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How to Inquire Sky Cable Bill

Sometimes your Sky Cable bill might not arrived to your home. This is also a problem with other utility bills (internet or phone bills). With your busy life, you might forget that your payment due date have passed. To avoid any charges and keep updated with your payment, you should inquire your Sky Cable bill with the help of a Sky Cable customer service (phone number). Just prepare your Sky Cable account number and account name.

Sky Cable logo

Sky Cable Customer Service For Bill Inquiry
  • (02) 381-0000
  • (02) 636-9292 (main office)
  • (032) 344-1998 (Cebu area)
  • (032) 345-2278 local 1 (Cebu area)
Email address
  • skyserves@mysky.com.ph (for current subscribers)
  • telesales@skycable.com (for new subscribers)
You can also contact them through their mobile phone number:
  • 0917-631-0000 (Globe)
  • 0918-863-1000 (Smart)
Sample of Sky Cable Bill

Sky Cable Bill

Are you having any problems with your Sky Cable bill?
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Total comments : 19
Jamesbeth Arana   (02 February 2018 3:51 PM)
request updated billing statement

Jennifer G. Rodelas   (08 November 2017 3:43 PM)
Please update our cable we are experiencing loss of channels my account numbers are 66418994 .Hoping for immediate action regarding this matter. Thank you.

Ma. Lee F. Vargas   (03 October 2017 9:19 AM)
Hi, Please send me my previous and current balance, here's my account no.673768113. Thank you.

Lynn A. Cinco   (24 May 2017 2:56 PM)
please send my bill for the month of April and May .My account number 671771133

Jovenith Balanay   (27 April 2017 6:44 PM)
Please send my bill for the month of march and april my account no is:674058799

Mary Rose Antonio   (20 April 2017 3:45 PM)
How much is my bill for month of april 2017 my account number is 646971896

Reynon Reyes   (17 April 2017 9:36 AM)
Please email me the statement of account for my cable bills for my payments. Thanks

Ma.Carolina obispo   (16 March 2017 2:55 PM)
Gusto ko malaman kung mag kanu n po Yung bill statement ko account 672374405.nkabyad n po ako ng pero bkit dko prin mgamit Yung net and cable ko. Thanks

Benedicta Dela Cruz   (28 February 2017 5:02 PM)
I would like to request for my latest statement of account for my sky cable with Account #669513607. Thank you

palomino   (15 December 2016 6:04 PM)
mula po ng kinabit ang sky cable ko hindi pa ako nakakareceive ng bill... pwede po ba padalhan niyo naman po ako ng bill mag 2 months na ang cable ko wala pa bill

Lilian Garcia   (08 October 2016 4:42 PM)
Hi good day, would like to ask about my billing statement please? Please let me know for i havent receive any statement as of now..
Hope to get a reply on this.. thankyou..

Marjorie Cortes   (26 July 2016 7:57 PM)
How much is our billing. Cortes aniceta

Lalaine parcia   (04 July 2016 8:40 AM)
I want to know my bills

admin 143   (27 June 2016 9:43 AM)
Hello. it is possible pa ba na bayadan ang unpayment bills for 2 months kung pinutol na agad ang connection without notice? Any feedback please. Pero sinasabi kasi samin bayadan namin, pano namin babayadan if pinutol agad.

Dexter Clemons   (03 June 2016 2:42 AM)
Could you please send me a copy of my bills and account number?

girlie solijon   (17 May 2016 10:37 AM)
Please email me the statement of account for my cable bills. For my payment.

Thnak you.

Letty subibe   (15 March 2016 7:12 PM)
Hi, I want to check my bills.thanks

Jasmin Peñascosa   (08 May 2014 10:41 AM)
My last 2 bills were all incorrect. I don't understand why such accounting systems fail twice. We are paying at one of your payment center and your sending us wrong computations. We will appreciate if you can attend to this matter as soon as possible. We had received "stop service" notice from you without prior notice.

admin   (22 December 2013 7:41 PM)
Mark Lorenzo O. Rosales, as of this date you cannot inquire your Sky Cable bill online? Call the Sky Cable Customer Service or contact Sky Cable Email Address.