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How to Pay Sky Cable and Sky Broadband Bill Online (UnionBank)

There's a better way for you to pay your Sky Cable and Sky Broadband bills. You don't need to go to the Sky Cable branch/office or payment center to fall in line. At the comfort of your home or office, you can pay your Sky Cable/Broadband bill through Unionbank online banking. Though your Sky Cable and Sky Broadband accounts are different, both of them have the same online payment procedure. This online payment procedure is only applicable to subscribers from Cebu, Bacolod, Dumaguete and Iloilo. To pay your bill online, follow the procedures below:

SkyCable Online Payment

Step 1

You must be a Unionbank accountholder and your account must be enrolled in Unionbank's online banking facility. The article below might help you:

If you are already enrolled in UnionBank's online banking facility, log-in to your UnionBank account. (Take note:I'm using the UnionBank EON account here in paying Sky Cable bill.)

Step 3

Go to Bills (in red arrow) and Search Biller:

Pay Sky Cable and Sky Broadband Bill Online

Step 4

Search Sky Cable in the Biller Name field:

Search Sky Cable

Then choose (click) SKY CABLE (CEBU, BACOLOD, DUMAGUETE, ILOILO) in the List of Billers.

Choose Sky Cable biller

Step 5


In the Payee Name field, enter your Name (Subscriber's Name).
In the Area code field, enter 09.
In the Account Number field, enter your 6-digit Sky Cable account number or 6-digit Sky Broadband account number.

Add Sky Cable as Biller

If you have both Sky Cable account and Sky Broadband account, you must pay them separately. You cannot pay them at once. The Name of Biller remains the same: SKY CABLE (CEBU, BACOLOD, DUMAGUETE, ILOILO).

Upon successful enrollment of the Biller, you will receive a Cyber Receipt:

Sky Cable Biller Receipt

You can now pay your bill with a few clicks. To pay your Sky Cable/Broadband bill, follow the next step.

Step 6

Go to BILLS and click One Time Payment to My Biller.

Pay Sky Cable/Broadband Bill Online

You will be redirected to a different page:

Online Payment to Sky Cable Broadband Bill

In the Pay To selection, choose SKY CABLE (CEBU, BACOLOD, DUMAGUETE, ILOILO).

In the Payment Amount (required field), enter your Payment Due or the amount you're going to pay. (In my case, I'm paying 499 for the Sky Cable Dual Definition subscription).

In the Bill Payment Account, choose which type of account you're going to use. (In this case, I'm using EON.)

In the Payment Remarks, you can leave this blank.

You can either Make Payment Now or Schedule Payment on future date. If you want to pay right now, then choose Make Payment Now.

Then, click Pay button.

Step 7

Confirm your payment by entering your Transaction Password. Then click Confirm button.

Confirm Sky Cable/Broadband Bill Payment

After successful payment and confirmation, you will then receive your Online Payment Cyber Receipt:

Sky Cable/Broadband Online Payment Cyber Receipt

If you would like to pay your Sky Cable/Broadband bill the next month, just follow Step 6-7.

To date, Sky Cable subscribers from Cebu, Bacolod, Dumaguete and Iloilo can only pay online through UnionBank.

Do you have any problem paying your Sky Cable/Broadband online?
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romeo   (18 September 2015 10:56 AM)
is it only applicable for the union bank to pay online? how about any banking institution?

Jeremiah   (26 March 2014 6:24 PM)
Hi, how many days will skycable receive the payment? Cause I just paid online through unionbank last March 25,2014.