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Top 10 Most Populated Regions in the Philippines

Here's the list of the top 10 most populated regions in the Philippines according to the National Statistics Office (NSO) of the Philippines:

RankRegionTotal Number of Population (year 2010)
1Region 4A11,904,100
2National Capital Region (NCR)11,552,100
3Region 310,159,300
4Region 67,578,000
5Region 77,029,300
6Region 55,711,500
7Region 15,172,900
8Region 84,447,500
9Region 114,362,400
10Region 104,349,300

With 11,904,100 total population, Region 4A is the most populated region in the Philippines. NCR ranks second. Region 3 ranks third and so on and so forth.

Bar Graph of the Top 10 Most Populated Regions in the Philippines

Most Populated Regions in the Philippines
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Ruchi   (15 November 2013 9:07 AM)
Thanks sa info.

Lana   (04 July 2013 9:39 AM)
What is the total labor force in southern tagalog region as of 2013? And also, what is the unemployment rate and poverty incidence?