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How to Reset Epson T10 Printer

Do your Epson T10 printer experienced blinking 2 led lights alternately as if your printer will no longer be used or it will not print anymore? Well, I guess it reaches its Service Life age. Do you want to used again the printer instead of buying a new printer in order to save money?

The solution is reset your Epson T10 printer.

Resetting Epson T10 Printer is very easy. Just follow these simple 6 steps:

1. Download the Epson T10 resetter here. Click this link: Epson_T10_Adjustment_Program_Resetter_Program.zip

2. Unzip the file. Run the Epson Adjustment Program for T10
select the right port for usb. The port should be selected in Auto Selection. Click Particular adjustment mode.

3. Point on Waste Ink Pad Counter and press Ok.

4. Press Check Button to check the Waste Ink Pad Counter.

5. Click Initialization to reset.

6. Power off the printer and turn it on again.... Abrakadabraaaaa. You're printer is now reset.

These are simple ways in resetting your Epson T10 Printer.
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16 Mikael Tamayo   (19 August 2014 6:42 AM)

15 gerry   (14 June 2014 6:35 PM)
I want resetter for epson T10 pls help me.

14 rady lleva   (17 March 2014 12:57 PM)
i want resetter for epson t10

13 rady lleva   (17 March 2014 12:57 PM)
can you give me this resetter?

12 Ritchel Ababon   (03 March 2014 4:06 PM)
Hi, I want resetter for epson t10.

11 juliet torculas   (24 February 2014 5:38 PM)
hi iwant reseter for epson t10

10 kanon sikder   (09 February 2014 1:58 PM)
Hi, thanks so much this works for me too....
God Bless!!!

9 Dona   (20 June 2013 1:10 PM)
Hi, thanks so much this works for me too....
God Bless!!!

8 carlos   (09 June 2013 12:54 PM)
thanks!!! it worked on me too!

7 theresa   (24 April 2013 11:57 AM)
thank you so much

6 theresa   (24 April 2013 11:57 AM)
thanks :D

5 Mifuyo   (05 December 2012 3:06 PM)
it work for me, thanks

4 Rommel   (20 November 2012 10:28 AM)
t10 resseter pls

3 nagaemas   (20 February 2012 10:33 PM)
My printout become hairwyre and alignment become crazy

2 nagaemas   (20 February 2012 10:32 PM)
my prinout hairwyre. allingment become crazy. elp please

1 austria donald   (08 June 2011 2:22 PM)
need me sir. t10 epson resetter