transfer wala pa rin tapos po not found pa lumabas sa pag search ko...comelec Sana po maayos a po I need my Id.
5 riza anndana • 7:09 PM, 18-October-2013
kailan po ba namin pwd makuha ung voters id nmin ng asawa ko kc the last time na pumunta ako sa taguig comelec office sabi nla di pa dw naiprint.. bakit po ganun 4 yrs na po simula ng nag reg po kmi... sabi nla bka dw next 2 yrs pa namin makukuha... bkit po ganun?
4 may ann francisco • 8:41 AM, 16-September-2013
Hi. How can i get my voter's id (rush) because i really need that for my passport. I really need to get that as soon as possible. Thanks and god bless you :)
3 evangeline limpin • 0:37 AM, 03-July-2013
I apply the voter's registration
2 andrea samson • 3:13 PM, 07-May-2013
i apply voters i.d since 2004 until now i dont have voter i.d.why?
1 andrea samson • 3:01 PM, 07-May-2013
i applied voter i.d. since 2004 until now i dont have voter i.d.why?

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