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LTO Penalty for Unregistered Motor Vehicle or Expired Registration (Apprehended)

If you're apprehended by an LTO (Land Transportation Office) Officer or traffic enforcer in the Philippines with a violation of "unregistered MV or motor vehicle", you are going to pay a penalty worth Php 10,000 (around $227). Even if the registration (Certificate of Registration) or Official Receipt (OR) of the Registration has been expired, LTO will still charge you a violation of "unregistered MV".

LTO Penalty

According to an LTO Office Representative,

-If you only failed to carry the valid  OR/CR  (not yet expired), the penalty is Php1,000. 
-If you are operating it but unregistered for the current year, and you are also the owner of subject vehicle, the penalty is Php10,000.00, and Your license will not be released until your motorcycle is properly registered." 

If an LTO officer or Traffic enforcer found out that you have no registration or has expired Official Receipt of the Latest Registration, you will be issued a Temporary Operator's Permit (TOP) and your driver's license will be confiscated. Worst, if you have no driver's license, your motorcycle, car or vehicle will be impounded. This TOP in pink copy is your temporary driver's license. You can use this TOP for only 3 days. So, you must settle your charges to the LTO office to get back your driver's license.

Actions of Other Drivers
  • When LTO officers or Traffic enforcers are conducting a checkpoint operation on the road, some drivers will turn their vehicle back around to avoid the checkpoint and this makes them escape any charges for violation they may commit.
  • Some other drivers are personally negotiating the traffic officer and give them an amount of money in exchange for letting them avoid the big penalties to be paid in the LTO office.

  • Every time you ride your motorcycle or car, you must bring the updated or current OR (Official Receipt) of the Registration and of course your driver's license in order to avoid penalty.
  • Have a photocopy (xerox copy) of your OR or CR. In case of loss of the original copy of OR or CR, you have a photocopy that you can present to the LTO officers or Traffic enforcers.
  • Follow the traffic laws.
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25 angel Paulo   (09 March 2017 3:00 PM)
I plan to retire my old scooter for 1 year beacause i already have a new one, but i plan to use my old scooter again after a year how do i register it with out being apprehended since there are many checkpoints in our area? thanks! : )

24 gilbertsilang   (15 February 2017 4:47 PM)
How much penalty unregistered motorcycle

23 Jemar C. Bugas   (10 September 2016 8:17 PM)
Is it valid for the LTO checkpoint a for registration MV a purchase copy of travel certificate and sales invoice coming from the motor dealer?/

22 Jo   (31 August 2016 12:06 PM)
Good day! What does penalty on the Official Receipt of first Motorcycle registration stand for?

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21 Can   (24 August 2016 7:29 AM)
i owned a car is second hand just this year and expired almost 5 years. how much the cost of penalty and renewal for 5 year non register.

20 juan   (01 June 2016 12:31 PM)
what if the date of your registration is June but you accidentally register in march same year what will happen? you consider it advance or you will register back again in june?

19 Ron   (22 May 2016 8:05 AM)
What if the date your registration is 1st week of May and you were apprehended on the 2nd week of same month? Huhulihin ka na ba and charged with unregistered vehicle? Wala bang considerations like a grace period within the month man lang?

18 John Escobal   (14 May 2016 9:58 AM)
how much do i need to pay for non-renewed registration for 10years? I want to use my motorcycle again but i want to fix all needed first to avoid any problem in the future. Thanks for your response.

17 roderick verzosa eguia   (30 April 2016 3:38 PM)
How much do I pay as penalty for nonrenewed registration for four year?

16 roderick verzosa eguia   (30 April 2016 3:34 PM)
verification of nissan sentra 1989 sgx, plate no.DGD 504.and how much the cost of penalty and renewal for 4 year non register.

15 roderick verzosa eguia   (30 April 2016 3:30 PM)
Have a good day to you!!
i want to buy this car of nissan sentra 1989 sgx,, plate no.DGD 504..fo verification.. and how much the cost of non registration up to now!! 4 year non register!!may i know how much a pay,, before i buy this car!!

Thank You and more power!!..

14 Patrick c   (12 March 2016 12:58 PM)
How many days or months before i can claimed my OR/CR for my new MC...thanks

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13 Rolando   (15 February 2016 9:02 AM)
How much do I pay as penalty for nonrenewed registration for two years?

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12 Mark joseph brua   (10 February 2016 3:03 AM)
How much is the penalty of unregistered motorcycle since 2009-2016?

11 andrew   (15 January 2016 5:10 AM)
how much will i pay for a vehicle that's unregistered since 2007? thank you.

10 edmund   (01 January 2016 3:16 PM)
good day. can i ask when i will register the motorcycle with a plate number ND67611 waiting for your response. thank you

9 Eli   (09 November 2015 7:20 AM)
May i ask if how much will i pay if my motorcycle due date of registration was last february 2014?I dont know how to registered it thank you.

8 dhey   (30 October 2015 1:56 AM)
Hi i just like to ask? How much would be the penalty if i fail to register my car for a year?

7 Charlene   (06 September 2015 10:28 PM)
How much is my penalty because the motorcycle i buy last registered since 2006

6 Charlene   (06 September 2015 10:27 PM)
If i lost the registered reciept did lto have a record .of my last registered ? Sorry for my english . Hope to understand thank you

5 Patrick Talucod   (27 May 2015 2:56 PM)
How much is my penalty because my motorcycle is last registered since 2011-2012? Thank you.

4 joey   (11 April 2015 3:07 PM)
Is it the same if you are driving a "for registration" motorcycle.?

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3 Jun Atadero   (23 January 2015 3:26 PM)
I was apprehended by a traffic enforcer this morning along Congressional Avenue Ext. for late or expired MV registration. Having been really terrified of claiming my Driver's License for P4,000 , I went directly to DPOS at the QC Hall to ask for the real price for the Violation, and thank goodness guys, it's only for P700. I think 4k concerns an unregistered vehicle involved in a more severe situation.

1 Jecielle Mae Balbuena   (06 January 2015 5:20 PM)
how much is the penalty of driving unregistered motorcycle? The registration was expired two years ago. ty so much

2 admin   (08 January 2015 7:27 PM)
Jecielle, it's Php 4,000 as stated above.