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Major crushing theories used in the crushing process

Crushing process, namely is that outside force power to material, destroy ore’s internal cohesiveness, then ore to be crushed. Spiral classifier price When out force works, make ore broken, the potential of the materials for the transformation of reactive power increased. 

Therefore, power consumption theory is essentially clarify the input power factor and fracture process before and after the potential of material broken the relationship between the changes. Symons cone crusher. In order to find the energy consumption and reduce the energy consumption law way. Many scholars from different views provide several different forms of broken power consumption theories. 

Currently accepted: the surface area theory, the volume theory, the crack theory. We only introduce simply:

1.Surface theory:

In 1867, Raymond mill Rittinger referred, and the power consumption of crushing is Artificial sand maker proportional to the surface of new material.

2. Volume theory:

In 1874 the Russian Cardiff and in 1885 Skagerrak put forward independently, outside force works on the objects and distort them. And the power will be stored in the objects, made the objects distorted. But some brittle material, in elastic range,Mobile jaw crusher its stress and the strain is not strictly comply with hooke's law. Deformation can store to limit bursts. Can this narrative: geometric shape similar the same material, break into the product of the same shape and the required work and their volume or is proportional to the quality.

3. Crack theory:

In 1952,china jaw crusher America Bond and Chinese WangRenDong scholars put forward. External forces make ore blocks the distortion, and stored some distortion power. Once the local deformation than the critical point,Cone crusher produce the vertical and surface rupture mouth .Fracture mouth after the formation of the material is stored in the deformation of internal can release, gap expanded into the new surface. The input power into the new generation of the surface can, the other part of molecular friction into heat energy for release. So, the broken work including deformation and surface energy. Distortion power is proportional to size, surface energy is directly proportional to surface.

Three theories each has certain applicable, Hukki experimental research shows that: crushing, volume theory is accurate, the crack theories and practical are very different. Finely, area is precise theory, the theory of small cracks calculated data. Crushing and the smaller the wider range between, crack theory more practical. As long as the right to use them, to provide the theoretical analysis of the fracture process according to and methods.

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