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National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) to All Third Year High School Students
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The Department of Education (DepEd) through the National Education Testing and Research Center (NETRC), with the assistance of divisions and public and private secondary school personnel shall administer the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) to All Third Year High School Students from all public and private secondary schools on August 29, 2012. This is pursuant to DepEd Memorandum No. 153, s. 2011 entitled "Changes to DepEd Order No. 28, s. 2011 and DepEd Memorandum No. 270, s. 2007; and DepEd Order No. 26, s. 2012."

Only private secondary schools with permit to operate from the Department shall be included in the conduct of the test.

The NETRC's authorized forwarders/couriers shall deliver the test materials at least two (2) weeks before the test administration except for the National Capital Region (NCR) divisions which shall be delivered two (2) days before the test administration.

The same forwarder/courier shall retrieve all the test materials one (1) week after the test administration. Hence, all divisions are instructed to ensure that test materials are ready for pick-up/retrieval by the authorized forwarder/courier.

Relative to this, the NETRC shall conduct the National Conference on the Standardized Administration of the National Career Assessment Examination to all Division Testing Coordinators (DTCs) and Private Schools Supervisors (PSSs) by cluster on the following dates and venues:

1VI and VIIJuly 31, 2012Ecotech, Lahug, Cebu City
2VIII, X and ARMMAugust 1, 2012
3IX, XI, XII and CaragaAugust 2, 2012
4I, II and CARAugust 6, 2012GSP, Tagaytay City
5III and NCRAugust 7, 2012
6IV-A, IV-B and VAugust 8, 2012

The following topics shall be discussed in the said conference:
  • Proper conduct/administration of the test;
  • Security of test materials, delivery and retrieval scheme;
  • Allocation of test materials;
  • Information derived from the individual Certificate of Rating;
  • Utilization and dissemination of findings; and
  • Financial matters relative to test administration.
Each division is authorized to send one (1) DTC and one (1) PSS with ten (10) or more private secondary schools.

The DTCs are directed to bring/send soft and hard copies of the actual enrolment of the Third Year High School students for School Year (SY) 2012-2013 from both public and private schools using the format below.

RegionDivisionCity/MunicipalityLegislative DistrictDivision CodeType of School (Public or Private)School IDName of School2012-2013 Enrolment (Third Year)

New Cell

New Cell

Traveling expenses and other allowable expenses shall be charged to NETRC Funds subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

Participants must attend the conference only on the date and venue specified for their regions. Conference proper will start at exactly 8:00 a.m. They are advised to check in at the venue in the afternoon before the scheduled conference.

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99 Van Basa Antiola • 12:45 PM, 03-February-2015
Maam , sir good day !
I am the Guidance Facilitator of Arriesgado College Foundation, Inc. here in Tagum City. I am informing you that we did not receive the copy of the NCAE RESULT 2013-2014. I hope we can get it as soon as possible . TY maam and sir . just send it to my facebook account dhodz_vhan10@yahoo.com .
98 La John • 6:55 PM, 21-November-2014
Maam , sir good day !
can you send me the ncae result on 2010-2011
i just need it for enrollment in TESDA . my name is John philip C. tagana
i hope i can get it as soon as possible . TY maam and sir . just sent to my
facebook or yahoomail. TAGANAPHILIP@YAHOO.COM .
97 Roan May Jaralbe • 4:36 PM, 20-November-2014
good day maam and sir
can u send me my NCEA result year 2012/2013?
my name is Roan May Jaralbe from BUAYAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL
i need it for the enrollment in college.
i hope,.i can get it as soon as u can
thank u maam and sir
96 Roan May Jaralbe • 4:31 PM, 20-November-2014
MAAM,sir,.can i get my NCEA result year 2012/2013...
my name is Roan may Jaralbe from BUAYAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL,..buayan,kabasalan,zamboanga,sibugay,.
bcox i need it for the enrollment.,.
thank u maam and sir[color=black]
95 Rheyzl Obias • 5:18 PM, 21-October-2014
can i get the result of my ncae result year 2012/2013,
my name is rheyzl o gata
from tinambac cam sur
my school name is don servillano platon memorial national high school
i hope that i can get it as soon as posible ,because i need to enroll nxt week,
thank you mav, sir
94 Mac Gonzales • 1:11 PM, 14-October-2014
Good Afternoon sir and mam can u send my NCAE result SY. 2010-2011 result i need it as soon as possible. Plss reply thank you..
93 Lance Matthew Reyna • 11:21 AM, 13-October-2014
Hello sir, I have lost my copy of me NCAE result and my school has also lost their copy. I need a copy of my result as soon as possible. Thank You
92 Harriet Abria • 4:36 PM, 11-October-2014
Good afternoon madam/sir can i know also the NCAE result 2012-2013 in Region IX,Zamboanga Del Norte.I really need it as soon as possible.Please reply thank you.
91 Mary Joy Erojo Rances • 2:22 PM, 24-July-2014
I lost my NCAE result .. How can i get one more copy if ? I really need it for my school requirement in college. PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THANK YOU.
90 Mary Joy Erojo Rances • 2:14 PM, 24-July-2014
Good day. Can i ask if still i can get one copy of my NCAE result. I really need it for my school requirements in college. PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
89 Daniel • 10:47 PM, 17-June-2014
I also needed a copy of my NCAE result. where can I get mine? I'm badly needing. Government of the Philippines, please help us claim and have such copy of it. thanks. May you reply as soon as possible.
88 jenilynbalangon • 1:40 PM, 03-June-2014
good afternoon poh Maam/ Sir pwede poh ba malaman result ng ncae ng kapatid ko?..Zambales National Highschool Year 2012-2013 poh sya ngtake ng ncae..wait ko nlng poh responce..thank you poh..need nya poh ksi for the enrollment
87 Liezel Bravo Ramos • 2:02 PM, 28-May-2014
Hello Maam/Sir ! May i ask about my NCAE result ? Coz i really need it for my school requirements wherein im going to enroll .. Hoping for your fast reply as soon as possible ! Thankyou . Godbless !
86 elisonalfred@yahoo.com • 1:21 PM, 28-May-2014
hi maam/sir my name is alfred elison. i would like to ask where can i get my ncae results.i really need it for my requirements in my enrollment in college..thank you
85 Reynol Floriano • 11:26 AM, 27-May-2014
Hi Maam/Sir My name is Reynol Floriano can you just send the website on this email where I can find the result of NCAE last 2013, because it really need on my enrollment.
Thank you.
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