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Top 31 Valid ID's Required in the Philippines

Are you familiar with "NO ID, NO ENTRY' signs? Did you experience refusal from a Money Changer or from a "Kwarta Padala" institutions when you want to receive money from someone but you have no valid ID.  Whether your a student, an employee, or an average Pinoy, a valid ID (valid Identification Card) is always required when transacting business, accessing public/private institutions or opening bank accounts. So here's a list of the Top 31 Valid ID's required in the Philippines.

(Picture) Sample Valid ID's Required in the Philippines
Top 31 Valid ID's Required in the Philippines (in Table Format)


   ID  Photo (Sample)
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1 Driver's License  Driver's License
2 Postal ID  Postal ID
3 Social Security System (SSS ID)  SSS ID
4 Government Service Insurance System (GSIS ID)  GSIS ID
5 Tax Identification Number (TIN ID)  TIN ID
6 Professional Regulation Commission (PRC ID)  PRC ID
7 National Statistics Office (NSO) Birth Certificate  NSO Birth Certificate
8 Marriage Certificate (NSO Authenticated)  Marriage Certificate
9 National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance  NBI Clearance
10 Police Clearance  Police Clearance
11 Barangay Clearance/Certificate  Barangay Clearance
12 Senior Citizen's ID Card  Senior Citizen ID
13 PhilHealth Identification Card (PIC)  PhilHealth ID
14 Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR I-Card)  Alien Certificate of Registration ACR ID
15 Consular ID  
16 Permit to Carry Firearms  Permit to Carry Firearms
17 Passport  Philippines Passport
18 Company/Office ID  
19 Student's ID or School ID  
20 OFW ID  
21 Seaman's Book  
22 Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ID  
23 Home Development Mutual Fund (HMDF) or PAG-IBIG ID  
24 Philippine Overseas Employment Association (POEA) ID  
25 Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)  
26 PRA Special Resident Retiree Visa (SRRV) ID  
27 Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) ID  
28 Overseas Worker's Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID  
29 Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)  
30 Philippine National Police (PNP) ID  
31 Voter's ID  

These valid ID's are in compliance with the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP), circular 564. Clients who engage in a financial transaction with the covered institutions for the first time shall be required to present the original and submit a copy of at least two valid photo-bearing identification documents issued and signed by an official authority.

So, be sure to bring at least 2 valid ID's when transacting business here in the Philippines.
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151 bj aguilar   (13 July 2016 12:51 PM)
ask ko lang pwede po ba ung student driver's license pag apply ng passport ngayon 2016? ang balak ko po ipresent, NSO, student driver's license, NBI, police clearance, Brgy. clearance. pwede na po kaya? Salamat

150 Ronalene M. Paraat   (25 June 2016 8:45 PM)
Is it Postal id and Philhealth id card is valid id for renewal for passport??

149 Pamela   (14 April 2016 7:53 PM)
Dear Admin,

I have noticed that you used my ID in this site without my permission. This is unauthorized used. Could you please be careful is using other persons identity as sample in your site for security reasons of the right owner of those IDs. You should be using dummy samples. I have reported this as well to SSS office.

Please be guided accordingly and looking for your immediate actions.

148 meicy pantaleon   (10 October 2015 9:39 AM)
is philhealth id valid for cheque encashment ?

147 meicy pantaleon   (10 October 2015 9:38 AM)
is PHILHEALTH ID CARD valid cor Check encashment?

146 Tony   (22 September 2015 2:40 PM)
Hi, good day is philhealth id valid for a domestic flight? Please respond, thanks.

145 Micholle Plasabas   (08 September 2015 5:31 PM)
Hello! Good evening!

I don't have any valid ID.
I graduated high school last 2008.

I just want to get my NSO Birth Certificate for school, passport and other legals documents.
My parents were missing in action since then. I don't know what to do.
I can't even enroll in university for college coz they need my birth certificate.
Can you please help me?

144 jones P.   (27 August 2015 6:09 PM)
good day, is philhealth valid for domestic flights? we are flying via Philippine Airlines

143 jones P.   (27 August 2015 6:05 PM)
Good day, pede po ba ang philhealth card when travelling domestic flights? we are flying via Philippine Airlines by the way

142 Suzzette Ballesteros   (27 August 2015 9:40 AM)
Hi..ive learned that a single parent like me can still enjoy additional paid leaves ..but I need to obtain an id (as single parent),so where im gonna apply for such?please help me.thank you...

