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Accessible Website Design Guidelines of National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA)

In compliance with Joint Circular No. 1, s. 2010 dated June 29, 2010 entitled Accessible Website Design Guidelines from the Office of the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) and the National Computer Center (NCC) the NCDA issues the report of the Philippine Web Accessibility Group (PWAG) through website address at pfrd.org.ph.

The report shows that only few have complied with the said Joint Circular on Website Accessibility to Implement Article 9 on Accessibility of the UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The Council is determined to push web accessibility among government agencies with frontline services towards inclusive access to information.

The NCDA will recognize this year’s would-be compliants through the Award and Recognize Accessible Websites in the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (NDPR) Week in July 2013.

More information may be inquired from:

The National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA)
NCDA Building, Isidro Street, Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City
Telephone Nos.:  (02) 932-4342; (02) 951-5013; (02)951-6129; (02) 952-2809; (02) 951-6033; (02) 951-5925    
Email Addresses: council@ncda.gov.ph; pfrd.org.ph
Website Address: http://www.ncda.gov.ph
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