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How to Pay your Globe Bill thru MasterCard or Visa Card (ATM Card)?

When you log-in to your Globe account at Globe's website (https://accounts.globe.com.ph), you can view your enrolled Globe accounts inside, including the amount of your bill, the details or particulars of the bill. Globe even put a Pay now button in which you can pay your Globe bill online using your MasterCard or Visa Card (any debit or credit card with MasterCard or Visa Card logo). But can you really pay your Globe bill if you click the Pay now button and fill-out the forms and continue the payment transaction? The answer is - NO.

Pay Globe Bill Online thru MasterCard or VisaCard (ATM card)

Globe online payment facility in their website is useless. I tried it and it failed. The transaction couldn't be completed.

If you click the Pay now button, you will be redirected to a page with online payment form. After you completed filling-in all forms, the transaction will fail at the end. Try it and you will know.

Someone from Globe company should report this USELESS or MALFUNCTIONING ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEM of their website.

Did you try to pay Globe online using their online payment facility? How did it go?
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