141 Mayeth wenceslao   (05 August 2015 6:32 PM)
Hello po tanong Lang po ano po pwedi gamitin para sa flight ko sa davao naka book na po kasi ako.Ngaun August 16,2015 po yong Ali's ko. Kaso Lang wala ako Id voters certification Lang ang mayroon ako. Valid po ba ang voters certification ? Please kailangan ko nang information? Ano pa ang dapat konin para Lang may valid id ako.

140 christian v.   (17 June 2015 2:15 PM)
banks wont honor NBI anymore, so let's say if you are out of luck(just as I am) and only have 1 valid ID, having your check cashed in would be pointless.,

139 jennver junio   (06 April 2015 10:05 AM)
where and how can I apply for UMID? Do I still need the IDs for SSS, PAG-IBIG and Philhealth?

138 amer   (30 December 2014 11:45 PM)
how to apply for a new member?
can i have a form for online?

137 Cj Luis   (04 December 2014 11:17 AM)
Do i really need to transfer registered voting province in order to get brgy. clearance? Im living here for almost 2 yrs now but i didnt trnsfer here yet. I tried to get brgy clearance awhile ago but they are requiring me to transfer first.

136 jennele coronel   (20 October 2014 2:32 PM)
Is the nbi clearance is valid to accept to any domestic flights?

135 Ailene Cariazo   (22 September 2014 7:43 PM)
Pwede ba ang nso at nbi sqa pagpalit ng cheke
at hanggang kelan ang valid
pakisagot naman po
kc nd ko pa napapalitan

134 kriztine veroy   (08 September 2014 1:32 PM)
In applying for a passport, can i atleast provide only nbi clearance,barangay clearance and b-certificate as a valid ID? I don't think my school id is valid anymore because I already graduated but in my school id indicates that the validity year is 2012-2015 so it is a bit confusing... please help...

133 Lesley Faigao   (24 June 2014 1:37 PM)
Is TIN ID valid for check encashment?

132 ALBERT AGUIRRE   (31 May 2014 5:53 AM)
can you Plsss include PAG-IBIG ID..
I have a hard time in exchanging my check at any bank because i only have PaG-Ibig ID!!!

131 rina catena   (23 May 2014 9:21 AM)
i have nso certificate and school i.d .. is it enough?

130 Elsa Lim Aljibrini   (04 May 2014 10:16 PM)
I am vote here in Saudi Arabia" Where i can get my voters Id? can i get it in Cebu?

129 Tere   (24 April 2014 8:29 PM)
Why are there establishments or agencies that do not honor Philhealth as valid ID?

128 Mcmann   (06 April 2014 2:00 PM)
Why is it voters id is not included on the list

127 Robert Goff   (26 March 2014 6:34 PM)
What types of ID will Philippine Airlines accept for a Philippine citizen traveling within the Philippines? Thank you PS: I have looked at Philippine Airlines website and no answer there. Will send them an iquiry if no answer her.

126 julie_bhe   (07 March 2014 10:19 PM)
is it ok if i only present nbi or police clearance for domestic flights?thank you

125 Abegail   (13 February 2014 11:07 AM)
can i use my POLICE CLEARANCE and BRGY. CLEARANCE as a requirement for NBI?

122 reiner strerath   (11 February 2014 5:09 AM)
my partner needs a passport to come to germany.
which are real VALID IDs to get a passport beside the SSS ?
which ID is the ID to get easiest and fastest ?

123 admin   (11 February 2014 3:33 PM)
reiner strerath, the easiest and fastest valid id to get is the postal id.

121 yztel   (27 January 2014 10:34 AM)
Can i get used birth certificate in NSO

120 aileen paparro   (24 January 2014 3:56 PM)
is marriage certificate valid for check encashment?

124 admin   (11 February 2014 3:35 PM)
aileen paparro, marriage certificate is considered a valid id but it doesn't bear a photo of the holder/owner. You need a photo-bearing ID for check encashment. Examples of photo-bearing IDs are driver's license, postal id, company/office ID, school ID, passport, etc.

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