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How to Pay Globe Broadband Bill via BDO Online Banking?

Don't waste your time going to the Globe branch to pay your Globe Broadband bill. You can pay it thru BDO online banking with a click of a mouse. This is how to do it:

Step 1

It is required that you have a BDO account enrolled in BDO's online banking facility. If you have a BDO account but you're not yet enrolled in BDO online banking facility, you cannot pay your GLOBE Broadband bill. This article might help you then: If you're already enrolled in BDO online banking, please log-in to your BDO online banking account.

Step 2

Go to Pay Bills and Reload and fill-out the Pay Bills payment form:

Pay Globe Broadband Bill via BDO Online Banking
Look at the screenshot above and follow what to do and what to fill-out.

Enter the appropriate information in the following fields:
  • Pay from - choose the BDO account you want to use to pay from.
  • Pay this Company/Biller - choose INNOVE/GLOBE LANDLINE/TATTOO BROADBAND
  • Amount - the amount of your bill. You can also pay an amount greater than your bill. The extra amount will be used to the next billing cycle.
  • Remarks - you can leave this blank
  • Subscriber Number - your Globe Account Number
  • Subscriber Name - your Globe Account Name
You can choose to check or uncheck the box which says, "Yes, I wish to enroll this Company/Biller in my account".

Then click Submit button.

Step 3

You need to review all the information you've entered. Make sure all are correct and proceed to the payment process. You will receive an acknowledgment receipt to your email for successful payment.

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