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The Modified Flotation Machine Works Well

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd

With the increasing development of the scale of ore selective factory and complexity of the nature of raw materials, the research on the flotation machine has been emphasized at home and abroad.

From the 1960s, new types of flotation machines have been produced.

In the past three decades, the research on the development of flotation machine focused mainly in the following aspects. (1) the development of a new impeller - stater (2) and improve tank institutions and the pulp cycle ways to improve the applicability of flotation machines of different size fractions minerals. (3) the mechanical flotation machine (inflatable mechanical agitation and mechanical agitation) is more popular and widely used, including inflatable mechanical flotation machine in the majority, followed by mechanical flotation machine.

Many procedures have been improved after the transformation from the combination of BF flotation machine and JJF flotation machine to the BF flotation machine.

According to the statistics, the grade of the flotation concentrate has raised 0.5%, the grade of the flotation has falls 0.5%.

From the statistics, the capacity of the mill is 55t/h, the percent of producing time is 92%, and the producing percent of the magnetic concentrate is 35%.

From Jan to Apr of 2004, the grade of flotation concentrate is 65.38%, the grade of flotation tailing is 20.16%.

From May to Nov of 2004, the grade the of flotation concentrate is 65.88%, the grade of flotation tailing is 19.66%, so every year the separation workshop can get 1321 tons concentrate than before.

The price of the concentrate is 570yuan/t, which grade is 65%, and if the grade of concentrate rises 1%, the price rises 10 yuan/ton, So the separation workshop can get extra benefit of 4.33 million every year.

After adopting BF-T flotation machine, we solve the problem of flotation index isn’t stable and make the enterprise great economical and social benefits.

SF flotation separator is designed in recent years.

It keeps the advantages of "A" type flotation machine of self-priming air and pulp, which do not need the ladder configuration, and mine returns without foam pump.

But compared with the "A"-type flotation machine, SF has larger inspiratory capacity, low speed of impeller, small space between impeller and the cover, and light wear.

BF flotation machine is a new type of modified SF flotation machine. http://stonecrusherhongxing.wordpress.com/

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