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The Construction and Characteristics of Ball Mills

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

There are many kinds of ball mills, but most ball mills have the same installing ways and procedures.

Because the violent vibration of ball mills during operation, we suggest the ball mill should be installed on the steel concrete whose weight is 2.5-3 times heavier than itself to make sure the stable operation of the ball mill, and the reduction on the damage to the buildings.

This steel concrete foundation should be fixed on the ground, away from the building for at least forty to fifty millimeters, which can decrease the damage to the building to its minimum. 

Ball mills are the very important grinding equipment in the process of ore beneficiation.

The grinding operation of ball mill is a mechanical process, and this depends on two factors: the first one is the mechanical strength of these rock and ore, and the second one is the state of application of force of the grinding machines.

The feeding materials enter into the first grinding cylinder evenly through the hollow spiral bearings.

Within this cylinder, there are stepped lining plates or waving plates and steel balls in different specifications.

The centrifugal force takes those balls to a certain height and the balls will fall down because of gravity, so strong impacting and grinding force will be produced.

After the course grinding on the first cylinder, materials will have further grinding in the second cylinder.

The grinding will finish when the powder has been discharged from the discharging bucket. 

This grinding machine consists of feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, transferring part etc.

The inner hollow bearings are made of steel, and the inner plate is changeable.

The rotary big gear is cast with hobbings and the drum is equipped with wear-resistant liner.

This machine operates stably and reliably.

According to the differences in types of materials and discharging ways, we can choose from dry ball mills and wet trellis ball mills. http://rotarykilnhongxing.blog.com/

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