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How to Track LBC Package Online?

One of the leading courier services, LBC continues to innovate their online tracking service. With it's newly designed website (lbcexpress.com), you can now trace or track your package at a click of a button. The link of the online tracking service is just located at the home page of the website. Whenever someone sends you a package, you can track it by following this 3-step guide below:

Step 1

You must have the tracking number of the package. As the receiver of the package, you can request or ask the tracking number by texting, chatting or calling the sender of the package.

Step 2

Go to the LBC website (lbcexpress.com). And click the Track and Trace link.

LBC Website

Step 3

A new window will pop-up. Enter the tracking number of the package:

Track LBC Package

You may ask, "How many digits does the LBC Tracking number have?". Based on my experience, when someone sent me package through LBC, the sender gave me a 12-digit tracking number.

After entering the appropriate tracking number, the details of the delivery status will appear like this:

LBC Tracking Package Status

Transcript: Track & Trace, Tracking Number, Delivery Status, IN PROGRESS, Tracking number, Classification: Delivery, roduct: D1- DAY 1 CARGO, Shipper's Name:, Consignee Name, Latest Status, Date, Time, Status]

If you enter an incorrect or invalid tracking number, this pop-up window will appear:

LBC invalid tracking number

Transcript: Track & Trace, Tracking Number, Sorry, the tracking number you entered is invalid. Kindly check the tracking number again. ]

Advantages/Benefits of LBC Online Tracking Service
  • It adds customer confidence/satisfaction to the online buyer who receives the product from the online seller/sender.
  • Online customers can easily know and trace the package sent to them by the online seller.
  • Decreases the risk of scams from online selling.

Are you having a problem tracking your package with LBC online tracking service?

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23 Jimm   (22 March 2017 7:37 PM)

Is there any possible way that I may know if the package is already sent or not without asking the sender the tracking number?

22 Jeralyn ayuda   (02 December 2016 10:02 AM)
How can i get my package if the sender loss the receipt..

21 Mai   (29 September 2016 11:57 AM)
Can anyone tell me how I can send a box to someone n Philippines from United States?

20 Arianne   (04 May 2016 6:45 AM)
What if you entered the tracking number and it says 'No Tracking Details'?

19 Lady   (29 April 2016 7:34 PM)
Can you please check the name of my LBC recipient package MARY ROSE C GARCIA of BRGY. SANTA LUCIA CAPAS, TARLAC

18 Yulo Calosor   (22 March 2016 11:27 AM)
track and trace status

17 marilyn bosmion   (28 February 2016 4:14 AM)
I want chat there

16 elton valdez   (10 February 2016 7:32 PM)
I lost my receipt. how can I track the package I sent last January 2 2016

15 Joseph toyong   (28 December 2015 10:48 AM)
Please.....please.....deliver my order.....

14 beatriz diancin   (21 December 2015 9:36 PM)

please please deliver my item...please

thank you

13 Carol Anne   (21 September 2015 11:24 AM)
can u pls update the status of this package thanks 178759900114

12 valerie rellin   (19 September 2015 4:58 AM)
Good day, i would like to know if i package is already there in the nearest branch .its been two weeks and the sender lost the receipt and i cant track it since i dont have the tracking number.plss help me :( Aira or Aiyra Ricafort is the sender dont familiar her name please im from cebu

11 Nickson Lawrence   (18 September 2015 4:54 PM)
Hii Sir...My sender sent me a package of iphone 5s through LbC iriga city...He sent me the tracking no 180019309340....so please check and tell me whether such shipment was made on 16september2015..eve around 5-5.30 pm....plz help me sir?..

10 ruel parian   (10 September 2015 2:25 PM)
I just like to inform what a bad service of lbc they pick up my packge since april 2015 until my family didnt recieve my package.

9 FRANCO81   (21 August 2015 10:57 AM)
can update the stauts # 791001605820

8 FRANCO81   (21 August 2015 10:41 AM)
hi can i update this tracking number 791001605820

7 kim kim donque   (15 July 2015 9:35 AM)
Can you trace up.
Thank you

6 kim kim donque   (15 July 2015 9:32 AM)
Good day. I would to know about my package it's been 8 months I didn't received. He lost the receipt and me also how I can trace but this is the name of the sender Ronald Apelt from Australia. Thank you please

5 Jam   (04 July 2015 10:39 PM)
What if the sender lost the receipt and she cant give the tracking number? Can we still track the package and know the delivery status with the sender and receiver's name and address? It has been 4 months since she sent the package.

4 kier neik g. santos   (12 June 2015 10:28 AM)
I want to o+

3 marianne tan   (21 May 2015 5:15 PM)

2 Carlie An Macatangay   (04 May 2015 12:51 PM)
when will you deliver my order? here is my tarcking number 771000601519 please responds immediately

1 Judith Chu   (16 April 2015 10:01 AM)
Hi! Good day,
I just want to ask, how can i know if my cargo from dubai is already here in the philippines, i lost my receipt, we're planning for a vacation, so i just want to know when is the delivery of my cargo.
Thanks and God Bless.